1. Seminar readings 7 items
    1. Week 4 Seminar: War 2 items
      1. Coercion, capital, and European states, AD 990-1992 - Charles Tilly 1992

        Book Essential See: Chapter 3, 'How war made states, and vice versa', available online.

    2. Week 5 Seminar 3 items
      1. Primary source 1 item
        1. The collected essays, journalism and letters - George Orwell, Sonia Orwell, Ian Angus 1968

          Book  See: vol. 1, pp. 419-423, available online.

      2. Key readings 2 items
        1. The age of revolution: Europe, 1789-1848 - E. J. Hobsbawm c1962

          Book Essential See: Chapter 6, 'Revolutions', available online.

    3. Week 7 Seminar 2 items
      1. Empires in world history: power and the politics of difference - Jane Burbank, Frederick Cooper c2010

        Book Essential See: Chapter 1.

      2. Empire of difference: the Ottomans in comparative perspective - Karen Barkey, Dawson Books 2008 (electronic resource)

        Book Essential See: Chapter 1.

  2. 18th Century 47 items
    1. Europe in the world in the eighteenth century (two lectures) – Mike Rapport 13 items
      1. The age of revolutions in global context, c. 1760-1840 - David Armitage, Sanjay Subrahmanyam c2010

        Book Essential See: ‘Introduction: The Age of Revolutions – c. 1760-1840: Global Connections, Causation and Comparison’. Available online.

      2. India before Europe - Catherine Ella Blanshard Asher, Cynthia Talbot 2006


      3. The birth of the modern world, 1780-1914: global connections and comparisons - C. A. Bayly 2004

        Book Essential See: Chapter 2, ‘Passages from the Old Regimes to Modernity’ pp. 49-85, available online.

      4. The overthrow of colonial slavery, 1776-1848 - Robin Blackburn, American Council of Learned Societies 1988 (electronic resource)


      5. After Tamerlane: the global history of empire since 1405 - John Darwin 2008

        Book Essential See: Chapter 4, ‘The Eurasian Revolution’, pp. 157-218, available online.

      6. Inhuman bondage: the rise and fall of slavery in the New World - David Brion Davis, Askews & Holts Library Services 2006

        Book Essential See: Chapter 5, ‘The Atlantic Slave System: Brazil and the Caribbean’, pp. 103-123.

      7. Russia: people and empire : 1552-1917 - Geoffrey A. Hosking c1997


      8. Africans: the history of a continent - John Iliffe 2007

        Book  1995 ed, also, in-stock

    2. The Enlightenment – Mike Rapport 10 items
      1. A social history of knowledge: from Gutenberg to Diderot - Peter Burke c2000


      2. A social history of knowledge II: from the Encyclopédie to Wikipedia - Peter Burke 2012


      3. The Enlightenment world 2004

        Book Essential See: Chapter 37, Karen O’Brien, ‘The Feminist Critique of Enlightenment’, pp. 621-634. |

      4. The Enlightenment - Norman Hampson 1968


      5. The Enlightenment: a sourcebook and reader - Paul Hyland, Olga Gomez, Francesca Greensides 2003


      6. The Enlightenment: a comparative social history, 1721-1794 - Thomas Munck, NetLibrary, Inc 2000 (electronic resource)

        Book Essential

      7. The Enlightenment - Dorinda Outram 2013

        Book Essential See: Chapter one, ‘What is Enlightenment?’, pp. 1-9, available online.

      8. The Enlightenment in national context - Roy Porter, Mikuláš Teich 1981


      9. Enlightenment: Britain and the creation of the modern world - Roy Porter 2000


      10. The case for the Enlightenment: Scotland and Naples 1680-1760 - John Robertson, Dawson Books 2005 (electronic resource)

        Book Essential See: Chapter one, ‘The Case for the Enlightenment’, pp. 1-51.

    3. The French Revolution – Mike Rapport 12 items
      1. The terror: civil war in the French Revolution - David Andress 2006

        Book Essential See: Chapter 5 ‘Dawn of a New Age’, pp. 116-148, available online.

