1. Reading 339 items
    1. Week 1 Vegetius and ‘Vegetian Strategy’ in Medieval Warfare 41 items
      Professor Matthew Strickland
      1. Texts and Translations of Vegetius: 3 items
        1. The book of fayttes of armes and of chyvalrye translated and printed by William Caxton from the French original by Christine de Pisan - A. T. P. Byles, William Caxton 1932

          Book  Caxton’s rendering of Christine’s Livre des Faisd’Armes into Middle English

        2. Vegetius: epitome of military science - Flavius Vegetius Renatus, N. P. Milner 1993 (electronic resource)

          Book Essential

        3. The book of deeds of arms and of chivalry - Sumner Willard, Charity Cannon Willard, Christine c1999

          Book Essential Modern English text of Caxton’s 1489 translation from the French

      2. Essential Seminar Reading 38 items
        1. The ‘Vegetian Strategy’ Debate 3 items
        2. For a battle-seeking strategy 2 items
          1. War cruel and sharp: English strategy under Edward III, 1327-1360 - Clifford J. Rogers 2000

            Book Essential

        3. For case studies of ‘Vegetian’ warfare 12 items
          1. War and government in the Middle Ages: essays in honour of J.O. Prestwich - John Gillingham, James Clarke Holt, J. O. Prestwich 1984

            Book  See: Gillingham, J., ‘Richard I and the Science of War in the Middle Ages’, pp. 78-91.

          2. This is reprinted in:

          3. Anglo-Norman warfare: studies in late Anglo-Saxon and Anglo-Norman military organization and warfare - Matthew Strickland 1992

            Book Essential See: Gillingham, J., ‘Richard I and the Science of War in the Middle Ages’, pp 194 - 207.

          4. Studies in medieval history presented to R. Allen Brown - R. Allen Brown, Christopher Harper-Bill, C. J. Holdsworth, Janet L. Nelson 1988

            Book  See: Gillingham, J., ‘William the Bastard at War’, pp. 143-160.

          5. This is reprinted in:

          6. Anglo-Norman warfare: studies in late Anglo-Saxon and Anglo-Norman military organization and warfare - Matthew Strickland 1992

            Book Essential See: Gillingham, J., ‘William the Bastard at War’, pp. 143 - 160. Available online.

          7. Thirteenth century England II: proceedings of the Newcastle Upon Tyne Conference 1987 - Peter R. Coss, S. D. Lloyd 1988

            Book  See: Gillingham, J., ‘War and Chivalry in the History of William the Marshal’, pp. 1-3.

          8. Reprinted in idem.

          9. Richard Coeur de Lion: kingship, chivalry and war in the twelfth century - John Gillingham 1994

            Book  See: Gillingham, J., ‘War and Chivalry in the History of William the Marshal’, pp. 227 - 241

          10. and also in:

          11. Anglo-Norman warfare: studies in late Anglo-Saxon and Anglo-Norman military organization and warfare - Matthew Strickland 1992

            Book Essential See: Gillingham, J., ‘War and Chivalry in the History of William the Marshal’, pp. 51 - 63.

        4. For broader discussion, see: 8 items
          1. Western warfare in the age of the Crusades, 1000-1300 - John France 1999

            Book Essential

          2. Warfare in the Latin East, 1192-1291 - Christopher Marshall 1992

            Book  See: ch. 4.

          3. Warfare under the Anglo-Norman kings, 1066-1135 - Stephen Morillo 1994

            Book Essential

          4. The art of war in the Middle Ages, A.D. 378-1515 - Charles William Chadwick Oman 1885

            Book Essential

          5. A history of the art of war in the Middle Ages vol. 2 - Charles William Chadwick Oman 1924

            Book Essential

          6. Crusading warfare, 1097-1193 - R. C. Smail 1995

            Book Essential See especially Ch. 6, ‘The Latin Field Army in Action’.

        5. For the Hundred Years War, see also: 3 items
          1. The Hundred Years War: trial by battle, vol 1 - Jonathan Sumption 1991-2015


          2. The Hundred Years War: trial by fire, vol 2 - Jonathan Sumption 1991-2015


        6. On Vegetius and other Military Treatises: 10 items
          1. Armies, chivalry and warfare in medieval Britain and France: proceedings of the 1995 Harlaxton Symposium - Matthew Strickland, Harlaxton Symposium 1998

            Book  See: Allmand, C., ‘The Fifteenth Century English Versions of Vegetius’ De Re Militari’, pp. 30 - 45

          2. The Burgundian hero: proceedings of the annual conference of the Centre européen d'études bourguignonnes (XIVe-XVIe siècles) at Edinburgh and Glasgow, 28-30 September 2000 - Andrew D. Brown, Jean-Marie Cauchies, Graeme Small, Centre européen d'études bourguignonnes (XIVe-XVIe s.). Conference 2001

            Book  See: Allmand, C., ‘Did the De Re Militari of Vegetius Influence the Military Ordinances of Charles the Bold?’, pp. 135 - 144.

          3. Military Manuals in Fifteenth-Century England - B Borstein 1975

            Article  In print only.

          4. War, literature and politics in the late Middle Ages - C. T. Allmand, George William Coopland 1976

            Book  See: Contamine, P., ‘The War Literature of the Late Middle Ages: the Treatises of Robert de Balsac and Béraud Stuart, Lord of Aubigny’, pp. 102 - 121

          5. Le Jouvencel revisited - George W Coopland Nov 1, 1951


          6. Cultuurhistorische caleidoscoop: aangeboden aan Prof. Dr. Willy L. Braekman - Willy Louis Braekman 1992

            Book  See: Hall, B. S., ‘”So Notable Ordynaunce”: Christine de Pisan, Firearms and Siegecraft in a Time of Transition’, pp. 219 - 233.

          7. Essays in honor of Louis Francis Solano - Raymond J Cormier, Urban T. Holmes 1970

            Book  See: Willard, C.C., ‘Christine de Pizan’s Treatise on the Art of Medieval Warfare’, pp. 179 - 191

    2. Week 2: Early Modern Warfare: The Historiographical Debate 61 items
      Dr Lionel K.J. Glassey
      1. Reading 61 items
        1. The seminal works 4 items
          1. (i) The ‘military revolution’ 3 items
            1. Essays in Swedish history - Michael Roberts 1967

              Book Essential See: Michael Roberts, ‘The military revolution 1560-1660’ (originally Professor Roberts’s inaugural lecture at Queen’s University, Belfast, 1955)

            2. also in:

            3. The military revolution debate: readings on the military transformation of early modern Europe - Clifford J. Rogers 1995

              Book Essential See: Michael Roberts, ‘The military revolution 1560-1660’ (originally Professor Roberts’s inaugural lecture at Queen’s University, Belfast, 1955)

          2. (ii) The ‘fiscal-military state’ 1 item
            1. The sinews of power: war, money and the English state, 1688-1783 - John Brewer 1989

              Book Essential See: especially chapters 1, 2 and 5.

        2. Background reading for the seminars 21 items
          1. (i) The ‘military revolution’ 12 items
            1. The business of war: military enterprise and military revolution in early modern Europe - David Parrott 2012

              Book Essential See: Part I

            2. European warfare, 1350-1750 - Frank Tallett, D. J. B. Trim 2010

              Book  See: chs 1 by Frank Tallett and D.J.B. Trim, 4 by David Parrott and 8 by Olaf van Nimwegen

            3. Warfare at sea, 1500-1650: maritime conflicts and the transformation of Europe - Jan Glete 2000

              Book Essential See: chs 1, 9, 10.

            4. Essays in Swedish history - Michael Roberts 1967

              Book  See: Roberts, M. "Gustav Adolf and the art of war".

            5. European warfare 1453-1815 - Jeremy Black 1999

              Book  See: Chapter 1, Thomas F. Arnold, pp. 23-44. Available online.

            6. The military revolution and the state, 1500-1800 - Michael Duffy 1980

              Book  See: "Introduction".

          2. (ii) The ‘fiscal-military state’ 9 items
            1. The fiscal military state in eighteenth-century Europe: essays in honour of P.G.M. Dickson - Christopher Storrs, P. G. M. Dickson c2009

              Book  See: ‘Introduction’ by Christopher Storrs and ch. 1 by Hamish Scott.

            2. The British fiscal-military states, 1660-c.1783 2016

              Book Essential See: chs 1 by Aaron Graham and Patrick Walsh and 2 by John Brewer

            3. The business of war: military enterprise and military revolution in early modern Europe - David Parrott 2012

              Book  See: Part II, ch. 6.

            4. An Imperial state at war: Britain from 1689 to 1815 - Lawrence Stone 1994

              Book  See: chs 1 by Lawrence Stone, 2 by Thomas Ertman, and 3 by John Brewer

            5. The wars of Louis XIV, 1664-1714 - John A. Lynn 1999

              Book  See: Chapter 2, John A. Lynn, The wars of Louis XIV 1667-1714.

            6. The northern wars: war, state, and society in northeastern Europe, 1558-1721 - Robert I. Frost 2000

              Book  See: chs 5-10 and the ‘Conclusion’

            7. Britain's colonial wars, 1688-1783 - Bruce Lenman c2001

              Book Essential See: ‘Introduction’ and Part One

        3. Early modern war 36 items
          The following list of books and articles is intended (alongside the books listed above as reading for the seminars) to be a fairly basic bibliography of war and warfare in the ‘early modern’ period of European history for those students who wish to read more widely for the core course essay or for a dissertation; and for students who are interested in specific themes within the period.
          1. The anatomy of victory: battle tactics, 1689-1763 - Brent Nosworthy 1992, c1990


          2. War and society in early modern Europe, 1495-1715 - Frank Tallett 1992

            Book Essential

          3. War in the early modern world - Jeremy Black 1999


          4. European warfare, 1660-1815 - Jeremy Black 1994

            Book Essential

          5. The military experience in the age of reason - Christopher Duffy 1987


          6. The art of war in the Western world - Archer Jones 1989, c1987

            Book  See: chs 4 - 6.

          7. Makers of modern strategy from Machiavelli to the nuclear age - Peter Paret, Gordon Alexander Craig, Felix Gilbert 1986

            Book Essential See: Part One, chs 2-4; Part Two, ch 5

          8. Armies and warfare in Europe 1648-1789 - John Charles Roger Childs c1982


          9. War in European history - Michael Howard 2009

            Book Essential See: chs 2 - 5.

          10. Technology and war: from 2000 B.C. to the present - Martin Van Creveld 1991

            Book  See: Part II

          11. Siege warfare: The fortress in the age of Vauban and Frederick the Great - Christopher Duffy 1979-1985


          12. Britain as a military power, 1688-1815 - Jeremy Black c1999


          13. The British way in warfare 1688-2000 - David French 1990

            Book  See: chs 1-4

          14. War and economy in the age of William III and Marlborough - D. W. Jones 1988

            Book  See: especially chs 1, 10.

          15. The art of warfare in the age of Marlborough - David Chandler 1990

            Book Essential

          16. Marlborough as military commander - David Chandler 1989


          17. German armies: war and German politics, 1648-1806 - Peter H. Wilson 1997


          18. War and peace in the Baltic, 1560-1790 - Stewart Oakley 1992


          19. Sweden's age of greatness, 1632-1718 - Michael Roberts 1973

            Book  See: essays by A. Aberg, ‘The Swedish army from Lutzen to Narva’, and S. Lundkvist, ‘The expansion of empire: Sweden as a great power’

          20. Ottoman warfare - Rhoads Murphey 1999


          21. Seapower and naval warfare, 1650-1830 - Richard Harding 1999


          22. The evolution of the sailing navy, 1509-1815 - Richard Harding 1995


          23. The command of the ocean: a naval history of Britain, 1649-1815 - N. A. M. Rodger 2004

            Book Essential

          24. The British navy and the use of naval power in the eighteenth century - Jeremy Black, Philip Woodfine 1988

            Book Essential See: ), essays by J.R. Jones, ‘Limitations of British sea power in the French wars 1689-1815’ and D. Aldridge, ‘The navy as handmaid for commerce and high policy 1680-1720’

          25. Parameters of British naval power, 1650-1850 - Michael Duffy 1992


          26. The rise and fall of British naval mastery - Paul M. Kennedy 1991

            Book  See: chs. 1 - 5.

    3. Week 3 - The Wars of the French Revolution and Napoleon: Revolutionary and Total? 86 items
      Dr Mike Rapport
      1. Reading 86 items
        The list that follows is a mere bayonet tip in vast arsenal of material available. A list of additional reading, including a section on the worldwide war, is available on Moodle.
        1. Core Reading 7 items
          1. The French Revolutionary Wars, 1787-1802 - T. C. W. Blanning 1996

            Book Essential

          2. On war - Carl von Clausewitz, Beatrice Heuser 2007


          3. Napoleon's wars: an international history, 1803-1815 - Charles J. Esdaile 2008, c2007

            Book Essential

          4. The wars of Napoleon - Charles J. Esdaile 1995

            Book Essential

          5. The Napoleonic wars, 1803-1815 - David Gates 1997


        2. Further General Reading 12 items
          1. The first total war: Napoleon's Europe and the birth of modern warfare - David Avrom Bell 2008, c2007


          2. European warfare 1453-1815 - Jeremy Black 1999


          3. The origins of the French Revolutionary wars - T. C. W. Blanning 1986


          4. The campaigns of Napoleon - David Chandler c1966


          5. Blundering to glory: Napoleon's military campaigns - Owen Connelly c1999


          6. Supplying war: logistics from Wallenstein to Patton - Martin Van Creveld 2004

            Book Essential

          7. War in European history - Michael Howard 2009


          8. The rise and fall of the great powers: economic change and military conflict from 1500 to 2000 - Paul M. Kennedy 1988

            Book Essential

          9. The art of warfare in the age of Napoleon - Gunther E. Rothenberg c1978


          10. European armies and the conduct of war - Hew Strachan 1991, c1983 (electronic resource)

            Book Essential

        3. Total War? Europeans at War 67 items
          1. General 4 items
            1. War and society in revolutionary Europe 1770-1870 - Geoffrey Best 1982


            2. Napoleonic foot soldiers and civilians: a brief history with documents - Rafe Blaufarb, Claudia Liebeskind c2011


            3. Soldiers, citizens and civilians: experiences and perceptions of the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars, 1790-1820 - Alan I. Forrest, Karen Hagemann, Jane Rendall 2009


            4. Gender, war and politics: transatlantic perspectives, 1775-1830 - Karen Hagemann, Gisela Mettele, Jane Rendall 2010


          2. Austria, Prussia and Germany 10 items
            1. The Habsburg Empire, 1790-1918 - C. A. Macartney 1971


            2. The struggle for mastery in Germany: 1779-1850 - Brendan Simms 1998


          3. Britain 8 items
            1. Britain as a military power, 1688-1815 - Jeremy Black c1999

              Book Essential

            2. The British armed nation, 1793-1815 - J. E. Cookson 1997 (electronic resource)


            3. Britain and the French Revolution, 1789-1815 - H. T. Dickinson 1989


            4. Redcoat: the British soldier in the age of horse and musket - Richard Holmes 2001


          4. Russian Empire 6 items
            1. Russia and Europe, 1789-1825 - A. Lobanov-Rostovskii 1949


            2. Russia against Napoleon: the battle for Europe, 1807 to 1814 - D. C. B. Lieven 2010, c2009


            3. Russia and the Mediterranean, 1797-1807 - Norman E. Saul 1970


            4. 1812: Napoleon's fatal march on Moscow - Adam Zamoyski 2013


          5. France: a revolution in warfare? 11 items
            1. The soldiers of the French Revolution - Alan I. Forrest 1990


            2. Makers of modern strategy from Machiavelli to the nuclear age - Peter Paret, Gordon Alexander Craig, Felix Gilbert 1986

              Book  See: Paret, P., ‘Napoleon and the Revolution in War’

          6. Occupation and Resistance in Europe 20 items
            1. Europe under Napoleon - Michael Broers 2014

              Book Essential

            2. The Napoleonic empire in Italy, 1796-1814 - Michael Broers 2005


            3. Society and politics in the Age of the Risorgimento: essays in honour of Denis Mack Smith - Denis Mack Smith, John A. Davis, Paul Ginsborg 1991

              Book  See: Davis, J. A., ‘The Sanfede and the crisis of the ancien regime in Southern Italy’

            4. Napoleon and Europe - Philip G. Dwyer 2001


            5. Popular resistance in the French wars: patriots, partisans and land pirates - Charles J. Esdaile 2005

              Book Essential

            6. Loyal rebels: Andreas Hofer and the Tyrolean uprising of 1809 - F. Gunther Eyck 1986


            7. Napoleon and his empire: Europe, 1804-1814 - Philip G. Dwyer, Alan I. Forrest 2007


            8. Napoleon and the transformation of Europe - Alexander I. Grab c2003


            9. Napoleon's integration of Europe - S. J. Woolf 1991


          7. The War at Sea 8 items
            1. Jack Tar: the extraordinary lives of ordinary seamen in Nelson's navy - Roy A. Adkins, Lesley Adkins 2009


            2. British seapower and its influence upon the Peninsular War (1808-1814) - D. D. Horward 1978

              Article  Available online. Select 'Fall' Issue 1978; see pp. 54-71. Issue is free to download.

