This list relates to the semester Semester Two 2018/19 which does not start until 01/01/2019
  1. Texts / Additional Reading 9 items
    1. Essential Reading 1 item
      1. Options, futures, and other derivatives - John Hull, John Hull 2018

        Book Suggested for Student Purchase

    2. Supplementary Reading 8 items
      1. An introduction to derivatives and risk management - Don M. Chance, Robert Edwin Brooks 2015

        Book Recommended Previous edition (9th) in stock at Economics WB24 CHA3

      2. Futures, options, and swaps - Robert W. Kolb, James A. Overdahl 2007

        Book Recommended Previous edition (4th) in stock at Economics WB24 KOL4

      3. Derivatives markets - Robert L. McDonald c2014

        Book Recommended

      4. The Theory and Practice of Corporate Risk Management* - Henri Servaes, Ane Tamayo, Peter Tufano 09/2009

        Article Recommended

      5. Rethinking risk management - Rene M. Stulz 09/1996

        Article Recommended

      6. Real Options and Corporate Risk Management - Alexander J. Triantis 06/2000

        Article Recommended

      7. How Firms Should Hedge - Gregory W. Brown, Klaus B. Toft 2002

        Article Recommended