1. Personal Dimensions 4 items
    1. Fragile lives: death, dying and care - Beverley McNamara 2001

      Book Essential Chapter 4 - Constructions of a Good Death

    2. In a secular age, what does it mean to die a good death? | Aeon Essays - Mary, Talbot

      Webpage Recommended How would Talbot characterise the 'good death'?

    3. Bucket lists: are they a good idea? | Life and style | The Guardian - Kira, Cochrane

      Webpage Further Do bucket lists contribute to death denial?

    4. In Search of a Good Death: Observations of Patients, Families, and Providers - Karen E. Steinhauser, Elizabeth C. Clipp, Maya McNeilly, Nicholas A. Christakis 16/05/2000

      Article Recommended

  2. Demographics, Epidemiology and Trends in Death and Dying 5 items
    1. Death in a global age - Ruth McManus 2013

      Book Essential See: Chapter 3: Patterns in Life and Death: Demographic Trends and Life Expectancies. Available online.

    2. A social history of dying - Allan Kellehear 2007

      Book Recommended Chapter 7 - The Rise and Spread of Cities

    3. Why I Hope to Die at 75 - The Atlantic - Ezekiel, Emanuel

      Webpage Further What is your view on this author's controversial ideas?

  3. Theoretical Perspectives on Dying, Death and Bereavement 4 items
    1. The revival of death - Tony Walter 1994

      Chapter Essential Chapter 4 - Traditional, Modern and Neo-Modern Death

    2. Death in a global age - Ruth McManus 2013

      Chapter Recommended Chapter 1: Perspectives and Theories on Death and Dying: New Horizons. Click-on the Online Resource button to check availability at the Dumfries Library

    3. Limits to medicine: medical nemesis : the expropriation of health - Ivan Illich 1990

      Chapter Recommended Part 3: Cultural Iatrogenesis Chapter 3: The Killing of Pain

    4. MODERNITY, SELF-IDENTITY AND THE SEQUESTRATION OF DEATH - Philip A. Mellor and Chris Shilling 1993

      Article Further

  4. Palliative Care: Past, Present, Future 5 items
    1. Changes in the world of palliative care - David Clark, Fiona Graham, Carlos Centeno 12/2015

      Article Essential

  5. Case Study 1: The Death Cafe Movement 6 items
    1. Death Cafe - Lizzy Miles, Charles A. Corr 06/2017

      Article Essential

  6. Case Study 2: Neighbourhood Networks in Palliative Care (Kerala, India) 6 items
    1. Frame Changes in Social Movements: A Case Study - Devi Vijay, Mukta Kulkarni 09/2012

      Article Recommended

    2. A moment for compassion: emerging rhetorics in end-of-life care - Shahaduz Zaman, Alexander Whitelaw, Naomi Richards, Hamilton Inbadas 06/2018

      Article Recommended

  7. Case Study 3: Legalised Assisted Suicide 7 items
    1. The dying process: patients' experiences of palliative care - Julia Lawton, Ebooks Corporation Limited 2000, 2002, ©2002

      Book Recommended Chapter 5 - Invisible Suffering and Chapter 6 - Final Reflections

    2. Negotiating a good death: euthanasia in the Netherlands - Robert Pool, Ebooks Corporation Limited 2013

      Book Further Chapter 11 - The Social Context of Euthanasia

    3. Dying at the best time - Clive Seale, Julia Addington-Hall 1995

      Article Further

  8. Case Study 4: The Liverpool Care Pathway 11 items
    1. The Liverpool Care Pathway: what went right and what went wrong - Rabbi Baroness Julia Neuberger 10/03/2016

      Article Recommended

    2. Use of a Modified Liverpool Care Pathway in a Tertiary Asian Hospital: Is There Still a Role for It? - Ong Eng Koon, Shirlyn Neo Hui Shan, Sushma Shivananda, Tan Yung Ying 06/2015

      Article Further

    3. Evaluating the Liverpool Care Pathway for care of the terminally ill in rural Australia - Anne M. Wilkinson, Claire E. Johnson, Helen Walker, Valerie Colgan 11/2015

      Article Further

    4. Liverpool Care Pathway for patients with cancer in hospital: a cluster randomised trial - Massimo Costantini, Vittoria Romoli, Silvia Di Leo, Monica Beccaro 01/2014

      Article Further

  9. What is the Evidence to Support Interventions at the End of Life? 3 items
    1. Interventions at the end of life – a taxonomy for ‘overlapping consensus’ - David Clark, Hamilton Inbadas, Ben Colburn, Catriona Forrest 2017-2-2

      Article Essential

  10. Summary/Conclusions 2 items
    1. Zur Soziologie Des Sterbens: Aktuelle Theoretische Und Empirische Beitrage 2016

      Book Essential See: Kellehear, A., 'Current social trends and challenges for the dying person'. Available online.

    2. Being mortal: aging, illness, medicine and what matters in the end - Atul Gawande, Wellcome Collection, Ebooks Corporation Limited 2014

      Book Further