            3. Trafalgar: the Nelson touch - David Howarth 1971


            4. The command of the ocean: a naval history of Britain, 1649-1815 - N. A. M. Rodger 2004


    4. Week 4 - ‘Celtic’ Warfare? Militarism in Gaelic Scotland and Gaelic Ireland in the later middle ages 8 items
      Dr Martin MacGregor
      1. Reading 8 items
        1. A military history of Scotland - Edward M. Spiers, Jeremy A. Crang, Matthew Strickland c2012 (electronic resource)

          Book Essential See: MacGregor, M, ‘Warfare in Gaelic Scotland in the Later Middle Ages’

        2. Continuity in Celtic Warfare - G McWhiney 1981


        3. Warfare in the medieval Gaelic lordships - K Simms 1975 - 76

          Article  See: Simms, K, ‘Warfare in the medieval Gaelic lordships’, pp. 98-108. Available online.

        4. Images of Warfare in Bardic Poetry - K Simms 1990

          Article  See: Simms, K, ‘Images of Warfare in Bardic Poetry’, pp. 608-19

        5. A military history of Ireland - Thomas Bartlett, Keith Jeffery 1996

          Book  See: Simms, K, ‘Gaelic Warfare in the Middle Ages’, pp. 99 - 115. Available online.

        6. The World of the Galloglass: Kings, Warlords and Warriors in Ireland and Scotland, 1200-1600 - Sean Duffy 2016

          Book Essential See: chapter by Caldwell

    5. Week 5 - Clausewitz and European Armies 1871-1914 17 items
      Professor Sir Hew Strachan
      1. Reading 17 items
        1. On war - Carl von Clausewitz, Michael Eliot Howard, Peter Paret 1984, c1976 (electronic resource)

          Book Essential See: introduction. This edition is available in many forms, most cheaply and easily as an Everyman edition. It probably replaces all other English-language versions (and please avoid the Penguin version). Michael Howard’s introductory essay is a short introduction to the seminar topic. The translation by JJ Graham (recently reprinted by Barnes and Noble) is the next best. If you can read German, the edition to look at is that by Werner Hahlweg.

        2. On Clausewitz: 7 items
          1. The origins of military thought: from the Enlightenment to Clausewitz - Azar Gat 1989

            Book Essential See: Chapter 7, pp. 199-250. Available online.

          2. Reading Clausewitz - Beatrice Heuser 2002

            Book Essential

          3. Clausewitz's puzzle: the political theory of war - Andreas Herberg-Rothe c2007 (electronic resource)

            Book Essential This puts Clausewitz's historical writings in context and considers his contemporary relevance.

          4. Clausewitz - Michael Eliot Howard 1983

            Book Essential A very brief introduction to the man and his work.

          5. Clausewitz and the state - Peter Paret 1976

            Book  A scholarly intellectual biography.

          6. Carl von Clausewitz's On war: a biography - Hew Strachan c2007

            Book Essential A brief survey of the text, which takes issue with the Howard/Paret interpretation

          7. Clausewitz in the twenty-first century - Hew Strachan, Andreas Herberg-Rothe 2007 (electronic resource)

            Book  See: especially the opening chapter.

        3. On the response of European armies 1871 –1914: 9 items
          1. After Clausewitz: German military thinkers before the Great War - Antulio Joseph Echevarria c2000

            Book Essential

          2. Clausewitz and modern strategy - Michael I. Handel 1986


          3. Moltke on the art of war: selected writings - Helmuth Moltke, Daniel J. Hughes c1993


          4. The ghost of Napoleon - Basil Henry Liddell Hart 1934


          5. Clausewitz and the First World War - Hew Strachan April 2011

            Article  AVAILABLE IN PRINT ONLY

    6. Week 6 – Bismarck’s Wars? The Wars of German Unification, 1864-1870/71 20 items
      DrMichael Jonas (Helmut Schmidt University, Hamburg)
      1. The European powers and the German question, 1848-71, with special reference to England and Russia - W. E. Mosse 1958

        Book Essential See: pp. 146 - 332.

