1. Video diary 50 items
    1. USING VIDEO JOURNALS IN ACADEMIC SERVICE-LEARNING - Nives Mikelić Preradović, Petar Jandrić 2016


    2. Learners Experiences of E­learning Synthesis Report: Explaining Learner Differences - Rhona Sharpe, Helen Beetham, Greg Benfield, Eta DeCicco May 2009


    3. Stories from Students in Their First Semester of Distance Learning - Mark Brown, Helen Hughes, Mike Keppell, Natasha Hard 02/11/2015


    4. In their own words: Student stories of seeking learning support - Mark Brown, Helen Hughes, Mike Keppell, Natasha Hard 25/11/2013


    5. Using YouTube in the EFL Classroom - Jon Watkins, Michael Wilkins 16/08/2011


    6. Language learning strategies in independent settings 2008

      Book  Chap 15 if available print book

    7. Stories of learning spaces from distant places - Mark Brown, Mike Keppell, Helen Hughes, Natasha Hard 1-4 July 2013


    8. Living the new normal: reflections on the experiences of first-time distance learners - Mark Brown, Mike Keppell, Helen Hughes, Natasha Hard 25-28 November 2012


    9. Promoting Student Learning with Online Videos: A Research Agenda - Kerri-Ann L. Kuhn, Rebekah Russell-Bennett, Sharyn Rundle-Thiele


    10. Lights, camera, action: Gathering experiences of first time distance learners - Mark Brown, Helen Hughes, Mike Keppell, Sandi Shillington 4-7 December 2011


    11. Computational personality recognition in social media - Golnoosh Farnadi, Geetha Sitaraman, Shanu Sushmita, Fabio Celli 2016-6


    12. Teaching in a Millennial World - Jody Oomen-Early, Aron D. Early 06/2015


    13. Increasing student engagement and retention using online learning activities: wikis, blogs and webquests - Charles Wankel, Patrick Blessinger, Jurate Stanaityte, Neil Washington c2012

      Book  Chap 6 not an ebook. Library has it

    14. Handbook of research on Web 2.0 and second language learning 2009

      Book  Physical book, chap on producing cell videos, library doesn't have this

    15. Solutions and innovations in web-based technologies for augmented learning 2009

      Book  Not sure if library has this p271-299

    16. Comparing Survey and Diary Measures of Internet and Traditional Media Use - Bradley S. Greenberg, Matthew S. Eastin, Paul Skalski, Len Cooper 04/2005


    17. An analysis of the use and effect of questions in interactive learning-videos - Josef Wachtler, Michael Hubmann, Helmut Zöhrer, Martin Ebner 12/2016


  2. Virtual tours 21 items
    1. Searching for Experiences - Yong-Hyun Cho, Youcheng Wang, Daniel R. Fesenmaier 10/2002

      Article  119 cit on scholar

    2. AntarcticAR: An outdoor AR experience of a virtual tour to Antarctica - Gun A. Lee, Andreas Dunser, Alaeddin Nassani, Mark Billinghurst 10/2013

      Article  13 cit on scholar

    3. Virtual Tour of Past Environmental and Climate Change: the Messinian Succession of the Tertiary Piedmont Basin (Italy) - Francesca Lozar, Pierangelo Clari, Francesco Dela Pierre, Marcello Natalicchio 2015-3

      Article  8 cit on scholar

    4. A 3D Virtual Tour of the University of Mauritius using WebGL - Raj Kishen Moloo, Sameerchand Pudaruth, Mahendranath Ramodhin, Reezwanah Bibi Rozbully 2016-3

      Article  2 cit on scholar

    5. Creating 360° underwater virtual tours using an omnidirectional camera integrated in an AUV - Josep Bosch, Pere Ridao, David Ribas, Nuno Gracias 2015-5

      Article  11 cit on scholar

    6. Using Drones for Virtual Tourism - David Mirk, Helmut Hlavacs

      Chapter  7 cit in scholar

    7. Spherical Photography and Virtual Tours for Presenting Crime Scenes and Forensic Evidence in New Zealand Courtrooms - Nicole D. Tung, Jason Barr, Dion J. Sheppard, Douglas A. Elliot 05/2015

      Article  7 cit on scholar

    8. Comparing virtual and location-based augmented reality mobile learning: emotions and learning outcomes - Jason M. Harley, Eric G. Poitras, Amanda Jarrell, Melissa C. Duffy 2016-6

      Article  27 cit on scholar

    9. A game based virtual campus tour - A Razia Sulthana, A Arokiaraj Jovith, D Saveetha, A K Jaithunbi 04/2018

      Article  0 cit on scholar

  3. Particpation 56 items
    1. Tracking student behavior, persistence, and achievement in online courses - Libby V. Morris, Catherine Finnegan, Sz-Shyan Wu 2005-7

      Article  338 on scholar

    2. Using Peer Feedback to Enhance the Quality of Student Online Postings: An Exploratory Study - Peggy A. Ertmer, Jennifer C. Richardson, Brian Belland, Denise Camin 01/2007

      Article  261 cit on scholae

    3. Learning or lurking? - Michael F Beaudoin 2002-6

      Article  420 cit on scholar

    4. Participation in class and in online discussions: Gender differences - Avner Caspi, Eran Chajut, Kelly Saporta 2008-4

      Article  160 cit on scholar

    5. Improving online learning: Student perceptions of useful and challenging characteristics - Liyan Song, Ernise S. Singleton, Janette R. Hill, Myung Hwa Koh 2004-1

      Article  712 cit on scholar

    6. Factors that Influence Participation In Online Learning - Selma Vonderwell, Sajit Zachariah 12/2005

      Article  291 cit on scholar

    7. Online students : relationships between participation, demographics and academic performance - Jo Coldwell, Annemieke Craig, T Paterson, Jamie Mustard 2008

      Article  72 cit on scholar

    8. Learner readiness for online learning: Scale development and student perceptions - Min-Ling Hung, Chien Chou, Chao-Hsiu Chen, Zang-Yuan Own 11/2010

      Article  277 cit on scholar

    9. Influence of participation, facilitator styles, and metacognitive reflection on knowledge building in online university courses - Stefano Cacciamani, Donatella Cesareni, Francesca Martini, Tiziana Ferrini 04/2012

      Article  59 cit on scholar

    10. New Benchmarks in Higher Education: Student Engagement in Online Learning - Chin Choo Robinson, Hallett Hullinger 11/2008

      Article  348 cit on scholar

    11. Engaging online learners: The impact of Web-based learning technology on college student engagement - Pu-Shih Daniel Chen, Amber D. Lambert, Kevin R. Guidry 2010-5

      Article  508 cit on scholar

    12. Comprehensive Assessment of Student Retention in Online Learning Environments - Wally Boston, Phil Ice 18 October 2010

      Proceedings  126 cit on scholar

    13. Toward an Understanding of Why Students Contribute in Asynchronous Online Discussions - Wing Sum Cheung, Khe Foon Hew, Connie Siew Ling Ng 01/2008

      Article  95 cit on scholar

    14. Interaction, Internet self-efficacy, and self-regulated learning as predictors of student satisfaction in online education courses - Yu-Chun Kuo, Andrew E. Walker, