1. COURSE OUTLINE: Animation FTV4001 14 items
    1. WEEK 1: Introduction: What Can Animation Do? 1 item
      1. Seven minutes: the life and death of the American animated cartoon - Norman M. Klein 1993

        Book Essential See: 'Graphic Narrative', pp. 3-18, available via Online Resource button.

    2. WEEK 2: Film History as Animation 1 item
      1. The language of new media - Lev Manovich 2002 (electronic resource)

        Book Essential See: 'What is Cinema?', pp. 286-299.

    3. WEEK 3: Part 1: Stop Motion, Surrealism and the Uncanny 2 items
    4. WEEK 4: Computer Animation 1 item
      1. The computer-animated film: industry, style and genre - Christopher Holliday 2018

        Book Essential See: 'Notes on a Luxo World', pp. 63-84.

    5. WEEK 5: Japanese Animation 2 items
      1. Frames of anime: culture and image-building - Tze-yue G. Hu c2010 (electronic resource)

        Book Further See: Tze-Yue G. ‘Miyazaki and Takahata Anime Cinema’, pp. 106-136.

    6. WEEK 6: READING WEEK 1 item
      1. No lectures or seminars are scheduled this week.

    7. WEEK 7: Disney and its Messages 1 item
      1. Mouse morality: the rhetoric of Disney animated film - Annalee R. Ward 2002

        Book Essential See: 'Pocahontas: The Symbolic Boundaries of Moral Order', pp. 33-56, available via Online Resource button.

    8. WEEK 8: Warner Bros. and the Importance of Characters 1 item
      1. The illusion of life II: more essays on animation - Alan Cholodenko c2007

        Book Essential See: Thompson, R. ‘Pronoun Trouble II: The Missing Dick’, pp. 210-228, available via Online Resource button.

    9. WEEK 9: Animation and the Suburban Family 2 items
      1. Prime time animation: television animation and American culture - Carol A. Stabile, Mark Harrison 2003

        Book Essential See: Tueth, M. V. 'Back to the Drawing Board: The Family in Animated Television Comedy', pp. 133-147.

    10. WEEK 10: Queer and Liminal Identities in Animation 1 item
      1. Why Saddam Is Gay: Masculinity Politics in - Judith Kegan Gardiner 01/2005

        Article Essential

    11. WEEK 11: Animation and Animals 1 item
      1. The animated bestiary: animals, cartoons, and culture - Paul Wells 2009

        Book Essential See: Wells, P. 'Of Mice and Men: What do Animals Mean?', pp. 60-92.