      2. The long nineteenth century: a history of Germany, 1780-1918 - David Blackbourn 1998 (electronic resource)

        Book  See: pp. 243 - 259.

      3. The German question and Europe: a history - Peter Alter 2000

        Book  See: pp. 58 - 77.

      4. The great powers, imperialism, and the German problem, 1865-1925 - John Lowe 1994

        Book Essential See: pp. 1 - 43.

      5. German history 1770-1866 - James J. Sheehan 1989

        Book  See: pp. 853 - 911.

      6. Austria, Prussia and the making of Germany, 1806-1871 - John Breuilly 2011


      7. Germany's two unifications: anticipations, experiences, responses - Ronald Speirs 2005

        Book  See: John Breuilly "Nationalism and the First Unification", pp. 101 - 121.

      8. The wars of German unification - Dennis E. Showalter, Ebooks Corporation Limited 2015

        Book Essential

      9. The origins of the wars of German unification - William Carr 1991

        Book Essential

      10. The evolution of operational art: from Napoleon to the present - John Andreas Olsen, Martin Van Creveld 2011 (electronic resource)

        Book  See: Dennis E. Showalter, "Prussian-German Operational Art, 1740-1943", pp. 35 - 63.

      11. Moltke and the German wars, 1864-1871 - Arden Bucholz 2001

        Book Essential

      12. The battle of Königgrätz: Prussia's victory over Austria, 1866 - Gordon Alexander Craig 2003


      13. The Franco-Prussian War: the German invasion of France, 1870-1871 - Michael Eliot Howard c2001

        Book Essential

      14. On the road to total war: the American Civil War and the German Wars of Unification, 1861-1871 - Stig Förster, Jörg Nagler 1997

        Book  See: Stig Förster, ‘The Prussian Triangle of Leadership in the Face of a People’s War. A Reassessment of the Conflict between Bismarck and Moltke, 1870-71’, pp. 115 - 140.

    7. Week 7 -Trenching the Trenches: An Introductionto the Archaeology of the Western Front of WWI 18 items
      Dr Tony Pollard
      1. Suggested reading 18 items
        There are numerous books and articles on the generalities and specifics of WWI, this list is concerned with archaeological approaches.
        1. Beneath Flanders fields: the tunnellers' war, 1914-18 - Peter Barton, Peter Doyle, Johan Vandewalle c2010


        2. Archaeologies of the contemporary past - Victor Buchli, Gavin Lucas, Margaret Cox 2001 (electronic resource)

          Book  See: Buchli, V. & G. Lucas, ‘The absent present: archaeologies of the contemporary past’ pp. 3 - 18.

        3. Time to Destroy - Alfredo González‐Ruibal 04/2008


        4. The unknown warrior: an archaeology of the common soldier - Richard Osgood 2005

          Book Essential

        5. A part of history: aspects of the British experience of the First World War - Michael Howard, Stephen Badsey 2008

          Book  See: Pollard, T. 2008. ‘A View from the Trenches: An Introduction to the Archaeology of the Western Front’, pp. 198-209. Available online.

        6. Trench art: materialities and memories of war - Nicholas J. Saunders 2003


        7. Matters of conflict: material culture, memory and the First World War - Nicholas J. Saunders 2004 (electronic resource)

          Book  See: Saunders, N.J. 2004. Material culture and conflict: the Great War, 1914-2003, pp. 5-25

        8. Contested objects: material memories of the Great War - Nicholas J. Saunders, Paul Cornish 2009


        9. Materializing the military - Bernard S. Finn, Barton C. Hacker 2005

          Book  See: Saunders, N.J., ‘Culture, Conflict and Materiality: The Social Lives of Great War Objects’, pp. 77 - 95.