      2. The Oxford history of the French Revolution - William Doyle, MyiLibrary 2002 (electronic resource)

        Book Essential See: 1989 & later editions

      3. The French Revolution - William Doyle 2001


      4. The terror in the French Revolution - Hugh Gough 1998


      5. Women and the limits of citizenship in the French Revolution: the Donald G. Creighton Lectures 1989 - Olwen H. Hufton c1992

        Book Essential See: Chapter 1, ‘Women and Politics’, pp. 3-50.

      6. The great nation: France from Louis XV to Napoleon - Colin Jones 2003, c2002

        Book Essential See: Chapter 10 ‘War and Terror (1791-1795)’, pp. 449-506, available online.

      7. The French Revolution: in social and political perspective - Peter Jones 1996

        Book  See: Chapters 12 & 13 (especially essays by Abray & Rose on women; essay by Furet on the Terror)

      8. The French Revolution: recent debates and new controversies - Gary Kates 1998

        Book  See: Chapters 9 & 10 (essays by Soboul, Lucas, Sewell and Jones on the origins; essays by Hunt & Hufton on women).

      9. The French Revolution - Alan I. Forrest c1995


      10. The French Revolution, 1789-1799 - Peter McPhee 2002


      11. Living the French Revolution, 1789-1799 - Peter McPhee, Dawson Books 2006

        Book Essential See: ‘Conclusion: A Revolution for the People?’, pp. 201-228.

    4. The French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars 12 items
      1. The first total war: Napoleon's Europe and the birth of modern warfare - David Avrom Bell 2008, c2007

        Book Essential See: Chapter 7, ‘Days of Glory’, pp. 223-262, available online.

      2. The origins of the French Revolutionary wars - T. C. W. Blanning 1986


      3. The French Revolutionary Wars, 1787-1802 - T. C. W. Blanning 1996


      4. Napoleon's other war: bandits, rebels and their pursuers in the age of revolutions - Michael Broers 2010

        Book Essential See: Chapter 3, ‘The War behind the Lines: Taming Napoleonic Europe’, pp. 53-83. Available online.

      5. Napoleon's wars: an international history, 1803-1815 - Charles J. Esdaile 2008, c2007

        Book  See: Chapter 5, ‘Austerlitz’, pp. 209-253, available online.

      6. The wars of Napoleon - Charles J. Esdaile 1995


      7. The Napoleonic wars, 1803-1815 - David Gates 1997


      8. War in European history - Michael Eliot Howard 1976


      9. The Napoleonic Wars: a very short introduction - Michael Rapport, Askews & Holts Library Services 2013

        Book Essential See: Chapter 4, ‘Total War, Revolutionary War’, pp. 56-73.

      10. The art of warfare in the age of Napoleon - Gunther E. Rothenberg c1978


      11. The transformation of European politics 1763-1848 - Paul Walter Schroeder c1994


      12. European armies and the conduct of war - Hew Strachan, Dawson Books 1991, c1983 (electronic resource)


  3. 19th century 98 items
    1. The Political and Cultural Impact of the French Revolution and Napoleon – Mike Rapport 11 items
      1. Europe under Napoleon - Michael Broers, Ebooks Corporation Limited 2014

        Book Essential See: Chapter 3, ‘Collaboration and Resistance: The Napoleonic State and the People of Western Europe, 1799-1808’, pp. 97-140.

      2. The French Revolution debate in Britain: the origins of modern politics - Gregory Claeys 2007

        Book Essential See: Chapter 3, ‘Thomas Paine: Rights of Man (1791-2) and the Origins of Radicalism' pp. 35-48, available online.

      3. Society and politics in the Age of the Risorgimento: essays in honour of Denis Mack Smith - Denis Mack Smith, John A. Davis, Paul Ginsborg 1991

        Book  See: J. A. Davis, ‘The Sanfede and the crisis of the ancien regime in Southern Italy’

      4. Napoleon and his empire: Europe, 1804-1814 - Philip G. Dwyer, Alan I. Forrest 2007

        Book Essential See: Chapter 12, Michael Rowe, ‘Napoleon and the “Modernisation of Germany”’, pp. 202-220, available online.

      5. The Napoleonic empire - Geoffrey James Ellis, Dawson Books 2003

        Book Essential See: Chapter 3, ‘The Civil Foundations of the Napoleonic State’, pp. 20-53.

