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Biophysics - Molecular Probes BIOL5348 Course
Biophysics - Molecular Rulers BIOL5349 Course
Biotechnology Applications BIOL5227 Course
Biotechnology Project BIOL5228P Course
Chemical Biology Research Project BIOL5350P Course
Crop Biotechnology Applications BIOL5213 Course
Designing a Research Project: Stem Cells Engineering for Regenerative Medicine BIOL5368 Course
Food Security Fundamentals - Crops BIOL5217 Course
Food Security Fundamentals - Food of Animal Origin BIOL5216 Course
Food Security Project BIOL5215P Course
Introduction to Food Security BIOL5218 Course
Molecular Laboratory Skills BIOL5214 Course
Plant Genetic Engineering BIOL5219 Course
Redox Biology BIOL5351 Course
Role of Insects in Food Security BIOL5220 Course
Stem Cell Engineering for Regenerative Medicine Project BIOL5332P Course
Stem Cell Science and Engineering Microenvironments for Regenerative Medicine BIOL5347 Course
Synthetic Biology: Concepts and Applications BIOL5230 Course
Technology Transfer and Commercialisation of Bioscience Research BIOL5200 Course

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