1. Product design and development - Karl T. Ulrich, Steven D. Eppinger c2012

    Book Suggested for Student Purchase The first half of the book is excellent for giving a depth of knowledge in the design process. Reading this will improve the quality of your design. Although the current edition (5) is the most up to date editions since 1995 are still very useful so second hand purchases of older books are possible. Chapter 18 is available online.

  2. Total design: integrated methods for successful product engineering - Stuart Pugh c1991

    Book Recommended Very good opening chapters on design specifications and concept generation, reading of these chapters early on in the design will really improve your concepts.

  3. Mechanical design - Peter R. N. Childs, Ebooks Corporation Limited 2004

    Book  This text forms a basic text for many of the preceding courses and it would be expected that the student already has a copy. At the level of this course the information in this text on the design aspects is a little too basic and further reading is recommended. It is still an excellent text for component design.

  4. Engineering design: a systematic approach - G. Pahl, Ken Wallace, Luciƫnne Blessing, SpringerLink (Online service) 2007 (electronic resource)

    Book Further

  5. Project management, planning and control: managing engineering, construction, and manufacturing projects to PMI, APM, and BSI standards - Albert Lester 2013

    Book Further Chapters 11, 14, 15 and 19 are useful. Chapter 19 deals with critical path analysis in some depth

  6. An introductory guide to pumps and pumping systems - R. K. Turton 1993

    Book Further If you are struggling with pipe and pump system design the later chapters of this book are very good

  7. Plumbing Engineering Services Design Guide - CIPHE.

    Book Essential Gives all data to allow your system to be calculated

  8. Piping System Fundamentals - The Complete Guide to Gaining a Clear Picture of your Piping System - Ray Hardee

    Book Essential This paper is a companion to the Flow of Fluids technical paper 410 by Crane Co. If you got lost in the lectures on fluid losses this is the paper to read as it is essentially the lectures

  9. Flow of fluids through valves, fittings, and pipe - Crane Co. Engineering Division c1957

    Book Essential This is the document containing all data required for the calculations