      6. Napoleon's integration of Europe - S. J. Woolf 1991


    2. The 1848 revolutions – Mike Rapport 12 items
      1. The revolutions in Europe, 1848-1849: from reform to reaction - Robert John Weston Evans, H. Pogge von Strandmann, Oxford University Press 2002 (electronic resource)


      2. The age of revolution: Europe, 1789-1848 - E. J. Hobsbawm 1962


      3. 1848 - a European revolution?: international ideas and national memories of 1848 - Ebooks Corporation Limited 2000

        Book Essential See: Chapter 2, John Breuilly, ‘1848: Connected or Comparable Revolutions?’, pp. 31-49.

      4. 1848: the revolution of the intellectuals - Lewis Bernstein Namier 1944


      5. The revolutions of 1848 - Roger Price 1990, c1988


      6. 1848, year of revolution - Michael Rapport 2008

        Book Essential See: Chapter 2 ‘The Collapse’, pp. 42-111, available online. 2011 Basic Books printing, also, in the Library.

      7. Nineteenth-century Europe - Michael Rapport 2005

        Book  See: Chapter 8.

      8. Revolutions of 1848: a social history - Priscilla Robertson 1952


      9. The European revolutions, 1848-1851 - Jonathan Sperber 2005

        Book Essential See: Chapter 4 ‘Varieties of Revolutionary Experience’, pp. 157-207. Print copies of the 1994 edition are, also, in the Library.

      10. The revolutions of 1848 - Peter N. Stearns, Peter N. Stearns 1974


    3. Nationalism and state-building in the nineteenth century – Peter Jackson 4 items
      1. Nationalism - John Hutchinson, A. D. Smith 1994

        Book Essential See: ‘Introduction’ pp. 3-13, and the section entitled ‘Nationalism in Europe’, pp.160-161, available online.

      2. The Oxford handbook of the history of nationalism 2013

        Book Essential See: John Breuilly, ‘Introduction: concepts, theories, approaches’

      3. The nineteenth century: Europe 1789-1914 - T. C. W. Blanning c2000

        Book Essential See: Robert Tombs, ‘Politics’, pp. 10-46.

      4. Nationalism in Europe, 1890-1940 - Oliver Zimmer 2003


    4. The wars of Italian unification – Mike Rapport 11 items
      1. The origins of the Italian wars of independence - Frank J. Coppa c1992


      2. Italy in the nineteenth century: 1796-1900 - John A. Davis 2000

        Book Essential See: Chapter 5, Lucy Riall, ‘Garibaldi and the South’, pp. 132-153, available online.

      3. The unification of Italy - John Gooch, Ebooks Corporation Limited 2001

        Book Essential See: Chapter on ‘’What Kind of Italy?’, pp. 20-26.

      4. The Risorgimento revisited: nationalism and culture in nineteenth-century Italy - Silvana Patriarca, Lucy Riall 2012


      5. Garibaldi: invention of a hero - Lucy Riall, Askews & Holts Library Services 2007

        Book Essential See: Chapter on ‘The Thousand’.

      6. Under the volcano: empire and revolution in a Sicilian town - Lucy Riall, Oxford University Press 2013 (electronic resource)


      7. Cavour - Denis Mack Smith Feb.1985


      8. Garibaldi and the Thousand - George Macaulay Trevelyan 1909


    5. The wars of German unification – Peter Jackson 4 items
      1. The nineteenth century: Europe 1789-1914 - T. C. W. Blanning c2000

        Book Essential See: Paul Schroeder, ‘International Politics, Peace and War, 1815-1914’

      2. The Oxford handbook of the history of nationalism 2013

        Book Essential See: John Breuilly, ‘Nationalism and National Unification in Nineteenth-Century Europe’

      3. The origins of the wars of German unification - William Carr 1991


    6. Industrialization – Benjamin Thomas White 17 items
      1. Two classic critical statements with plenty to say about empire and class formation:

      2. The age of revolution: Europe, 1789-1848 - E. J. Hobsbawm c1962

        Book  See: Chapter 2.

