1. Introductory Lecture: Reading Images and Seeing Words, Greg Kerr 5 items
    1. Word and Image

      Chapter Essential Full reference: Mitchell, W.J.T., ‘Word and Image’, in Critical Terms for Art History, ed. by Robert Nelson and Richard Shiff (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2003), pp. 51-61.

    2. The future of text and image: collected essays on literary and visual conjunctures - Ofra Amihay, Lauren Walsh 2012

      Book Further Short preface by Mitchell may be of interest

    3. Modern visual poetry - Willard Bohn 2001

      Book Further See 'Word and Image', 17-23

    4. Picture theory: essays on verbal and visual representation - W. J. T. Mitchell c1994

      Book Further More from Mitchell

  2. Signifier/signified: Ferdinand de Saussure and Roland Barthes, Laurence Grove 3 items
    1. Course in general linguistics - Ferdinand de Saussure, Charles Bally, Albert Sechehaye, Albert Riedlinger 2005

      Book Essential

    2. Saussure - John Earl Joseph 2012

      Book Recommended

    3. Mythologies - Roland Barthes, Annette Lavers, Sian Reynolds 2009

      Book Recommended

  3. Prague Structuralism: Jan Mukařovský and the Aesthetic Function, Jan Čulík 2 items
    1. Aesthetic function, norm and value as social facts - Jan Mukařovský 1979, c1970

      Book Essential

    2. Sound, sign, and meaning: quinquagenary of the Prague Linguistic Circle - Ladislav Matejka c1976

      Book Recommended See following essays: Peter Steiner, The Conceptual Basis of Prague Structuralism, pp. 351-385, and Thomas G. Winner, The Beginnings of Structural and Semiotics Aesthetics, pp. 433-454

  4. Textual/Visual Rhetoric: Roland Barthes and the ‘Rhetoric of the Image’, Greg Kerr 7 items
    1. Rhetoric of Image

      Chapter Essential Full reference: Roland Barthes, ‘Rhetoric of the Image’, Classic Essays on Photography, ed. Alan Trachtenberg (New Haven, CT: Leete’s Island Books, 1980), 269-85.

    2. Reading images: the grammar of visual design - Gunther R. Kress, Theo Van Leeuwen 1996

      Book Recommended

    3. Advertising as communication - Gillian Dyer 1988

      Book Recommended

    4. Poetics of the poster: the rhetoric of image-text - David H. T. Scott 2010

      Book Recommended

    5. Image studies: theory and practice - Sunil Manghani 2013

      Book Recommended

    6. Image music text - Roland Barthes, Stephen Heath 1977

      Book Recommended

    7. Text and image: a critical introduction to the visual-verbal divide - John A. Bateman 2014


  5. Seeable/Sayable: Jacques Rancière and The Politics of the Text/Image Relation, Greg Kerr 7 items
    1. The emancipated spectator - Jacques Rancière 2009

      Book Essential Full reference: Jacques Rancière, ‘The Intolerable Image’ in The Emancipated Spectator (London: Verso, 2009), pp. 83-105.

    2. Jacques Rancière - Oliver Davis 2010

      Book Essential

    3. Jacques Rancière: key concepts - Jean-Philippe Deranty, Dawson Books 2010 (electronic resource)

      Book Essential

    4. The future of the image - Jacques Rancière 2007

      Book Recommended

    5. Porous boundaries: texts and images in twentieth-century French culture - Jérôme Game 2007

      Book Recommended The introduction to this volume offers an interesting critique of the semiotic approach to text/image studies.

    6. Jacques Rancïre: an introduction - Joseph J. Tanke 2011

      Book Recommended

  6. The photobook, Paul Castro 2 items
  7. Caricature, Laurence Grove 4 items
    1. Monsieur Jabot: Monsieur Vieux Bois : deux histoires D'amour - Rodolphe Töpffer, Rodolphe Töpffer 1996

      Book Essential

    2. Monsieur Crépin: Monsieur Pencil : deux égarements de la science - Rodolphe Töpffer, Rodolphe Töpffer 1996

      Book Essential

    3. Glasgow looking glass - William Heath 1825

      Journal Essential

  8. Painted Words: Cubism and Language, Eamon McCarthy 6 items
    1. Cubism - Neil Cox 2000

      Book Essential read Chap 6, ‘The Word as Such: Cubism and Language 1910-12’, pp. 226-58

    2. Picasso and Braque: a symposium - William Stanley Rubin, Kirk Varnedoe, Lynn Zelevansky, Museum of Modern Art (New York, N.Y.) 1992

      Book Essential See: Rosalind Kraus, ‘The Motivation of the Sign’, pp. 261-86

    3. Cubism and culture - Mark Antliff, Patricia Dee Leighten 2001

      Book Recommended

    4. Picasso and the invention of Cubism - Pepe Karmel, Pablo Picasso c2003

      Book Recommended

    5. Cubism and its histories - David Cottington 2004

      Book Recommended

    6. Picasso, 1881-1973 - Roland Penrose, John Goulding, Daniel-Henry Kahnweiler 1973

      Book Essential See: Robert Rosenblum, ‘Picasso and the Typography of Cubism’ pp. 49-75 (and notes pp. 266-68)

  9. Photomontage (Hannah Höch, John Heartfield, Bertolt Brecht, Barbara Kruger), Ernest Schonfield 10 items
    1. Please note - These books have been marked as "Essential" in order for them to be held in the Short Loan section of the library. However, students are NOT expected to read all of these texts. Students are expected to concentrate on just one or two artists, and to read a relevant selection of these texts.

    2. John Heartfield: AIZ : Arbeiter-Illustriete Zeitung, Volks Illustrierte, 1930-38 - David Evans, John Heartfield, Anna Lundgren 1992

      Book Essential

    3. Oxford art journal - JSTOR (Organization), Oxford University Press c1978- (electronic resource)

      Journal Essential See: Sabine Kriebel, ‘Photomontage in the Year 1932: John Heartfield and the National Socialists’, Oxford Art Journal, vol. 31, no. 1 (2008), 97-127 and Sherwin Simmons, ‘Advertising Seizes Control of Life: Berlin Dada and the Power of Advertising’, Oxford Art Journal 22:1 (1999), 119-46

    4. Hannah Höch: aller Anfang ist DADA! - Hannah Höch, Ralf Burmeister, Berlinische Galerie, Museum Jean Tinguely Basel 2007

      Book Essential

    5. Dada's women - Ruth Hemus c2009

      Book Essential

    6. Cut with the kitchen knife: the Weimar photomontages of Hannah Höch - Maud Lavin, Hannah Höch c1993

      Book Essential

    7. War primer - Bertolt Brecht, John Willett 1998

      Book Essential

    8. Paratextual Profusion: Photography and Text in Bertolt Brecht's War Primer - J. J. Long 01/03/2008

      Article Essential Jonathan J. Long, ‘Paratextual Profusion: Photography and Text in Bertolt Brecht’s War Primer’, Poetics Today, 29 (2008), 197-224

    9. Appropriation - David Evans 2009

      Book Essential

    10. Brecht's War Primer: the "photo-epigram" as poor monument - David Evans, Thomson Gale (Firm) March-April 2003 (electronic resource)

      Article Essential David Evans, ‘Brecht’s War Primer: The “Photo-Epigram” as Poor Monument’, Afterimage, 30 (2003), 1-8

  10. Visual/Textual Auto/biographies, Mirna Šolić 7 items
    1. Interfaces: women, autobiography, image, performance - Sidonie Smith, Julia Watson 2005, c2002

      Book Essential See: Julie Watson/Sidonie Smith: “Introduction: Mapping Women Self-Representation as Visual/Textual Interfaces,” in: Interfaces: Women, Autobiography,Image, Performance. Ed. Sidonie Smith and Julia Watson (Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan Press, 2005)

    2. Text and visuality: word & image interactions 3 - Martin Heusser 1999

      Book Essential See: Clara Orban, “Bruised Words, Wounded Images in Frida Kahlo”, pp. 163-171, available via Online Resource button.

    3. The art of reflection: women artists' self-portraiture in the twentieth century - Marsha Meskimmon 1996

      Book Essential See: “The Autobiographical Model”, pp. 64-101, available via Online Resource button.

    4. Frida's bed: a novel - Slavenka Drakulić, Christina Pribićević-Zorić 2008

      Book Essential

    5. Art in modern culture: an anthology of critical texts - Francis Frascina, Jonathan Harris 1992

      Book Recommended See: Mulvey, Laura and Peter Wollen. “Frida Kahlo and Tina Modotti”, pp. 145-159, available via Online Resource button.

    6. Articulate Image, Painted Diary. Frida Kahlo's Autobiographical Interface - Sidonie Smith, Julia Watson 2005, c2002

      Chapter Essential

    7. The diary of Frida Kahlo: an intimate self-portrait - Frida Kahlo, Carlos Fuentes, Sarah M. Lowe, Phyllis Freeman 2005

      Book Recommended