This list relates to the semester Semester Two 2017/18 which ended on 31/08/2018
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  1. Block 1 Introduction to medical and literary discourses of illness 5 items
    1. Secondary reading 5 items
      1. Altered conditions: disease, medicine, and storytelling - Julia Epstein 1995


      2. History of madness - Michel Foucault, Jonathan Murphy, Ebooks Corporation Limited 2006


      3. Doctor's stories: the narrative structure of medical - Kathryn Montgomery Hunter 1993


      4. Histories of scientific observation - Lorraine Daston, Elizabeth Lunbeck 2011

        Book  See: J. Andrew Mendelssohn, “The world on a page. Making a general observation in the 18th century”, pp. 396-420.

  2. Block 2 The Enlightenment 10 items
    1. Primary reading 1 item
    2. Secondary reading 9 items
      1. History of madness - Michel Foucault, Jonathan Murphy, Ebooks Corporation Limited 2006

        Book  See: Chapter ‘The Birth of the asylum’.

      2. A new history of German literature - David E. Wellbery, Judith Ryan, Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht 2004

        Book  See: Andreas Gailus, “Anton Reiser, Case History, and the Emergence of Empirical Psychology”.

      3. Console and classify: the French psychiatric profession in the nineteenth century - Jan Ellen Goldstein, American Council of Learned Societies 1987 (electronic resource)

        Book  See: Chapter on moral treatment.

      4. "Fakta, und kein moralisches Geschwätz": zu den Fallgeschichten im "Magazin zur Erfahrungsseelenkunde" (1783-1793) - Sheila Janet Dickson, Stefan Goldmann, Christof Wingertszahn c2011

        Book  See: Neil Vickers, “Samuel Taylor Coleridge and the dissemination of Moritz’s ideas in England”, pp. 247-255.

  3. Block 3 Romanticism 11 items
    1. Primary reading 2 items
      1. Fantasy pieces in Callot's manner: pages from the diary of a traveling Romantic - E. T. A. Hoffmann, Joseph M. Hayse 1996

        Book  See: E.T.A. Hoffmann, The Mesmerist.

    2. Secondary reading 9 items
      1. Spellbound: studies on mesmerism and literature - Maria Tatar c1978

        Book  See: Chapter on Mesmerism and Chapter on Hoffmann.

      2. Coleridge and the doctors, 1795-1806 - Neil Vickers, Oxford University Press 2004 (electronic resource)


  4. Block 4 19th Century 6 items
    1. Primary reading 1 item
      1. Complete plays, Lenz and other writings - Georg Büchner, John Reddick 1993


    2. Secondary reading 5 items
      1. Émile Zola, L'assommoir - Roger Clark 1990


      2. L'assommoir: a working woman's life - Lilian R. Furst 1990


      3. Émile Zola - Elliott Mansfield Grant c1966


      4. L'Assommoir - J. Hardy 24/11/2008


  5. Block 5 Fin de siècle/early 20th Century 6 items
    1. Secondary reading 6 items
      1. Nietzsche, biology and metaphor - Gregory Moore 2002


      2. The Nietzsche reader - Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche, Keith Ansell-Pearson, Duncan Large, MyiLibrary 2006 (electronic resource)

        Book  See: Introduction to translation of Ecco homo by Duncan Large.

      3. A social history of madness: stories of the insane - Roy Porter 1996

        Book  See: Chapter on Dora.

      4. Kafka: a very short introduction - Ritchie Robertson 2004


      5. Briefe an Milena - Franz Kafka, Willy Haas 1966

        Book  See: pp. 88-91.

      6. Franz Kafka, the Jewish patient - Sander L. Gilman 1995