1. Block 1 Cities 24 items
    1. Secondary reading: Paris in poetry and narrative; everyday life 2 items
      1. The Cambridge Companion to the Literature of Paris - Anna-Louise Milne 2013 (electronic resource)

        Book Recommended See in particular the chapter by Maria Scott.

      2. Reading the everyday - Joe Moran, ProQuest (Firm) 2005

        Book Further A survey of cultural theory of the everyday (much of it French); may be useful for thinking about the ville nouvelle in relation to Ernaux.

    2. Charles Baudelaire, Les Fleurs du mal 11 items
      1. Les fleurs du mal - Charles Baudelaire, Jacques Dupont 1991

        Book Essential If you wish to purchase a copy of the poems, the Garnier Flammarion edition (ISBN 2081390655) is a good one. Otherwise, specific poems for study will be made available via Moodle. A full online edition is available here:

      2. An introduction to nineteenth-century French literature - Farrant, Tim 2007

        Book Essential Pages 52-78 give context on French nineteenth-century poetry and introduce Baudelaire.

      3. Les fleurs du mal - Baudelaire, Charles, Chesters, Graham c1995

        Book Recommended A good scholarly edition containing many useful notes on all of the poems.

      4. The Cambridge Companion to Baudelaire - Rosemary Lloyd 2006 (electronic resource)

        Book Essential The chapter by Barbara Wright - available in ebook format at gives an excellent overview of Les Fleurs du mal.

      5. Baudelaire's poetic patterns: the secret language of Les fleurs du mal - Broome, Peter 1999

        Book Recommended Close readings of the poems.

      6. Baudelaire: Les fleurs du mal - Leakey, F. W. 1992

        Book Further A good introduction to the collection.

      7. The context of Baudelaire's 'Le cygne' - Burton, Richard D. E. 1980

        Book Further

      8. The appreciation of modern French poetry (1850-1950) - Broome, Peter, Chesters, Graham 1976

        Book Further Pages 1-60 have a good introduction to the study of French poetry, especially from the point of view of versification.

      9. Paris, capitale du XIXe siècle: le livre des passages - Walter Benjamin, Jean Lacoste, Rolf Tiedemann 2006, c1997

        Book Further

    3. Annie Ernaux, Journal du dehors 11 items
      1. Journal du dehors - Annie Ernaux c1993

        Book Suggested for Student Purchase This is a core text with which you should be very familiar and which you should bring to the relevant seminar. It is also available to buy from the campus bookshop (John Smith's in the Fraser building). We strongly advise that you buy a copy.

      2. Autobiographical others: Annie Ernaux's journal du dehors - Nancy K. Miller 1998

        Article Essential This article contains some excellent points, although when it comes to academic writing, it is usually not considered best practice to engage in anecdotal, first-person commentary, as this author is inclined to do: in other words, avoid using the 'I' and drawing on your personal experience. Note also that when it comes to writing essays/textual commentaries etc., it is sufficient to cite the text in the source language - although it is the practice of the journal in question here, it is unnecessary to provide translations of citations from the text you are studying in your assignments.

      3. Everyday life: theories and practices from surrealism to the present - Michael Sheringham 2006

        Book Recommended Many passages of relevance here, and note in particular discussion of Ernaux's Journal du dehors on pages 320-37. Also available in online form via library catalogue at

      4. Annie Ernaux: the return to origins - Siobhán McIlvanney 2001 (electronic resource)

        Book Essential Also available online at:

      5. Writing shame and desire: the work of Annie Ernaux - Loraine Day 2007

        Book Recommended

      6. Pulsations de la ville nouvelle: le temps des espaces marchands - Fort Pierre-Louis 2014

        Chapter Further

  2. Block 2 National Histories: Foundations of the French Republic 31 items
    1. General 5 items
      In this block, we'll be focusing particularly on the period 1870-1905, as a foundational moment in the history of the French Republic. The survey texts listed below have chapters that give a general overview of this period.
      1. French history since Napoleon - Martin S. Alexander 1999

        Book Essential

      2. France since 1815, Second Edition - Martin Evans, Emmanuel Godin, Ebooks Corporation Limited 2014

        Book Essential See Chapter 5 on the Third Republic for an overview of the politics of this period.

      3. Children of the Revolution: the French, 1799-1914 - Robert Gildea 2008

        Book Essential

      4. France since 1870: culture, politics and society - Charles Sowerwine 2018

        Book Essential

      5. La vie en bleu: France and the French since 1900 - H. R. Kedward 2006

        Book Recommended

    2. Republic, Nation and Education 10 items
      1. Histoire de la laïcité française - Jean Baubérot 2015

        Book Recommended

      2. Inventing the Nation: France - Timothy Baycroft 2008

        Book Recommended

      3. A l'école de la République: Réflexion sur un manuel scolaire à succès - Le Tour de la France par deux enfants - Claude Dumond, Catherine Mazurie, François Perdrial et leurs classes ainsi qu’Annie Dhenin

        Document Recommended On the significance of Le Tour de la France par Deux Enfants

      4. Le Marche de l'Histoire: Le Tour de la France par deux enfants - Jean Lebrun 25 juin 2012

        Audio document Recommended A radio programme about Le Tour de la France par Deux Enfants

      5. Les deux identités de la France - Anne-Marie Thiesse 02/2001

        Article Essential

      6. Peasants into Frenchmen: the modernization of rural France, 1870-1914 - Eugen Joseph Weber, American Council of Learned Societies 1976 (electronic resource)

        Book Recommended Ch 18 on Schools and Schooling. This a classic history of France 1870-1914 published in the sixties. It's a bit dated but contains useful context on schooling in France.

    3. Women's Rights and the Republic 16 items
      1. Women's suffrage and social politics in the French Third Republic - Steven C. Hause, Anne R. Kenney, American Council of Learned Societies c1984 (electronic resource)

        Book Recommended

      2. A "belle epoque"?: women in French society and culture, 1890-1914 - Diana Holmes, Carrie Tarr, American Council of Learned Societies 2007 (electronic resource)

        Book Further

      3. Le féminisme, une utopie républicaine 1860-1914 - Laurence Klejman, Florence Rochefort

        Webpage Recommended Useful short overview.

      4. Le féminisme sous la troisième république: 1870-1914 - Laurence Klejman, Florence Rochefort 1985

        Article Recommended

      5. France and women 1789-1914: gender, society and politics - James F. McMillan, Dawson Books 2000

        Book Essential A key text on this topic.

      6. European feminisms, 1700-1950: a political history - Karen M. Offen, American Council of Learned Societies c2000 (electronic resource)

        Book Further

      7. Hubertine Auclert et la question des femmes à « l'immortel congrès » - Madeleine Rebérioux, Christiane Dufrancatel, Béatrice Slama 1976

        Article Recommended This article includes a longer version of the text by Hubertine Auclert that we'll be discussing in seminars and some comment by scholars on Auclert's speech.

      8. Hubertine Auclert et la naissance du suffragisme - Noëlline Castagnez

        Article Recommended Two extracts from speeches by Hubertine Auclert accompanied by a short commentary contextualising the extracts.

      9. Sisters or citizens?: women and socialism in France since 1876 - Charles Sowerwine 2008

        Book Essential Only available on limited preview on google books at the moment but see useful pages Auclert, feminism and socialism in Chapter 1. (Note that you can view a limited no of pages so should take notes on first access as you may not be able to see the material again on a revisit.)

      10. French feminism in the nineteenth century - Claire Goldberg Moses c1984

        Book Recommended See last chapter on Republican feminism which includes useful pages on Hubertine Auclert and her colleagues.

      11. French feminism in the nineteenth century - Claire Goldberg Moses c1984

        Book Further See last chapter on Republican Feminism

  3. Block 3: Reading the Canon: Candide by Voltaire 20 items
    Weeks 1-5 SEMESTER 2
    1. Voltaire's Candide - Leonard Marsh

      Article Recommended

    2. Voltaire, Candide - David Williams 1997

      Book Recommended Some texts from this book are available on Moodle page French culture 1

    3. The Cambridge Companion to Voltaire - Nicholas Cronk 2009 (electronic resource)

      Book Recommended This book is very useful to write your essay: see: chapter on Candide.

    4. Voltaire: a very short introduction - Nicholas Cronk 2017

      Book Recommended

    5. Notes on "Candide" - Michael Wood and Theo Cuffe 2005

      Article Further The relevant article is: Michael Wood and Theo Cuffe New England Review (1990-) Vol. 26, No. 4 (2005), pp. 192-202

    6. The fables of reason: a study of Voltaire's "Contes philosophiques" - Roger Pearson, Oxford University Press 1993 (electronic resource)

      Book Recommended The chapter 8 on Candide will provide very useful information for the essay.

    7. Working in Candide's Garden - Henry, Patrick Spring 1977

      Article Recommended Interesting article on the last chapter (30) of Candide

    8. Candide, Gull in the Garden? - Roy S. Wolper 24/1969

      Article Further Even if this article may be difficult to read, some parts are very significant for the question of happiness in Candide.

    9. Candide's Garden

      Article Further The date of the publication of this article is quite old but it is possible to get very useful material in it to think about the question of happiness in Candide.

    10. The Eldorado Episode in Candide

      Article Recommended Very interesting article on the chapter The eldorado.

    11. Candide: optimism demolished - Haydn Mason c1992

      Book  This is a very useful analysis of the meaning of Candide written by Haynd Mason, the director of Voltaire's complete works in English and one of the best specialist of Voltaire in UK.

    12. The fables of reason: a study of Voltaire's "Contes philosophiques" - Roger Pearson, Oxford University Press 1993 (electronic resource)


    13. Tolerance: the beacon of the Enlightenment - Caroline Warman, Open Book Publishers c2016 (electronic resource)


    14. The Best of All Possible Worlds: The Eldorado Episode in Leonard Bernstein's "Candide" - Elizabeth B. Crist 2007

      Article Further This is a very interesting article showing the political impact of the re-interpretation of Candide in the 50t in America by the composer Leonard Bernstein.

    15. Sur le style philosophique de "Candide" Jan 1, 1976

      Article Further Jean Starobinski was one of most famous specialist in the 18 century and in Voltaire studies.

    16. Comment les Monades Conduisent Au Scepticisme - Jean-Marc Rohrbasser 2007-9

      Article Further An interesting article analysing the relationship beteween Frederic the Great and Voltaire about optimism, which is one of the source of the philosophical issues raised by Candide.

    1. WEEK 6 0 items
    2. WEEK 7: Pierre de Ronsard 5 items
      1. Ronsard the poet - Terence Cave 1973

        Book Recommended

      2. Selected poems - Pierre de Ronsard, Christine M. Scollen-Jimack 1995

        Book Recommended

      3. Pierre de Ronsard - Michel Simonin c1990

        Book Recommended

      4. Pierre de Ronsard - K. R. W. Jones 1970

        Book Recommended

      5. Ronsard et son temps - Pierre Champion 1925

        Book Recommended

    3. WEEK 8: Emblems 7 items
      1. The emblem and device in France - Daniel S. Russell c1985

        Book Recommended

      2. Emblematic structures in Renaissance French culture - Daniel S. Russell c1995

        Book Recommended

      3. Transmigrations: essays in honour of Alison Adams and Stephen Rawles - Stephen Rawles, Alison Adams 2011

        Book Recommended

      4. A bibliography of French emblem books of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries - Alison Adams, Stephen Rawles, Alison Saunders 1999-2002

        Book Recommended

      5. Text/image mosaics in French culture: emblems and comic strips - Laurence Grove c2005

        Book Recommended

      6. The French emblem: bibliography of secondary sources - Laurence Grove, Daniel S. Russell 2000

        Book Recommended

    4. WEEK 9: Tintin au Congo 6 items
      1. Tintin & Cie - Michael Farr 2008, c2007

        Book Recommended

      2. Le monde d'Hergé - Benoît Peeters 2004

        Book Recommended

      3. Hergé: biographie - Pierre Assouline 1996

        Book Recommended

      4. The comics of Hergé: when the lines are not so clear 2016

        Book Recommended

    5. WEEK 10: Bande dessinée 5 items
      1. Case, planche, récit: lire une bande dessinée - Benoît Peeters c1998

        Book Recommended

      2. Comic invention: the world's first comic, everything before, after - and Frank Quitely - Laurence Grove, Sha Nazir, Gareth K. Vile, Peter Black 2016

        Book Recommended

      3. The Francophone bande dessinée - Charles Forsdick, Laurence Grove, Libbie McQuillan c2005

        Book Recommended

      4. The French comics theory reader - Ann Miller, Bart Beaty c2014

        Book Recommended