1. Glasgow Context 7 items
    The reading here provides useful historical context for the development of Glasgow. Dip into these sources as background.
    1. Glasgow - David Daiches 1977

      Book Further

    2. Glasgow - Irene Maver c2000

      Book Further Good overview of Glasgow history across all eras

    3. Glasgow: the forming of the city - P. Reed c1993

      Book Further Emphasis here on spatial development

    4. Glasgow: the socio-spatial development of the city - Michael Pacione c1995

      Book Further

    5. Glasgow: the making of a city - Andrew Gibb 1983

      Book Further Good on public policy and housing

    6. Glasgow - T. M. Devine, Gordon Jackson, W. Hamish Fraser, Irene Maver 1995-1996

      Book Further Definitive collection of chapters on C19th economic and social change.

  2. Week 1: Glasgow: A Global City? 8 items
    1. Deindustrialised Glasgow 3 items
      1. Building Britain The Clyde - Muriel Gray

        Audio-visual document Further

    2. Glasgow: A Global City 5 items
      1. Global cities - Mark Abrahamson 2004

        Book Recommended Early chapters

      2. Global city challenges: Debating a concept, improving the practice - Michele Acuto, Wendy Steele 2013 (electronic resource)

        Book Essential Chapter 2

      3. Cities in a world economy - Saskia Sassen c2012

        Book Essential Esp chapters 2, 4 and 6

      4. Globalisation, labour markets and communities in contemporary Britain - Danny MacKinnon et al. 2011

        Document Recommended See link to full report which is at the end of the summary document. This material contains specific content about the impact of globalisation on Glasgow

  3. Week 2: The Divided City 14 items
    1. Understanding Glasgow | The Glasgow Indicators Project

      Website Essential This is a really useful website, with loads of really useful information. From time to time, we'll point you to parts of it/

    2. The Good City - Ash Amin 05/2006

      Article Further

    3. Social differences and divisions - Peter Braham, Linda Janes, Open University 2002

      Book Essential the chapter by Janes, L. & Mooney, G. ‘Place, lifestyle and social divisions.’ is the most relevant.

    4. Global shift: mapping the changing contours of the world economy - Peter Dicken, Ebooks Corporation Limited c2011 (electronic resource)

      Book Essential Especially Chapter 16, p.484-488 and p.494-505.

    5. Cities & social change: encounters with contemporary urbanism 2014

      Book Recommended Chapters three and four are particularly useful.

    6. Urban segregation and the welfare state: inequality and exclusion in western cities - Sako Musterd, W. J. M. Ostendorf 1998

      Book Further Chapter 1 is a useful international perspective on socio-spatial segregation in the city.

    7. Editorial: Poverty and place in the UK and the USA - A. Glasmeier, R. Martin, P. Tyler, D. Dorling 01/04/2008

      Article Further

    8. Segregation: a global history of divided cities - Carl Husemoller Nightingale 2012

      Book Further

  4. Week 3: The Sick Man of Europe? 13 items
    Theme title to be edited
    1. Making the case for a ‘fifth wave’ in public Health - P. Hanlon, S. Carlisle, M. Hannah, D. Reilly 2011-1

      Article Essential

    2. Health and Wellbeing (Glasgow City) - Scottish Public Health Observatory

      Webpage Recommended

    3. Public health: policy and politics - Rob Baggott 2011

      Book Recommended This book as a whole gives a sense of public health changing over time and of contemorary concerns. Read Chapter 1 for a general introduction and consideration of different ideological perspectives of public health.

    4. Glasgow Indicators: Health - Understanding Glasgow

      Webpage Recommended

    5. The rise of the network society - Manuel Castells, Ebooks Corporation Limited 2010 (electronic resource)

      Book Further

    6. Reordering Life: Knowledge and Control in the Genomics Revolution - Hilgartner Stephen

      Article Further This book gives an interesting account of the development of genomics. For relevant materials, read Chapter 2.

    7. ‘Doing’ public health and ‘making’ public health practitioners: Putting policy into practice in ‘Starting Well’ - Mhairi Mackenzie 09/2008

      Article Further the paper gives an illustration of the ways in which policy intentions can fit/clash with practitioners' ways of working

  5. Week 4: Fieldwork 16 items
    The items here provide background information about the four neighbourhoods which are to be visited in Week 6. See additional briefing on Moodle.
    1. Glasgow Harbour 2 items
    2. Govan 3 items
    3. Gorbals 2 items
      1. Reinventing the tenement: transformation of crown street in the Gorbals, Glasgow - Michelle Thompson‐Fawcett 06/2004

        Article Further Background to the Development of the 'New Gorbals'

      2. New tenements and the image of the past: the Crown Street development in Glasgow's New Gorbals - Florian Urban 03/2013

        Article Further Background to Development of the New Gorbals

    4. Govanhill 2 items
      1. Govanhill Resources via Community Renewal

        Webpage Recommended This website is provided by Community Renewal a faith based regneration charity. There are links here to a wider range of information about Govanhill, including the Govanhill Community Profile.

