1. Core Textbook Readings 4 items
    All available as e-books
    1. Clinical psychology in practice - British Psychological Society, Askews & Holts Library Services 2009

      Book Essential Excellent introduction to theory, practice and the wider profession of clinical psychology

    2. Health psychology: a textbook - Jane Ogden, Askews & Holts Library Services 2012

      Book Essential Great introductory text which covers theory, method and interventions in broad field of health psychology

    3. Essential readings in health psychology 2008

      Book Essential Nice format where selected articles are presented for view and then critiqued in terms of their contribution to field

    4. Publications | BPS

      Webpage Further This link directly to British Psychological Society allows you to access various readings, policy briefs, ethical guidance which may be of interest.

  2. Week 15 7 items
    First week of course
    1. Beyond the amusement, puzzlement and challenges: an enquiry into international students’ academic acculturation - Dely Lazarte Elliot, Kate Reid, Vivienne Baumfield 12/2016

      Article Further This is paper which I have co-authored which applies Bronfenbrenner's (1994) systems model to the topic of cultural adaptation. Not specifically health but in education.

    2. Attitudes_Infographic_update5 - Attitudes_Infographic_update5.pdf

      Document Recommended Nice infographic on 2014-2015 attitudes towards those with mental illness produced by 'Time to Change'.

  3. Week 16 6 items
    1. NHSGGC : Local Delivery Plan

      Webpage Further Useful to see the priorities shaping delivery of healthcare in Scotland

    2. Layout 1 - 2013_health_guide_employers.pdf

      Document Recommended This gives an overview of the role of the Health Psychologist - written in plain language. A recommended reading.

    3. DCP What is clin psy.pdf

      Document Recommended Overview of role of Clinical Psychologist. Easy read.

  4. Week 17 5 items
    1. Using the Health Belief Model to Analyze Instagram Posts about Zika for Public Health Communications - Jeanine P.D. Guidry, Kellie E. Carlyle, Jessica G. LaRose, Paul Perrin 01/2019

      Article Further Interesting application of Health Belief Model in context of Zika Virus and use of Instagram Posts

    2. Predictors of smoking cessation in Taiwan: using the theory of planned behavior - Yu-Fang Tseng, Kuei-Lan Wang, Ching-Yun Lin, Yi-Ting Lin 16/03/2018

      Article Further Interesting application of Theory of Planned Behaviour (Stages of Change Model) to predict smoking cession in context of Taiwan

    3. Exploring men's perceptions of a community-based men's shed programme in England - Grant J McGeechan, C Richardson, L Wilson, G O'Neill 01/12/2017


    4. Why is changing health-related behaviour so difficult? - Michael P. Kelly, Mary Barker 07/2016

      Article Recommended

  5. Week 18 Readings 9 items
    1. GBD 2017: a fragile world - The Lancet 11/2018

      Article Essential

  6. Week 19 Readings 8 items
    1. BBC Radio 4 - Mind Changers, The Pseudo-Patient Study

      Webpage Essential Please listen to this Podcast as part of your formative activity for this week

    2. (39) Rosenhan- Being Sane In Insane Places - YouTube - Mr Bodin 2015

      Audio-visual document Further

  7. Week 20 Readings 5 items
    1. Organizational identity: a reader - Mary Jo Hatch, Majken Schultz 2004

      Book Further Gives overview of Social Identity Theory: relevant to Calum's talk on reducing stigma by offering greater 'social contact' experiences between groups

  8. Week 21 Readings 8 items
    1. Risk for recurrence in depression - Stephanie L. Burcusa, William G. Iacono 12/2007

      Article Recommended

  9. Week 22 Readings 5 items
    1. Living Life to the Full | helping you help yourself

      Website Recommended Living life to the full. Computerised CBT site.

    2. The Efficacy of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: A Review of Meta-analyses - Stefan G. Hofmann, Anu Asnaani, Imke J. J. Vonk, Alice T. Sawyer 10/2012

      Article Recommended

  10. Coursework Handy Readings 4 items
    1. The communications gap between scientists and public - Philip Hunter 11/2016

      Article Recommended This is a nice overview resource about communicating science to the public.

  11. Podcasts and Film Videos 2 items
    Mixture of interesting podcasts and videos
    1. Beyond the Asylum on Vimeo Thursday, June 21, 2018 at 12:05 PM EST

      Audio-visual document Further Short Film

  12. Week 23 Readings 7 items
    1. Topics |

      Webpage Recommended 5 minute clip on experiences of psychosis