1. Recommended course textbook 2 items
    1. Psychology - Daniel L. Schacter, Daniel Todd Gilbert, Daniel M. Wegner, Bruce M. Hood 2016

      Book Essential This is the main text for the course

  2. Qualitative Research Methods 4 items
    Dr Maxine Swingler Semester 1
    1. Successful qualitative research: a practical guide for beginners - Virginia Braun, Victoria Clarke 2013

      Book Suggested for Student Purchase

    2. Research methods and data analysis for psychology - Stuart Wilson, Rory MacLean 2011

      Book Recommended

    3. Qualitative psychology: a practical guide to research methods 2015

      Book Recommended

  3. Social Psychology 15 items
    The core reading for Social Psychology is chapters 10 and 14 of the course textbook. From Chapter 10 on the sections about emotion will be examined
    1. Emotion Lectures (1 and 2) 12 items
      1. Social Affect

        Webpage Essential This is the chapter about emotion form the Principles of Social Psychology textbook

      2. Feeling All the Feels: Crash Course Psychology #25 - YouTube - CrashCourse 2014

        Audio-visual document Recommended

      3. The nonverbal communication of emotions - Jessica L Tracy, Daniel Randles, Conor M Steckler 06/2015


    2. Ineraction 2 items
      1. Fitting in: why Polish immigrant children say 'aye' to the Glasgow vibe - Sadie Ryan February 8, 2019 4.53pm GMTFebruary 8, 2019 4.53pm GMT


      2. INTRODUCTION - National Collaborating Centre for Mental Health (UK) 2015