    5. Tradeston 1 item
      1. Clyde Waterfront regeneration: River Clyde urban renewal & development

        Website Recommended Buried in this website is information about the development of the Tradeston and Pacific Quay/ International Financial Services District. Note the Clyde Waterfront Project is now closed and this website maynot be updated

    6. Atlantic Quay/ International Financial Services District 2 items
      1. Clyde Waterfront regeneration: River Clyde urban renewal & development

        Website Recommended Buried in this website is information about the development of the Tradeston and Pacific Quay/ International Financial Services District. Note the Clyde Waterfront Project is now closed and this website maynot be updated

      2. International Financial Services District

        Website Recommended This is a promotional website for the 'International Financial Services District' at the Broomielaw

    7. Townhead 2 items
    8. Merchant City 2 items
  6. Week 5: The People's Home 13 items
    1. Tenements and Towers: the Making of Glasgow’s Post-War Housing 6 items
      1. Scheming: a social history of Glasgow council housing, 1919-1956 - Seán Damer 2018

        Book Further

      2. Scottish housing in the twentieth century - Richard Rodger 1989

        Book Further Chapter 3 and chapter 6

      3. Dreaming the Impossible: Unbuilt Britain

        Audio-visual document Further Second part of this film looks at the 1940s Bruce Plan for Glasgow and its impacts

      4. From Moorepark to 'Wine alley': the rise and fall of a Glasgow housing scheme - Seán Damer c1989

        Book Further

      5. Tenements and towers: Glasgow working-class housing 1890-1990 - Miles Horsey, Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland 1990

        Book Recommended

    2. Reshaping Housing: From Council Housing to Social Housing 6 items
      1. After council housing: Britain's new social landlords - Hal Pawson, David Mullins, Tony Gilmour 2010

        Book Essential Chapters 1 and 2

      2. Housing policy in the UK - David Mullins, Alan Murie, MyiLibrary 2006 (electronic resource)

        Book Essential Chapters 6, 7 and 9

      3. Housing and the welfare state: the development of housing policy in Britain - Peter Malpass, Dawson Books 2005 (electronic resource)

        Book Recommended

    3. Leveraging the Market? Private Sector Housing in Contemporary Glasgow 1 item
  7. Week 6 Growing up in Glasgow 13 items
    1. Children and Young People in the City 4 items
      1. Poverty in Scotland 2018 - Emma Congreve, McCormack Jim 2018

        Document Essential Chapters 1 and 2

      2. State of the nation 2015 - GOV.UK - Child Poverty and Social Mobility Commission 2015

        Document Recommended Chapter on Child Poverty and Mobility in Scotland

      3. Child Poverty Strategy 2018-22 - Scottish Government

        Webpage Recommended

    2. Education, Disadvantage and Place 3 items
      1. Education policy in Britain - Clyde Chitty 2014

        Book Recommended Chapter 6 puts Scotland in UK perspective

      2. Scottish education - T. G. K. Bryce 2013

        Book Recommended Chapters 2 (provision), 9 (policy), 10 (politics) and 92 (poverty)

    3. Knives, Gangs and Places 6 items
      1. Invisible Walls and Visible Youth: Territoriality among Young People in British Cities - J. Pickering, K. Kintrea, J. Bannister 01/04/2012

        Article Essential

      2. Urban legends: gang identity in the post-industrial city - Alistair Fraser 2015

        Book Essential Especially Chapter 5 'Street Habitus'

      3. Youth in crisis?: 'gangs', territoriality and violence - Barry Goldson, Ebooks Corporation Limited 2011 (electronic resource)

        Book Recommended Chapter by Kintrea, Bannister and Pickering

      4. The Violence Must Stop: Glasgow's Community Initiative to Reduce Violence. Second Year Report - Violence Reduction Unit 2012

        Document Recommended CIRV has attracted a lot of attention as a possible response to current high levels of 'knife crime' in London

      5. Gangs, Sectarianism and Social Capital - Ross Deuchar, Chris Holligan 02/2010

        Article Further

  8. Week 7: Community, resistance and change 14 items
    Theme title to be edited
    1. Understanding community: politics, policy and practice - Peter Somerville 2016

      Book Recommended Chapters 1, 4 and 8 are particularly useful. Each chapter has a list of further recommended reading.

