1. Week 1 – Introduction/What is the Television of Television Studies? 4 items
    1. The television studies book - Christine Geraghty, David Lusted 1998

      Book Essential See: Charlotte Brunsdon, ‘What is the “Television” of Television Studies?’ pp. 95-113. Available via Online Resource Button.

    2. The age of television: experiences and theories - Milly Buonanno, Jennifer Radice 2008 (electronic resource)

      Book Essential See: Chapter 1: 'The Age of Television: Seeing far, going far’, pp. 11-26

    3. Television as digital media - Ebooks Corporation Limited 2011

      Book Recommended James Bennett , ‘Introduction: Television as Digital Media, pp. 1-30

    4. Television as a cultural forum: Implications for research - Horace M. Newcomb, Paul M. Hirsch 06/1983

      Article Recommended

  2. Week 2: Television and Surveillance 2 items
    1. Confusion, control and comfort: premediating identity management in film and television - Georgina Turner, Liesbet van Zoonen, Jasmine Harvey 14/09/2014

      Article Essential

    2. Cinema Journal Summer 2015

      Journal Essential See all short essays in section ‘In focus: Homeland’ in Cinema Journal, Vol. 54, No. 4 Summer 2015

  3. Week 3: Television, private suffering and public compassion 2 items
    1. Telethons: spectacle, disability, and the business of charity - Paul K. Longmore 2016

      Book Essential See: Paul Longmore, ‘Suffering as spectacle: pity, pathos and ideology’ pp. 84-102

  4. Week 4: Television, the global spectacle of nature, environmental ethics 2 items
    1. Animals on Television: The Cultural Making of the Non-Human - Brett Mills, SpringerLink (Online service) 2017 (electronic resource)

      Book Essential Brett Mills,‘Wild.’ pp. 79-113

  5. Week 5 – Television and autobiography 9 items
    1. Sexing the self: gendered positions in cultural studies - Elspeth Probyn 1993

      Book Essential See: Elspeth Probyn, ‘Chapter 1. A Problematic: Speaking the Self’, pp.7-31

    2. Channels of discourse, reassembled: television and contemporary criticism - Robert Clyde Allen, Ebooks Corporation Limited c1992 (electronic resource)

      Book Recommended See: Robert C. Allen, “Audience-orientated criticism and television.’ pp. 77-103.

    3. Feminism and the politics of reading - Lynne Pearce 1997

      Book Recommended

    4. Radio, television and modern life: a phenomenological approach - Paddy Scannell 1996

      Book Recommended See: Chapter 7: 'Dailiness’, pp.144-178, available via Online Resource button.

    5. Television and everyday life - Roger Silverstone 1994

      Book Recommended See: Chapter 1: 'Television, ontology and the transitional object’, pp. 1-23. Available via Online Resource Button.

    6. A life course perspective on fandom - C. Lee Harrington, Denise D. Bielby 09/2010


    7. Life course transitions and the future of fandom - C. Lee Harrington, Denise D. Bielby, Anthony R. Bardo 11/2011


  6. Week 6 – TV Dinners 9 items
    1. Carnal appetites: foodsexidentities - Elspeth Probyn c2000

      Book Essential See: , Introduction: 'Gut Feelings’ and Chapter 1: 'Bodies that Eat’ pp. 1-34

    2. A companion to reality television - Laurie Ouellette 2013

      Book Essential See: Misha Kavka ‘A Matter of Feeling: Mediated Affect in Reality Television’

    3. ObesiTV: How television is influencing the obesity epidemic - Rebecca Boulos, Emily Kuross Vikre, Sophie Oppenheimer, Hannah Chang 2012-8

      Article Recommended

    4. Television viewing and snacking - Stacy A Gore, Jill A Foster, Vicki G DiLillo, Kathy Kirk 11/2003

      Article Recommended

  7. Week 7 – Television, Homes and Homesickness 9 items
    1. Editorial: Question of Home - Angelika Bammer Summer 1992

      Article Essential

    2. Home territories: media, mobility, and identity - David Morley, Dawson Books 2000 (electronic resource)

      Book Essential See: David Morley, ‘Ideas of Home’

