1. Intuitionism readings 6 items
    1. Philosophy of mathematics: selected readings - Paul Benacerraf, Hilary Putnam 1983

      Book Essential See: Brouwer, "Consciousness, Philosophy and Mathematics", pp. 90-96; Dummett, "The Philosophical Basis of Intuitionist Logic", pp. 97-130. Available online. The first half or so of the Dummett paper is enough.

    2. Thinking about mathematics: the philosophy of mathematics - Stewart Shapiro c2000

      Book Essential Chapter 7 available online.

    3. Philosophy of mathematics: an introduction - David Bostock 2009

      Book Essential Chapter 7 (pp. 197-223) available online.

    4. Philosophies of mathematics - Alexander George, Daniel J. Velleman c2002

      Book Essential Chapter 4. This is somewhat more technical than the other textbooks. Chapter 5 might be of interest to the more mathematically experienced. Chapter 4 available online.

    5. Philosophy - A. C. Grayling 1998

      Book Essential pp. 176 - 185, available online. This is the section on intuitionism from Dummett's introduction to the Philosophy of mathematics.