    2. From urban social movements to urban movements: a review and introduction to a symposium on urban movements - Chris Pickvance 03/2003

      Article Further This is an introductory overview of an important theoretical debate.

    3. The Secret History of Our Streets

      Webpage Essential You should watch this programme prior to lecture 2 of this block on community.

    4. Annie's loo: the Govan origins of Scotland's community based housing associations - Raymond Young, Scottish Federation of Housing Associations 2013

      Book Recommended

    5. Class, Citizenship and Regeneration: Glasgow and the Commonwealth Games 2014 - Kirsteen Paton, Gerry Mooney, Kim McKee 09/2012

      Article Recommended

    6. Commonwealth City

      Webpage Recommended You might want to watch this three part series during the course. The last episode is particulary relevant to this theme.

    7. Commonwealth City

      Webpage Recommended You might want to watch this three part series during the course. The last episode is particulary relevant to this theme.

    8. DIY community action: neighbourhood problems and community self-help - Liz Richardson 2008 (electronic resource)

      Book Recommended This is a very practical guidebook on community action based on research evidence. Chapters 1, 3, 4, 8 + 9 are probably the most useful.

    9. Community development: a critical approach - Margaret Ledwith, British Association of Social Workers 2011

      Book Recommended

    10. In their place: the imagined geographies of poverty - Stephen Crossley 2017

      Book Recommended

  9. Week 8: Transport 9 items
    Theme title to be edited
    1. Essential readings 3 items
      1. Visualising where commuting cyclists travel using crowdsourced data - David McArthur, Jinhyun Hong, 2019

      2. Review of Scotland's cities: the analysis - Scotland 2002 (electronic resource)

        Book Essential See: Chapter 6: Connecting Cities

    2. Other readings 5 items
      1. Sustainable transportation planning: tools for creating vibrant, healthy, and resilient communities - Jeffrey Tumlin c2012

        Book Further See: Chapter 2: Sustainable Transportation

    3. Essential reading for tutorial 1 item
  10. Week 9: Migration and diversity 14 items
    1. Migrants to the metropolis: the rise of immigrant gateway cities - Marie Price, Lisa Benton-Short 2008

      Book Recommended Please, read Chapter 2: Urban Immigrant Gateways in a Globalizing Word, pp. 23-47, available via Online resource button.

    2. Forced migration and the city - Jonathan Darling 04/2017

      Article Recommended

    3. Convivialities: An Orientation - Amanda Wise, Greg Noble 02/09/2016

      Article Recommended

  11. Week 10: Course Review 0 items
  12. Week 6: Planning and Place making 9 items
    Theme title to be edited
    1. The purpose of planning: creating sustainable towns and cities - Yvonne Rydin, Ebooks Corporation Limited 2011

      Book Essential Essential reading for Week 4. Especially chapter one for the first lecture and chapter's four and five for the second lecture

    2. Urban regeneration in the UK: boom, bust and recovery - Phil Jones, James Evans, Askews & Holts Library Services 2013

      Book Essential Essential reading for Week 4. Especially chapter four and six for lecture three

    3. Deconstructing the city of culture: The long-term cultural legacies of Glasgow 1990 - Beatriz García 2005-5-1

      Article Essential Essential reading for Week 4. Especially for lecture three

    4. Annie's loo: the Govan origins of Scotland's community based housing associations - Raymond Young, Scottish Federation of Housing Associations 2013

      Book Further This will be of interest and importance for lecture two

    5. Townscape Heritage Regeneration Projects

      Webpage Further These pdf documents will be discussed during lecture two

    6. Glasgow City Council, City Plan 2

      Webpage Further The Glasgow City Plan 2 will be discussed in lecture three

    7. Glasgow City Centre Strategy - Glasgow City Council

      Webpage Further The Glasgow City Centre Strategy will be discussed in lecture three

    8. Cultural policy as urban transformation? critical reflections on Glasgow, European city of culture 1990 - Gerry Mooney 2004-11-1

      Article Further This article will refer to some of the themes that will be discussed in lecture three

    9. The city that refused to die: Glasgow : the politics of urban regeneration - Michael Keating 1988

      Book Further This book provides the context for lectures two and three