      3. Industry and empire: from 1750 to the present day - E. J. Hobsbawm, Chris Wrigley c1999


      4. Arguments for 'industrious revolutions':

      5. The industrious revolution: consumer behavior and the household economy, 1650 to the present - Jan De Vries 2008


      6. For an overview of twentieth-century readings, and an argument 'rehabilitating' the idea of an industrial revolution (dense and technical, but good):

      7. The question of China:

      8. Two bracing suggestions for micro-level and big-picture research agendas for the twenty-first century, plus a powerful recent look at where the money came from, how it was transmitted, and what historians need to do to take account of that:

      9. Finally, moving into the twentieth century and the ecological consequences of industrial civilization:

    7. Gender, war, and nation in nineteenth-century Europe – Lynn Abrams 6 items
      1. The making of modern woman: Europe 1789-1918 - Lynn Abrams 2002

        Book Essential Chapter 8, 'Politics, nation and identity', pp.213-241.

      2. Gendered nations: nationalisms and gender order in the nineteenth century - Ida Blom, Karen Hagemann, Catherine Hall 2000


      3. Gender and imperialism - Clare Midgley 1998


      4. Becoming visible: women in European history 1998

        Book Essential See: M. Strobel, ‘Gender, Race and empire in 19th and 20th century Africa and Asia’, available online.

      5. Masculinities in politics and war: gendering modern history - Stefan Dudink, Karen Hagemann, John Tosh 2004


    8. The high age of European imperialism (two lectures: Africa and Asia) — Mathilde von Bülow and Benjamin Thomas White 33 items
      1. General 7 items
        1. Empires in world history: power and the politics of difference - Jane Burbank, Frederick Cooper c2010

          Book Essential See: Chapter 10.

        2. After Tamerlane: the global history of empire since 1405 - John Darwin 2008

          Book Essential See: Chapters 5-6.

        3. Empire: how Britain made the modern world - Niall Ferguson 2003

          Book  For a controversial view

        4. The British Empire: sunrise to sunset - Philippa Levine, MyiLibrary 2007 (electronic resource)


        5. The nineteenth century - A. N. Porter, Oxford University Press 1999 (electronic resource)

          Book Essential See: Relevant chapters.

      2. Africa 13 items
        1. African perspectives on colonialism - A. Adu Boahen 1989, c1987


        2. Emerging themes of African history: proceedings of the International Congress of African Historians held at University College, Dar es Salaam, October 1965 - T. O. Ranger, International Congress of African Historians, University College, Dar es Salaam c1968

          Book Essential See: Chapter 16, ‘African resistance and rebellion against the imposition of colonial rule,’ available online.

        3. The decline, revival and fall of the British Empire: the Ford lectures and other essays - John Gallagher, Anil Seal 1982

          Book  See: J. Gallagher & R. Robinson, ‘The partition of Africa,’

        4. The scramble for Africa, 1876-1912 - Thomas Pakenham 1992, c1991


        5. Gentlemanly capitalism, imperialism and global history - Ebooks Corporation Limited 2002

          Book Essential See: I. Phimister, ‘Empire, Imperialism & the Partition of Africa,’

        6. Colonialism in Africa, 1870-1960 - L. H. Gann, Peter Duignan 1969-1975

          Book Essential See: Chapter 9, ‘African reactions to the imposition of colonial rule in East and Central Africa,’ available online.

      3. Asia 13 items
        1. Empire and information: intelligence gathering and social communication in India, 1780-1870 - C. A. Bayly, American Council of Learned Societies 1999, c1996 (electronic resource)


        2. At the heart of the Empire: Indians and the colonial encounter in late-Victorian Britain - Antoinette M. Burton, California Digital Library, University of California Press c1998 (electronic resource)


        3. The Indian Mutiny and the British Imagination - Gautam Chakravarty 2005 (electronic resource)


        4. Captives: Britain, Empire and the world, 1600-1850 - Linda Colley 2003

          Book  See: Chapters 8-10.

        5. Castes of mind: colonialism and the making of modern India - Nicholas B. Dirks c2001


        6. The Kanpur Massacres in India in the Revolt of 1857 - Barbara English 1994

          Article  Followed by Mukherjee’s response, see below.