        10. Killing time: archaeology and the First World War - Nicholas J. Saunders 2010

          Book Essential

        11. Forensic Entomology and the Archaeology of War - Stefano Vanin, Margherita Turchetto, Andrea Galassi, Cristina Cattaneo 06/2009


    8. Week 8 – The Evolution of Military Thought between the two World Wars 15 items
      Professor Peter Jackson
      1. The inter-war years were a crucial period in the evolution of military and strategic thinking. Makers of military doctrine and strategic plans digested the experience of the Great War while at the same time trying to anticipate the character of future conflicts. These challenges were tackled very differently in different national contexts.   Our aim is to try to understand the various ways in which a number of influential military thinkers from the world's Great Powers tried to understand the 'lessons' of the First World War and imagined the course of future war.

      2. Required reading 1 item
        It is essential that students read:
      3. Recommended reading 13 items
        This reading will be very useful, particularly for the preparation of essays:
        1. Cry havoc: the arms race and the Second World War, 1931-41 - Joseph A. Maiolo 2010

          Book Essential

        2. Military innovation in the interwar period - Williamson Murray, Allan R. Millett 1996

          Book Essential All of the essays in this collection are relevant.

        3. Makers of modern strategy from Machiavelli to the nuclear age - Peter Paret, Gordon Alexander Craig, Felix Gilbert 1986

          Book  See: essays by Gordon Craig, Michael Howard, Michael Geyer, Brian Bond and Martin Alexander, David MacIsaac.

        4. The changing character of war - Hew Strachan, Sibylle Scheipers 2011 (electronic resource)

          Book Essential

        5. British military policy between the two World Wars - Brian Bond 1980

          Book Essential

        6. The origins of World War Two: the debate continues - Robert W. D. Boyce, Joseph A. Maiolo 2003 (electronic resource)

          Book  See: John Ferris,‘Intelligence’, pp. 308 - 329.

        7. Imagining war: French and British military doctrine between the wars - Elizabeth Kier c1997

          Book Essential

        8. The making of strategy: rulers, states, and war - Williamson Murray, MacGregor Knox, Alvin H. Bernstein 1994

          Book Essential See: essays by Wilhelm Deist, Williamson Murray, Eliot Cohen, Robert Doughty and Earl Ziemke.

        9. Military effectiveness: Vol. 2: The interwar period - Allan R. Millett, Williamson Murray 2010


        10. The fog of peace and war planning: military and strategic planning under uncertainty - Talbot C. Imlay, Monica Duffy Toft 2006

          Book Essential See: essays by Imlay (both), John Ferris, Andrew Krepinevich.

    9. Week 9 - Europe’s ‘Small Wars’, 1800-present 39 items
      Dr Alex Marshall
      1. Core Reading 1 item
        1. European armies and the conduct of war - Hew Strachan 1991, c1983 (electronic resource)

          Book  See: ch. 6

      2. Reading 38 items
        1. The Russo-Japanese War in global perspective: world war zero - John W. Steinberg 2005 (electronic resource)

          Book Essential See: Airapetov, O. ‘The Russian Army’s Fatal Flaws.’

        2. The Victorians at war: new perspectives - I. F. W. Beckett 2007


        3. Small wars: a tactical textbook for imperial soldiers - Charles Callwell 1990

          Book Essential

        4. Why the North won the Vietnam War - Marc Jason Gilbert 2002

          Book Essential

        5. A Staff Officer's Scrap-Book During the Russo-Japanese War - Ian Hamilton 2015


        6. Lyautey and the French conquest of Morocco - William A. Hoisington 1995

          Book Essential

        7. The military history of Tsarist Russia - Frederick W. Kagan, Robin Higham 2002

          Book Essential

        8. John Jacob of Jacobabad - Hugh Trevor Lambrick 1960


        9. The Russian General Staff and Asia, 1800-1917 - Alex Marshall 2006 (electronic resource)

          Book  See: ch. 4

        10. Reforming the Tsar's army: military innovation in Imperial Russia from Peter the Great to the Revolution - David Schimmelpenninck van der Oye, Bruce Menning 2003

          Book  See: B. Menning, "G. A. Potemkin & A. I. Chernyshev: Two dimensions of Reform and Russia’s Military Frontier.", pp. 273 - 91.

        11. The Russo-Japanese War in global perspective: world war zero - John W. Steinberg 2005 (electronic resource)

          Book  See: B. Menning, ‘Neither Mahan nor Moltke: Strategy in the War.’

