1. Film Studies 8 items
    These are some key works to help introduce you to film analysis and to give you a basic overview of cinema in Latin America.
    1. Film analysis: a Norton reader - Jeffrey Geiger, R. L. Rutsky c2005


    2. An introduction to film analysis: technique and meaning in narrative film - Michael Ryan, Melissa Lenos 2012


    3. The analysis of film - Raymond Bellour, Constance Penley c2000


    4. A companion to Latin American film - Stephen M. Hart c2004


    5. Latin American cinema: a comparative history - Paul A. Schroeder 2016


    6. Themes in Latin American cinema: a critical survey - Keith John Richards, Ebooks Corporation Limited c2011 (electronic resource)


    7. The cinema of Latin America - Alberto Elena, Marina Díaz López c2003


  2. Gender & Sexuality: Fresa y chocolate 9 items
    1. Contemporary cinema of Latin America: ten key films - Deborah Shaw 2003

      Book  See chapter on Fresa y chocolate on pp. 9-35

    2. Vision machines: cinema, literature, and sexuality in Spain and Cuba, 1983-93 - Paul Julian Smith 1996

      Book  See chapter on Fresa y choclate on pp. 81-98

    3. Despite all adversities: Spanish-American queer cinema 2015

      Book  See chapter on Fresa y chocolate on pp. 31-52

    4. Cine-Lit 2000: essays on Hispanic film and fiction - Cine-Lit 2000

      Book  See: Duncan, Cynthia, ‘The Feminine as Visible Difference in Fresa y chocolate, or Casting “El hombre nuevo” in a Less Queer Light’, in Cine-Lit 2000: Essays on Hispanic Film and Fiction, ed. by George Cabello-Castellet, Jaume Marti-Olivella and Guy H. Wood (Oregon: Oregon State University, 2000) 60-66

  3. Gender & Sexuality: T tú mamá también 13 items
    1. Negociando identidades, traspasando fronteras: tendencias en la literatura y el cine mexicanos en torno al nuevo milenio 2008

      Book  See - Díaz López, Marina, ‘¿Dónde están los hombres? Crisis de la masculinidad mexicana en Y tu mamá también’, in Negociando identidades, traspasando fronteras. Tendencias en la literatura y el cine mexicanos en torno al nuevo milenio (Madrid & Frankfurt: Iberoamericana / Vervuert: 2008), pp. 137-53

    2. Realism and the audiovisual media - Lúcia Nagib, Cecília Mello c2009

      Book  See - Garza, Armida de la, ‘Realism and National Idenitity in Y tu mama también: An Audience Perspective’, in Realism and the Audiovisual Media, ed. by Lúcia Nagib and Cecília Mello (London: Palgrave Macmillan, 2009) pp. 108-118

    3. The Faber book of Mexican cinema - Jason Wood 2006

      Book  See pp. 93-114

  4. Gender & Sexuality: Una mujer fantástica 3 items
    1. Always in Translation - Helen Hok-Sze Leung 11/2016


  5. Violence and Inequality: Carrancho 3 items
  6. Violence and Inequality: Relatos salvajes 1 item
  7. Violence & Inequality: Bus174 0 items
  8. Violence & Inequality: Tropa de Elite 0 items
  9. History & Memory: Quase dois Irmãos 0 items