        7. The nineteenth century - A. N. Porter, Oxford University Press 1999 (electronic resource)

          Book Essential Particularly relevant chapters include D.A. Washbrook, ‘India, 1818-1860: the two faces of colonialism’ and R.J. Moore, ‘Imperial India, 1858-1914’.

        8. The Cambridge history of Southeast Asia: Volume 2: The nineteenth and twentieth centuries - Nicholas Tarling 1993

          Book Essential See: Nicholas Tarling, ‘The Establishment of the Colonial Régimes’, 1-78.

  4. 20th Century 125 items
    1. The origins of the first world war – Peter Jackson 4 items
      1. The origins of the First World War - James Joll, Gordon Martel c2007


      2. The origins of the First World War - William Mulligan 2010


      3. The sleepwalkers: how Europe went to war in 1914 - Christopher M. Clark 2013


    2. ‘Total war’ – Peter Jackson 4 items
      1. Great War, total war: combat and mobilization on the Western Front, 1914-1918 - Roger Chickering, Stig Förster 2000

        Book Essential See: Chapter 2, ‘World War I and the Theory of Total War: Reflections on the British and German Cases, 1914 - 1915’, available online.

      2. Total war - Talbot Imlay 2007-6-1

        Article Essential

    3. The Collapse of Russian Empire – Mike Rapport 14 items
      1. The Russian Revolution of February 1917 - Marc Ferro 1972

        Book Essential Chapter 1, 'From war to revolution', available online.

      2. The Russian revolution - Sheila Fitzpatrick 1994


      3. The Russian Revolution: 1917-1921 - Ronald I. Kowalski, Ebooks Corporation Limited 1997

        Book Essential

      4. Red victory: a history of the Russian Civil War - W. Bruce Lincoln 1989


      5. The Russian empire, 1801-1917 - Hugh Seton-Watson 1967


      6. The Russian Revolution: a very short introduction - S. A. Smith, Askews & Holts Library Services c2002

        Book Essential

      7. The 'Russian' Civil Wars 1916-1926: Ten Years that Shook the World - Jonathan D. Smele 2015

        Book  Not due to be published until March 2015

      8. Why Lenin? Why Stalin?: a reappraisal of the Russian Revolution, 1900-1930 - Theodore Hermann Von Laue 1966

        Book Essential Chapter 1, 'Europe and the world', available online. 1964 printing, also, in-stock in the Library

      9. The Russian Revolution, 1917 - Rex A. Wade 2005


      10. The origins of the Russian revolution, 1861-1917 - Alan Wood 2003


    4. The Collapse of Ottoman Empire – Benjamin Thomas White 12 items
      1. Empire of difference: the Ottomans in comparative perspective - Karen Barkey, Dawson Books 2008 (electronic resource)

        Book  See: Chapter 9.

      2. Crossing the Aegean: an appraisal of the 1923 compulsory population exchange between Greece and Turkey - Renee Hirschon 2008


      3. The Cambridge history of Turkey: Vol. 4: Turkey in the modern world - Reşat Kasaba 2008

        Book Essential See: especially Hasan Kayali, ‘The Struggle for Independence’, pp. 112–146.

      4. Empire: the Russian empire and its rivals - D. C. B. Lieven 2000

        Book  See: Chapter 10.

      5. The Ottoman Empire, 1700-1922 - Donald Quataert 2005

        Book  See: especially chapters 1, 9, and 10.

      6. A question of genocide: Armenians and Turks at the end of the Ottoman Empire - Ronald Grigor Suny, Fatma Müge Göçek, Norman M. Naimark c2011


    5. The interwar international order – Peter Jackson 6 items
      1. The origins of World War Two: the debate continues - Robert W. D. Boyce, Joseph A. Maiolo, MyiLibrary 2003 (electronic resource)


      2. The ebbing of European ascendancy: an international history of the world, 1914-1945 - Sally Marks 2002

        Book  See: Chapters 2-6 and 14-18.

