1. Reflective Practice Reading 3 items
    1. Reflection: a review of the literature - Sue Atkins, Kathy Murphy 08/1993

      Article Essential

    2. Becoming a reflective practitioner - Samantha J Fontaine 02/05/2018

      Article Essential

    3. Reflective practice in nursing - Askews & Holts Library Services 2013

      Book Essential

  2. Evidence Based Practice Reading List 3 items
    Please review these resources exploring evidence based practice. They are relevant to the content covered in the second half of the course.
  3. Week 1 2 items
  4. Week 2 5 items
    1. Journal writing in health education - Angela J. Gillis 22/2001

      Article Essential

    2. Uses and benefits of journal writing - Roger Hiemstra 22/2001

      Article Recommended

    3. Reflective practice: a guide for nurses and midwives - Beverley J. Taylor 2006

      Book Recommended See: Chapter 1. Available online.

  5. Week 3 3 items
  6. Week 4 5 items
  7. Week 5 Evidence Based Practice 11 items
    This folder contains articles about EBP and EBVM/VN that you may find useful for increasing your understanding of the subject.
    1. Refining the Clinical Question: The First Step in Evidence-Based Veterinary Medicine - Stanley R. Robertson 2007-5

      Article Essential Finding and Evaluating Evidence

    2. Is evidence-based medicine so evident in veterinary research and practice? History, obstacles and perspectives - Jean-Michel Vandeweerd, Nathalie Kirschvink, Peter Clegg, Sandrine Vandenput 2012-1

      Article Further Finding and Evaluating Evidence

    3. Evidence-based veterinary nursing – it’s more sexy than you might think! - Jill Macdonald, Louise Buckley, Alison Mann 04/03/2017

      Article Further

    4. EBP and Reflective Practice 3 items
      This folder contains some articles that discuss the close relationship between EBP and RP. I would recommend that you read at least a couple of these to consolidate what was covered in the short lecture.
      1. A Model of Professional Thinking: Integrating Reflective Practice and Evidence Based Practice - Katrina Bannigan, Alis Moores 12/2009

        Article Essential EBP and Reflective Practice

      2. Evidence for practice, epistemology, and critical reflection - Mark Avis, Dawn Freshwater 10/2006

        Article Recommended EBP and Reflective Practice

      3. Insufficient evidence: the problems of evidence-based nursing - Gary Rolfe 08/1999

        Article Recommended EBP and Reflective Practice

  8. Week 6 7 items
    1. Transforming Health Care from the Inside Out: Advancing Evidence-Based Practice in the 21st Century - Ellen Fineout-Overholt, Bernadette Mazurek Melnyk, Alyce Schultz 11/2005

      Article Essential

    2. Evidence-based practice models for organizational change: overview and practical applications - Marjorie A. Schaffer, Kristin E. Sandau, Lee Diedrick 05/2013

      Article Essential This paper provides and overview of 6 different models of EBP (some of which were covered in the lecture). It discusses how the models have been applied in practice and how successful they are at implementing EBP. I would recommend you read this as it provides a nice summary of the literature surrounding some of the models of EBP and helps to understand better how they are used, and their limitations.

    3. Practical Application of Evidence-Based Practice - Michelle A. Giuffrida 09/2017

      Article Essential This paper provides a summary of EBP within vet medicine. It doesn't contain anything new, but is a veterinary specific paper - which is rare! - so you may want to use it as a reference within your summative assessment.

    4. Iowa Model of Evidence-Based Practice: Revisions and Validation - Kathleen C. Buckwalter, Laura Cullen, Kirsten Hanrahan, Charmaine Kleiber 06/2017

      Article Recommended

    5. A critical synthesis of literature on the promoting action on research implementation in health services (PARIHS) framework - Christian D Helfrich, Laura J Damschroder, Hildi J Hagedorn, Ginger S Daggett 12/2010

      Article Recommended

  9. Week 7 5 items
    1. An Exploratory Study Investigating the Non-Clinical Benefits of Evidence-Based Veterinary Medicine - Elizabeth Jackson, Sarah Hauser 30/05/2017

      Article Essential This veterinary paper explores the non-clinical benefits of EBVM, and discusses some of the barriers to EBVM that are experienced within the veterinary industry. This paper is also very relevant for next week when we are exploring outcomes of the implementation of EBP.

    2. From best evidence to best practice: effective implementation of change in patients' care - Richard Grol, Jeremy Grimshaw 10/2003

      Article Recommended Although dated, this paper summarises some barriers and facilitators to implementing evidence based practice.

    3. Stuck in tradition-A qualitative study on barriers for implementation of evidence-based nutritional care perceived by nursing staff - Malene Barfod O′Connell, Pia Søe Jensen, Signe Lindgård Andersen, Cecilia Fernbrant 02/2018

      Article Further This research article explores the barriers perceived by nurses, aiming to implement evidence based nutritional care. It nicely describes some of the reasons why EBP is not implemented in real-life clinical settings.

  10. Week 8 4 items
    1. Outcomes Measures and Risk Adjustment - Meghan B. Lane-Fall, Mark D. Neuman 23/2013

      Article Recommended This article is really good at explaining why risk adjustment (briefly touched on in the lecture) is essential when considering healthcare outcomes. It explores some of the issues around data collection and the choice of outcomes to measure. Although discussed from a human anaesthesiology and surgery perspective it makes points that are readily transferable to veterinary practice.

    2. Why Process Measures Are Often More Important Than Outcome Measures in Healthcare

      Webpage Recommended The online article discusses why process measures are often more important than outcome measures in healthcare.

    3. Implementation strategies to reduce surgical site infections: A systematic review - Promise Ariyo, Bassem Zayed, Victoria Riese, Blair Anton 2019-2-21

      Article Further

  11. Week 9 11 items
    1. Journal Club 3 items
    2. Significant Event Analysis 1 item
      1. Significant Event Analysis - Guidance for Primary Care Teams - Paul Bowie, Carl de Wet, Michael Pringle 2011

        Document Recommended

    3. Group Reflection 1 item
    4. Action Learning Sets 3 items
      1. Introducing Learning Sets - Jane Lawrence March 2007

        Document Further

      2. Action Learning Sets - Crowe Associates Ltd

        Webpage Further

    5. Morbidity & Mortality Rounds 3 items
      1. Enhancing the Quality of Morbidity and Mortality Rounds: The Ottawa M&M Model - Lisa A. Calder, Edmund S.H. Kwok, A. Adam Cwinn, James Worthington 03/2014

        Article Further

  12. Week 10 3 items
    1. VN futures report.pdf - VN Futures Action Group July 2016

      Document Recommended

    2. Reflecting on CPD 18/06/2016

      Article Further Reflecting on CPD