    3. On female body experience: "Throwing like a girl" and other essays - Iris Marion Young, Oxford University Press 2005 (electronic resource)

      Book Recommended See: Chapter 7. House and Home: Feminist Variations on a Theme’, pp. 123-154

    4. On Not Going Home - James Wood 20 February 2014

      Article Recommended

    5. In Search of Home - Roger Cohen 3rd April 2014

      Article Recommended

  8. Week 8 – Reading Week 0 items
  9. Week 9 – Women In and On Television 8 items
    1. British television drama: past, present and future 2014

      Book Recommended See: Julia Hallam, 'Power Plays: gender, Genre and Lynda La Plante’ pp. 140-149

  10. Week 10 – Gender, Comedy and Unruliness 7 items
    1. Women are angry! - Rosie White 07/2013

      Article Recommended

    2. Because I tell a joke or two: comedy, politics, and social difference - Stephen Wagg 1998

      Book Recommended See: Andrews, M. ‘Butterflies and Caustic Asides: Housewives, comedy and the feminist movement’, pp. 50-64.

    3. Feminist Media Studies: Vol 13, No 2 2013

      Journal  See: Selection of short articles available on Girls (HBO 2012-17) in the Commentary and Criticism section of Feminist Media Studies, Vol. 13, Issue 2 (2013), pp. 355-374.

  11. Week 11 – The Television Makeover and Transforming the Self 7 items
    1. Trump's media war 2019

      Book Essential See: Kelly, Lisa W. ‘“Authentic” Men and “Angry” Women: Trump, Reality Television and Gendered Constructions of Business and Politics’

    2. Better living through reality TV: television and post-welfare citizenship - Laurie Ouellette, James Hay 2008

      Book Recommended See: Chapter 3: 'Makeover TV: Labors of Reinvention’ pp. 99-133. Available via Online Resource Button.

    3. Reality TV: remaking television culture - Susan Murray, Laurie Ouellette, American Council of Learned Societies c2009 (electronic resource)

      Book  See: Heather Hendershot, ‘Belabored Reality: Making it Work on The Simple Life and Project Runway,’ pp. 243-259

    4. Media studies: a reader 2009

      Book Essential See: Sue Thornham, ‘Public and Private Bodies’ pp. 588-597. Available via Online Resource Button.

    5. Factual entertainment on British television: The Midlands TV Research Group's'8-9 Project' - C. Brunsdon, C. Johnson, R. Moseley, H. Wheatley 01/02/2001

      Article Recommended

  12. Digitised Readings 6 items
    1. The Personal Experience of Time 2013

      Book Recommended See: Stuart Albert and William Jones, “The temporal transition from being together to being alone: the significance and structure of Children’s Bedtime stories”. Available via Online Resource Button

    2. Television, the public sphere, and national identity - Monroe E. Price 1995

      Book Essential See: 'The Public Sphere' pp. 21-39. Available via Online Resource Button.

    3. Critical ideas in television studies - John Corner 1999

      Book Essential See: 'Knowledge' pp. 108-119. Available via Online Resource Button.

    4. Reacting to reality television: performance, audience and value - Beverley Skeggs, Helen Wood 2012

      Book Essential See: 'Textual Intimacies' pp. 80-112

    5. Television and common knowledge - Jostein Gripsrud 1999

      Book Essential See: John Corner, 'Documentary: the Transformation of a Social Aesthetic' pp. 173-184

    6. Spectacular television: exploring televisual pleasure - Helen Wheatley 2016

      Book Recommended See: Helen Wheatley, ‘Chapter 6: Fascinating bodies: Looking inside television’s somatic spectacle’. Available via Online Resource Button.