        12. The army in India and the development of frontier warfare, 1849-1947 - T. R. Moreman, King's College London 1998

          Book Essential

        13. Reforming the Tsar's army: military innovation in Imperial Russia from Peter the Great to the Revolution - David Schimmelpenninck van der Oye, Bruce Menning 2003

          Book  See: Oleinikov, D. I. ‘The Caucasus Factor in Russian Military Reform’, pp. 205 - 214. Available online.

        14. Frontier scouts - H. R. C. Pettigrew 1965


        15. The conquest of Morocco - Douglas Porch 1986, c1982


        16. The conquest of the Sahara - Douglas Porch 1985, c1984


        17. Makers of modern strategy from Machiavelli to the nuclear age - Peter Paret, Gordon Alexander Craig, Felix Gilbert 1986

          Book Essential See: D. Porch, ‘Bugeaud, Gallieni, Lyautey: The Development of French Colonial Warfare.’, pp. 376 - 407.

        18. The Victorian soldier in Africa - Edward M. Spiers 2004 (electronic resource)

          Book Essential

        19. The late Victorian army 1868-1902 - Edward M. Spiers 1992


        20. Indian frontier warfare - G. J. Younghusband 1898


    10. Week 10 - French Colonial Conflict and the Doctrine of Guerre Révolutionnaire, 1946-1962 34 items
      Dr Mathilde von Bülow
      1. Suggested reading 34 items
        N.B.: texts marked ** are a good place to start.
        1. General texts: 10 items
          1. The French Army in politics, 1945-1962 - John S. Ambler c1966

            Book Essential **

          2. The wars of French decolonization - Anthony Clayton 1994

            Book Essential

          3. Counterinsurgency warfare: theory and practice - David Galula, John A. Nagl 2006


          4. The French army in politics - Alistair Horne 1984


          5. Counterinsurgency in modern warfare 2010

            Book Essential ** See: Porch, Douglas, “French imperial warfare 1945-62,”

          6. Modern warfare: a French view of counterinsurgency - Roger Trinquier c2006

            Book  **

          7. Mao on warfare: On guerilla warfare ; On protracted war, and other military writings - Zedong Mao, Arthur Waldron, Zedong Mao, Zedong Mao 2013


        2. On Indochina: 6 items
          1. Hell in a very small place: the siege of Dien Bien Phu - Bernard B. Fall 2002


          2. The military art of people's war - Nguyên Giáp Võ, Russell Stetler 1993

            Book Essential **

          3. The first Vietnam War: colonial conflict and cold war crisis - Mark Atwood Lawrence, Fredrik Logevall 2007


          4. The last valley: Dien Bien Phu and the French defeat in Vietnam - Martin Windrow 2005

            Book Essential **

        3. On Algeria: 8 items
          1. The Battle of the Casbah: terrorism and counter-terrorism in Algeria, 1955-1957 - Paul Aussaresses, Robert L. Miller 2005

            Book Essential **

          2. Pacification in Algeria, 1956-1958 - David Galula, Bruce Hoffman 2006

            Book Essential **

          3. A savage war of peace: Algeria 1954-1962 - Alistair Horne 1987


        4. On past colonial wars: 10 items
          1. A desert named peace: the violence of France's empire in the Algerian Sahara, 1844-1902 - Benjamin Claude Brower 2009

            Book  See: Martin, Michel L. “From Algiers to N’Djamena: France’s adoption to low-intensity wars 1830- 1987”.

          2. Armies in low-intensity conflict: a comparative analysis - David A. Charters, Maurice Tugwell 1989


          3. Makers of modern strategy from Machiavelli to the nuclear age - Peter Paret, Gordon Alexander Craig, Felix Gilbert 1986

            Book  ** See: ch. 14.

          4. Cultured force: makers and defenders of the French colonial empire - Barnett Singer, John W. Langdon 2004


          5. The roots of counter-insurgency: armies and guerrilla warfare, 1900-1945 1988

            Book  See: Toase, Francis. “The French Experience”.

  2. Digitised Readings 2 items
    1. Violence: a micro-sociological theory - Randall Collins, American Council of Learned Societies c2008 (electronic resource)

      Book  See: The Introduction, Chapter 2 and Chapter 3

    2. The face of battle: a study of Agincourt, Waterloo and the Somme - John Keegan 2004

      Book  See: Chapters 1 and 2. Chapter 1 is available online.