      3. The origins of the Second World War: an international perspective - Frank McDonough 2011


      4. The inter-war crisis: 1919-1939 - R. J. Overy, Dawson Books 2010 (electronic resource)


    6. Mass statelessness in the interwar period – Benjamin Thomas White 13 items
      1. The origins of totalitarianism - Hannah Arendt 1967, c1966

        Book Essential Several editions in the Library. See: Chapter 9, available online.

      2. Flight from the Reich: refugee Jews, 1933-1946 - Deborah Dwork, R. J. van Pelt 2012, c2009


      3. A whole empire walking: refugees in Russia during World War I - Peter Gatrell, American Council of Learned Societies 2005, c1999 (electronic resource)

        Book  See: especially introduction and chapters 1 and 7.

      4. The making of the modern refugee - Peter Gatrell, Oxford University Press 2013

        Book Essential See: Chapters 1 and 2.

      5. Crossing the Aegean: an appraisal of the 1923 compulsory population exchange between Greece and Turkey - Renee Hirschon 2008


      6. The refugee problem: report of a survey - John Hope Simpson, Royal Institute of International Affairs 1939


      7. Refugees in inter-war Europe: the emergence of a regime - Claudena M. Skran, Oxford University Press 1995 (electronic resource)


      8. Documenting individual identity: the development of state practices in the modern world - Jane Caplan, John Torpey c2001

        Book  See: John Torpey, ‘The Great War and the Birth of the Modern Passport System’

    7. The second world war in Europe – Peter Jackson 3 items
      1. World War II: a new history, 1937-1945 - Evan Mawdsley 2009


      2. How the War Was Won: Air-Sea Power and Allied Victory in World War II. - Phillips O'Brien 2015

        Book  Not yet published, due to be published at the end of February 2015.

    8. The second world war in Asia and Africa – Benjamin Thomas White 9 items
      1. Forgotten armies: Britain's Asian empire and the war with Japan - C. A. Bayly, T. N. Harper 2005, c2004

        Book Essential Prologue, part II: journeys through empire, pp.30-69, available online.

      2. After Tamerlane: the global history of empire since 1405 - John Darwin 2008

        Book  See: Chapters 7 and 8.

      3. The empire project: the rise and fall of the British world-system, 1830-1970 - John Darwin 2009

        Book  See: Chapters 11-12.

      4. Africa and the Second World War - David Killingray, Richard Rathbone 1986


      5. The Cambridge history of Southeast Asia: Volume 2: The nineteenth and twentieth centuries - Nicholas Tarling 1993

        Book Essential See: A.J. Stockwell, ‘Southeast Asia in War and Peace: The End of European Colonial Empires’, volume 2: The Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries, pp. 325–386.

    9. The end of Europe’s colonial empires – Mathilde von Bülow 16 items
      1. General or comparative accounts: 5 items
        1. Decolonization: perspectives from now and then - Ebooks Corporation Limited 2004

          Book Essential See: Introduction and Chapter 10.

        2. The decolonization reader - James D. Le Sueur 2003

          Book Essential See: Chapters 2, 3 and 14. Chapter 3, 'The imperialism of decolonization', available online.

        3. The United States and decolonization: power and freedom - David Ryan, Victor Pungong 2000


        4. Decolonization and its impact: a comparative approach to the end of the colonial empires - Martin Shipway c2008


      2. Britain and decolonization: 4 items
        1. Decolonisation and the British Empire, 1775-1997 - D. George Boyce 1999


        2. Decolonisation: the British experience since 1945 - Nicholas J. White c1999


      3. France and decolonization: 4 items
        1. France and decolonisation 1900-1960 - Raymond F. Betts 1991


      4. Decolonization and Africa: 3 items
        1. The decolonization of Africa - David Birmingham 1995


        2. Decolonization in Africa - John D. Hargreaves 1996


    10. Eastern European revolts, 1953-89 – Mike Rapport 22 items
      1. Primary Sources 5 items
        1. The 1956 Hungarian revolution: a history in documents - Janos Rainer, Csaba Bekes, Malcolm Byrne, American Council of Learned Societies c2002 (electronic resource)


        2. Soviet military intervention in Hungary, 1956 - Jenő Györkei, Miklós Horváth, American Council of Learned Societies 1999 (electronic resource)


        3. The Prague spring 1968: a national security archive documents reader - Jaromír Navrátil 1998


      2. Secondary 17 items
        1. Resistance with the people: repression and resistance in Eastern Germany, 1945-1955 - Gary Bruce 2003


        2. The Hungarian revolution of 1956: myths and realities - László Eörsi 2006

          Book Essential Chapter 1, 'The weakening of communist power: the antecedents of the revolution', available online.

