This list relates to the semester Semester Year 2017/18 which ended on 31/08/2018
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  1. General Background Reading (19thc novel and history) 6 items
    1. Children of the Revolution: the French, 1799-1914 - Robert Gildea 2008


    2. Cassell guide to literature in French - Valerie Worth-Stylianou, Cassell Ltd 1996

      Book  The 19th century (1820-1880)

    3. An introduction to nineteenth-century French literature - Tim Farrant 2012, c2007

      Book  Chapter Five

    4. French literature and its background - John Cruickshank 1968-1970

      Book  chapter on ‘Realism’

  2. Section 1 Food and Nation: Gastronomy 21 items
    Weeks 1-4
    1. Physiologie du gout - Charles Monselet, Brillat-Savarin, University of Glasgow. Library 1879

      Book Essential Selections from this text will be made available on Moodle.

    2. Accounting for taste: the triumph of French cuisine - Priscilla Parkhurst Ferguson 2004 (electronic resource)

      Book Essential Chapter 1 (esp p. 15-35) Chapter 3 (esp. 83-96)

    3. All manners of food: eating and taste in England and France from the Middle Ages to the present - Stephen Mennell 1996

      Book Essential Chapter 10, especially 266-276. Available via Online Resource Button.

    4. Physiologie du goût - Jean-François Revel, Brillat-Savarin 2009

      Book Essential Copies of the essential passages for class are on Moodle

    5. Consumers and luxury: consumer culture in Europe 1650-1850 - Maxine Berg, Helen Clifford 1999

      Book Recommended This chapter: Emma Spary, ‘Making a science of taste: The Revolution, the learned life and the invention of ‘gastronomie’’, pp. 170-182, available via Online Resource button.

    6. The art of eating in France: manners and menus in the nineteenth century - Jean-Paul Aron, Nina Rootes 1975

      Book Recommended

    7. Food: a culinary history from antiquity to the present - Jean Louis Flandrin, Massimo Montanari, Albert Sonnenfeld, Clarissa Botsford c1999

      Book Recommended

    8. Feeding France: new sciences of food, 1760-1815 - E. C. Spary 2014

      Book Recommended

    9. French gastronomy: the history and geography of a passion - Jean-Robert Pitte, Jody Gladding 2002

      Book Recommended

    10. Histoire de la cuisine et de la gastronomie françaises: du moyen âge au XXe siècle - Patrick Rambourg 2010

      Book Recommended

    11. French Historical Studies

      Journal Recommended See: Volume 38 Issue 2 (2015) - a special issue of the 'French Historical Studies' journal on 'Food and France'. The introduction is particularly helpful.

    12. The invention of the restaurant: Paris and modern gastronomic culture - Rebecca L. Spang 2000

      Book Recommended See: 'Introduction’, Chapter 6, ‘From Gastromania to Gastronomy’, which is available via Online Resource Button and Chapter 7 'Putting Paris on the Menu'

    13. Paris and the nineteenth century - Christopher Prendergast 1992

      Book Further

    14. L'homnivore: le goût, la cuisine et le corps - Claude Fischler 2001

      Book Further The Introduction is particularly useful.

    15. Histoire des cuisiniers en France: XIXe-XXe siècle - Alain Drouard 2007

      Book Further

    16. Eating eternity: food, art and literature in France - John Baxter 2017

      Book Recommended

  3. Section 2 Food and Sexuality: Balzac 12 items
    Weeks 5-7
    1. Le cousin Pons - Honoré de Balzac, André Lorant, Jacques Thuillier, Jacques Thuillier 2014

      Book Essential This is one of the core texts and you need to purchase your own copy.

    2. 'Hygiene du mariage', in La comédie humaine - Honoré de Balzac, Pierre-Georges Castex 1976-1981

      Book Essential read: Balzac, ‘Hygiène du mariage’, (Méditation XII) within ‘Physiologie du mariage’, in Comédie humanie, volume XI, pp. 1023-1030. Available via Online Resource Button.

    3. Accounting for taste: the triumph of French cuisine - Priscilla Parkhurst Ferguson 2004 (electronic resource)

      Book Recommended Section on Balzac, pp. 101-103

    4. French food: on the table, on the page, and in French culture - Ebooks Corporation Limited 2001

      Book Recommended Chapter 1, 'Gastronomy in Nineteenth-Century France'

  4. Section 3 Food and Social Organization: Fourier 15 items
    Weeks 8-10
    1. Oeuvres complètes de Charles Fourier - Charles Fourier 1966-1968

      Book Essential Excerpts from this will be made available through Moodle

    2. Fictional meals and their function in the French novel, 1789-1848 - James W. Brown c1984

      Book Essential Read the Introduction. Available via Online Resource Button.

    3. Jane Levi, ‘Fourier versus the gastronomes’ - Jane Levi 2015

      Article Essential Read Jane Levi , ‘Fourier versus the gastronomes’ (pp. 41-57)

    4. Bee Wilson, in The meal: proceedings of the Oxford Symposium on Food and Cookery, 2001 - Harlan Walker, Oxford Symposium on Food & Cookery c2002

      Book Recommended Read Bee Wilson. ‘Charles Fourier and the Phalansterian Banquet’ pp. 255-264

    5. Actualité de Fourier: colloque d'Arc-et-Senans - Henri Lefebvre c1975

      Book Recommended Read Rolande Bonnain-Merdyck, ‘Fourier, gastrosophe’ pp. 145-180

    6. Le Ventre des philosophes: critique de la raison diététique - Michel Onfray 1990

      Book Recommended Read the section on Fourier

    7. The utopian vision of Charles Fourier: selected texts on work, love, and passionate attraction - Charles Fourier, Jonathan Beecher, Richard Bienvenu 1972

      Book Recommended Read the ‘Introduction’. Available via Online Resource Button.

    8. Sade, Fourier, Loyola

      Document Further Fourier Section (pp. 76-120)

    9. The teaching of Charles Fourier - Nicholas V. Riasanovsky 1969

      Book Further

    10. Charles Fourier: the visionary and his world - Jonathan Beecher c1986

      Book Further

  5. Section 4. Food and Health: Huysmans 16 items
    1. Nouvelles - J.-K. Huysmans, J.-K. Huysmans, J.-K. Huysmans, J.-K. Huysmans 2016

      Book Suggested for Student Purchase Read 'A vau l'eau'

    2. The Conflict Over Food in the Work of J.-K. Huysmans" - State University of New York College at Fredonia. Department of Foreign Languages

      Article Recommended See: "The conflict Over Food in the Work of J.-K. Huysmans" by Edward Rossmann, in Nineteenth-Century French Studies, 1974, Volume 2 Issue 1, pp. 61-67. Available via Online Resource Button.

    3. Eating Paris: J.-K. Huysmans's "A vau-l'eau"" - State University of New York College at Fredonia. Department of Foreign Languages

      Article Recommended See: "Eating Paris: J.-K. Huysmans's "A vau-l'eau"" by Dalia Kandiyoti, in Nineteenth-Century French Studies, 1997, Volume 25 Issue 1, pp. 167-178. Available via Online Resource Button.

    4. Consumer chronicles: cultures of consumption in modern French literature - David H. Walker 2011

      Book Recommended Read the chapter on Huysmans, From Shopping to Schopenhauer: Huysmans, A vau-l'eau

    5. Huysmans: le Diable, le célibataire et Dieu - Jean Borie 1991

      Chapter Recommended Read pp. 145-190 on food. Pp. 145-149, 158-170 &187-190 available via Online Resource Button.

    6. J.-K. Huysmans and the fin-de-siècle novel - Christopher Lloyd c1990

      Book Recommended

    7. Le festin lu: le repas chez Flaubert, Zola et Huysmans - Geneviève Sicotte c1999

      Book Further Read chapter 6 (pp. 217-263) on Huysmans. Available via Online Resource Button.

    8. Cultures of neurasthenia: from Beard to the first world war - Marijke Gijswijt-Hofstra, Roy Porter c2001

      Chapter Further Read chapter by Forth, “Neurasthenia and Manhood in Fin-de-Siècle France.” , 329-361. Available via Online Resource Button.

    9. Huysmans, à côté et au-delà: actes du colloque de Cerisy-la-Salle - Jean-Pierre Bertrand, Sylvie Duran, Françoise Grauby c2001

      Book Further

    10. La médecine dans l'oeuvre de J.K. Huysmans - Charles Maingon 1994

      Book Recommended

    11. Microlectures - Jean-Pierre Richard c1979

      Book Recommended Read the chapter on 'Le texte et sa cuisine'

  6. Section 5 Food and Language, Jules Verne 14 items
    1. De la Terre à la Lune: suivi de Autour de la Lune - Jules Verne, Jules Verne, Simone Vierne 2005

      Book Suggested for Student Purchase We will focus on 'Autour de la Lune'

    2. Consuming culture: the arts of the French table - John West-Sooby 2004

      Book Essential Read the chapter by Tim Unwin. Available via Online Resource button.

    3. Jules Verne: journeys in writing - Timothy A. Unwin, Dawson Books 2005

      Book Essential Read Chapter 5, section on 'The storyteller's materials', pp. 158-162

    4. Cuisine et dépaysement - DUMONCEAUX, Pierre Nov 1, 1978

      Article Essential

    5. The knowledge of ignorance: from Genesis to Jules Verne - Andrew Martin 1985

      Book Essential See: pp. 121-132, available via Online Resource button.

    6. Jules Verne: 4: Texte, image, spectacle - François Raymond 1983

      Book Recommended Read , Philippe Bonnefis,‘A voir et a magner in Jules Verne'. Available via Online Resource Button.

    7. The raw and the cooked - Claude Lévi-Strauss, John Weightman, Doreen Weightman 1970

      Book Further

    8. L'Origine des manières de table - Claude Lévi-Strauss 1968

      Book Further

    9. Elements of semiology - Roland Barthes 1968

      Book Further