1. Essential Reading 3 items
    1. Introducing qualitative research in psychology - Carla Willig, Dawson Books 2013

      Book Recommended there is an earlier edition of this book available as an e-book below

    2. Qualitative psychology: a practical guide to research methods 2015

      Book Recommended

    3. Successful qualitative research: a practical guide for beginners - Virginia Braun, Victoria Clarke 2013

      Book Suggested for Student Purchase Great overview book with companion website which we will be using

  2. Recommended Reading 6 items
    1. Qualitative research methods in psychology: combining core approaches - Nollaig Frost, Dawson Books 2011 (electronic resource)

      Book Recommended

    2. Introducing qualitative research in psychology: adventures in theory and method - Carla Willig, Ebooks Corporation Limited c2008 (electronic resource)

      Book Recommended

    3. The SAGE handbook of social research methods - Pertti Alasuutari, Leonard Bickman, Julia Brannen 2008


    4. APA handbook of research methods in psychology: quantitative, qualitative, neuropsychological, and biological, Vol. 2: Research design - Harris M. Cooper, American Psychological Association c2012 (electronic resource)

      Book Recommended See: Vol. 2: Great overview of many approaches to qualitative design and analysis including newer developments in field such as visual methods

    5. Analysing qualitative data in psychology - Evanthia Lyons, Adrian Coyle 2007 (electronic resource)


  3. Week 1 (Lectures 1/2 3 items
    1. Towards a Critical Health Equity Research Stance: Why Epistemology and Methodology Matter More Than Qualitative Methods - Lisa Bowleg 09/09/2017

      Article Further Great overview. Can be a challenging read but take from it what you can.

  4. Week 2 (Lecture 3/4) 5 items
    1. Protecting Respondent Confidentiality in Qualitative Research - Karen Kaiser 11/2009

      Article Essential Really nice article, reflective in quality about issues to do with balancing knowledge generation and purpose of ethics.

  5. Week 3 (Lecture 5/6) 8 items
    1. Using thematic analysis in psychology - Virginia Braun, Victoria Clarke 200


    2. 'I was like a wild wild person': understanding feelings of anger using interpretative phenomenological analysis - Virginia Eatough, Jonathan Smith Nov 2006

      Article Recommended Very good example of IPA paper. Useful for our discussion and seminar.

    3. Women Who Drink and Fight: A Discourse Analysis of Working-Class Women's Talk - K. Day, B. Gough, M. McFadden 01/05/2003

      Article Essential Essential Reading for Seminar

    4. Chaos & Problem Solving in Qualitative Analysis | Research Design Review

      Webpage Further nice short article on bringing order to chaos in qualitative research

    5. “Free butterflies will come out of these deep wounds”: A grounded theory of how endometriosis affects women’s psychological health - Federica Facchin, Emanuela Saita, Giussy Barbara, Dhouha Dridi 03/2018

      Article Recommended Example of Grounded Theory analysis and write up

  6. Week 4 (Lecture 7/8) 7 items
    1. Skype as a Tool for Qualitative Research Interviews - Valeria Lo Iacono, Paul Symonds, David H.K. Brown 05/2016

      Article Further

    2. Introducing qualitative research in psychology - Carla Willig, Dawson Books 2013

      Book Further See: Chapter 7 Grounded Theory Methodology

    3. Qualitative psychology: a practical guide to research methods 2015

      Book Further Please see Chapter 3: Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis. Available online.

  7. Week 5 (Lecture 9/10) 14 items
    1. The SAGE handbook of visual research methods - Eric Margolis, L. Pauwels 2011 (electronic resource)

      Book Further

    2. From Synthesis to Script: Transforming Qualitative Research Findings for Use in Practice - Margarete Sandelowski, Frank Trimble, Elizabeth K. Woodard, Julie Barroso 12/2006

      Article Further

    3. A Step-by-Step Guide to Using Secondary Data for Psychological Research - Judith Pizarro Andersen, JoAnn Prause, Roxane Cohen Silver 01/2011

      Article Further

    4. Visual methods in social research - Marcus Banks, David Zeitlyn 2015

      Book Further

    5. Proposing an Initiative Research Methodology for LGBTQ+ Youth: Photo-Elicitation and Thematic Analysis - Jennifer A. Smith, Rafe Mccullough, Claire Critchlow, Melissa Luke 02/10/2017