        3. The first domino: international decision making during the Hungarian crisis of 1956 - Johanna C. Granville, Raymond L. Garthoff c2004


        4. In the line of fire: the Soviet crackdown on Hungary, 1956-1958 - Johanna C. Granville, University of Pittsburgh 1998


        5. The intellectual origins of the Prague Spring: the development of reformist ideas in Czechoslovakia, 1956-1967 - Vladimir Victor Kusin 1971


        6. Revolution in Hungary: the 1956 Budapest uprising - Erich Lessing 2006


        7. Revolution and resistance in Eastern Europe: challenges to communist rule - Kevin McDermott, Matthew Stibbe 2006


        8. Rebellious satellite: Poland, 1956 - Paweł Machcewicz, Maya Latynski c2009

          Book Essential

    11. The global cold war – Mathilde von Bülow 6 items
      1. Hot Wars in Cold War Africa - Mark Atwood Lawrence 2004

        Article Essential

      2. Making a world after empire: the Bandung moment and its political afterlives - Christopher J. Lee, Ebooks Corporation Limited 2010

        Book Essential See: Chapter 9 & Epilogue.

      3. The Cold War in Asia: the battle for hearts and minds - Ebooks Corporation Limited 2010

        Book Essential See: Chapter 1 by Wallerstein.

    12. Gender in war and peace in twentieth-century Europe – Benjamin Thomas White 8 items
      1. Dismembering the male: men's bodies, Britain and the Great War - Joanna Bourke 1996


      2. Home fires burning: food, politics, and everyday life in World War I Berlin - Belinda J. Davis 2000


      3. Women and the First World War - Susan R. Grayzel 2002


      4. Home-front: the military, war and gender in twentieth-century Germany - Karen Hagemann, Stefanie Schüler-Springorum 2002


      5. Behind the lines: gender and the two world wars - Margaret R. Higonnet c1987

        Book Essential Introduction, pp. 1-17, available online.

      6. The secret battle: emotional survival in the Great War - Michael Roper 2009


      7. Contesting home defence: men, women and the Home Guard in the Second World War - Penny Summerfield, C. M. Peniston-Bird 2007


    13. The rise of neoliberalism – Benjamin Thomas White 8 items
      1. Global shadows: Africa in the neoliberal world order - James Ferguson, Ebooks Corporation Limited 2006

        Book Essential See: Chapter 4, ‘Transnational topographies of power’.

      2. Globalization and the challenges of a new century: a reader - Patrick O'Meara, Howard D. Mehlinger, Matthew Krain 2000

        Book  See: Francis Fukuyama, ‘The end of history?’, pp. 161-180. Originally published in The National Interest journal, Vol. 16 Summer 1989.

      3. The end of history and the last man - Francis Fukuyama 1992


      4. The great moving right show - Stuart Hall January 1979


      5. A brief history of neoliberalism - David Harvey, Ebooks Corporation Limited 2005

        Book Essential See: Chapter 3, ‘The Neoliberal State’.

      6. The road to serfdom: text and documents - Friedrich A. von Hayek, Bruce Caldwell 2007


  5. Religion, Secularization and Diversity in the West since 1900 – Callum Brown 14 items
    1. Religious America, secular Europe?: a theme and variation - Peter L. Berger, Grace Davie, Effie Fokas c2008


    2. Religion and society in twentieth-century Britain - Callum G. Brown 2006


    3. God is dead: secularization in the West - Steve Bruce 2002


    4. Religion in modern Europe: a memory mutates - Grace Davie, American Council of Learned Societies 2005, c2000 (electronic resource)


    5. The new spirituality: an introduction to progressive belief in the twenty-first century - Gordon Lynch 2007


    6. The religious crisis of the 1960s - Hugh McLeod, Oxford University Press c2007 (electronic resource)