1. Reading List 15 items
    1. Living in the eighties - Gil Troy, Vincent J. Cannato 2009

      Book  See: Introduction, available online.

    2. Transforming America: politics and culture in the Reagan years - Robert M. Collins 2009, c2007

      Book  See: Chapter 1: 'Malaise'

    3. Reagan: American icon - Iwan W. Morgan 2016

      Book  See: Chapter 8: 'Pragmatic Conservative'

    4. Losing the center: the decline of American liberalism, 1968-1992 - Jeffrey Bloodworth 2013

      Book  See: 'Introduction – Liberalism: Gone with the Wind'

    5. The Cambridge History of the Cold War: Volume 3: Endings 2010

      Book  See: Beth A. Fischer, ‘US foreign policy under Reagan and Bush’

    6. From the war on poverty to the war on crime: the making of mass incarceration in America - Elizabeth Kai Hinton 2017

      Book  See: Chapter 9: ‘From the War on Crime to the War on Drugs’

    7. A war for the soul of America: a history of the culture wars - Andrew Hartman 2015

      Book  See: Chapter 5: ‘The Trouble with Gender’. Available online.

    8. God's own party: the making of the Christian right - Daniel K. Williams, Oxford University Press 2010 (electronic resource)