1. Seminars 4 and 5 9 items
    1. On the Plurality of Worlds. - Nathan Salmon, David Lewis 04/1988


    2. On the plurality of worlds - David K. Lewis 1986


    3. Modal Fictionalism - Gideon Rosen 1990

      Article  An interesting alternative to modal realism and ersatzism alike.

    4. Naming and necessity - Saul A. Kripke 1981

      Book  Read p. 45 and following, on counterpart theory.

    5. counterpart_theory.pdf - Theodore Sider


  2. Seminar 3: Consciousness and Abilities 5 items
    Question: Is phenomenal consciousness a matter of abilities?
    1. Epiphenomenalism, laws & properties - Denis Robinson 1993-1

      Article Recommended A detailed analysis of Lewis' argument that the hypothesis of phenomenal information leads to epiphenomenalism.

  3. Part I: Humean Supervenience 8 items
    1. Introduction to Philosophical papers: Volume 2 - David K. Lewis, Oxford University Press 1986 (electronic resource)

      Chapter Essential This is the classic statement of Humean supervenience. Skip first paragraph, and then read until p. xiv, "there is one that I passed over".

    2. Humean Supervenience Debugged - David Lewis 1994

      Article Essential Another important statement of Humean supervenience. Read until the end of section 1.

    3. Counterfactual Dependence and Time's Arrow - David Lewis 1979

      Article Essential Important clarification about what kind of similarity among worlds is relevant for the evaluation of counterfactuals.

    4. Survival and Identity - David Lewis

      Chapter Essential Lewis' perdurantism; the postscript has an argument for temporal parts.

    5. Humean supervenience and enduring things - Sally Haslanger 09/1994

      Article  Haslanger's article prompted Lewis' to adjust his earlier formulation of Humean Supervenience (see "Humean Supervenience Debugged").

  4. Part II: Locating Thought and Language 14 items
    1. Convention: a philosophical study - David K. Lewis 1969

      Book  See: "Coordination and Convention", pp. 5-51.

    2. New work for a theory of universals - David Lewis 12/1983

      Article Essential Read section "The Content of Language and Thought", pp. 370-377.

    3. Radical interpretation - David Lewis 1974

      Article Essential

    4. A companion to the philosophy of mind 1995

      Book  See: entry for "David Lewis", pp. 412-431.

    5. A note on ‘languages and language’ - John Hawthorne 03/1990

      Article  Note that prompted Lewis' reply.

    6. A Companion to the Philosophy of Mind - David Lewis

      Book  Lewis' encyclopedia entry about himself. Go to 'L' in the table of contents. (A number of hardcopies of the book are in the library.)

    7. Meaning - H. P. Grice 1957

      Article  This classic article gave rice to the "Gricean programme" to which Lewis was a key contributor.

  5. Part III: The Plurality of Worlds 12 items
    1. On the plurality of worlds - David K. Lewis 1986

      Book Suggested for Student Purchase Lewis' opus magnum.

    2. Counterparts of Persons and Their Bodies - David Lewis 1971

      Article  Lewis revises his original counterpart theory, and admits more than one counterpart relation.

    3. A New Problem of Descriptive Power - Stephan Leuenberger 2006

      Article  Raises a technical problem for Sider's kind of ersatzism in "The Ersatz Pluriverse".

    4. Modality - Joseph Melia 2003

      Book  Textbook on modality; defends a version of linguistic ersatzism.

    5. On What There Is - Willard V. Quine 1948

      Article  Quine's criterion for ontological commitment forms important background to Lewis' modal realism.

    6. Contemporary debates in metaphysics - Theodore Sider, John Hawthorne, Dean W. Zimmerman 2008

      Book  This has a piece by Bricker in defense of modal realism, and one by Melia in defens e of linguistic ersatzism.

    7. counterpart_theory.pdf - Theodore Sider


  6. Seminar Two: Rotating Spheres 8 items
    Question: Is Humean Supervenience refuted by the conceivability of rotating homogeneous spheres?
    1. Introduction to Philosophical papers: Volume 2 - David K. Lewis, Oxford University Press 1986 (electronic resource)

      Chapter Essential See footnote 5 about spinning spheres.

    2. Humean Supervenience Debugged - David Lewis 1994

      Article Essential For spinning spheres, see the end of section 1.

    3. Zimmerman and the spinning sphere - David Lewis 06/1999

      Article Essential Lewis endorses and modifies Robinson's Humean account of the spinning spheres.

    4. One really big liquid sphere: Reply to Lewis - Dean W. Zimmerman 06/1999

      Article Recommended A reply to Lewis' reply.

    5. Matter, motion, and Humean supervenience - Denis Robinson 12/1989

      Article  Robinson here presents the answer to the objection from the spinning spheres that Lewis was later to adopt (in "Zimmerman and the Spinning Sphere").

    6. Temporal parts and supervenient causation: The incompatibility of two Humean doctrines - Dean W. Zimmerman 06/1998

      Article Recommended This article prompted Lewis' reply "Zimmerman and the Spinning Sphere"

  7. Collections of Lewis' papers 4 items
    1. Philosophical papers - David K. Lewis 1983-1986


    2. Papers in philosophical logic - David K. Lewis 1998


    3. Papers in metaphysics and epistemology - David K. Lewis 1999


    4. Papers in ethics and social philosophy - David K. Lewis 2000


  8. Lewis' monographs 4 items
    1. Counterfactuals - David K. Lewis 1973

      Book Further

    2. On the plurality of worlds - David K. Lewis 1986

      Book Suggested for Student Purchase

    3. Parts of classes - David Lewis 1990

      Book Further

  9. Collections of papers on Lewis 4 items
    1. Reality and Humean supervenience: essays on the philosophy of David Lewis - Gerhard Preyer, Frank Siebelt 2001


    2. Lewisian themes: the philosophy of David K. Lewis - Frank Jackson, Graham Priest 2004


    3. Conceptual analysis and philosophical naturalism - David Braddon-Mitchell, Robert Nola c2009

      Book Further

  10. Monographs on Lewis 3 items
    1. David Lewis: Metaphysik und Analyse - Wolfgang Schwarz c2009


    2. David Lewis - Daniel Patrick Nolan 2005


    3. David Lewis - Uwe Meixner c2006


  11. Seminar 1: Laws of Nature 5 items
    Question: Do laws of nature supervene on the Humean mosaic?
    1. New work for a theory of universals - David Lewis 12/1983

      Article Essential Read section "Laws and Causation", pp. 365-370.

    2. Nailed to Hume's Cross? - John W. Carroll

      Chapter Recommended Carroll argues against Lewis' Humean view, and sketches an alternative.

    3. Humean Supervenience Debugged - David Lewis 1994

      Article Essential Read until the end of section 4.

    4. Humean Supervenience - Loewer, Barry Spring 1996

      Article Recommended A sympathetic discussion of Lewis' account of laws of nature and chance.

    5. Why Be Humean? - Tim Maudlin

      Chapter Essential A rhetorically powerful critique of the motivations behind Humean supervenience. You can read this quickly the first time, but please return to it after a few weeks, when you've read a bit more Lewis. Questions to think about: How does Maudlin characterize Humean supervenience? What arguments does he have against it? What bad reasons for believing in it does he identify? How could one respond on behalf of Lewis?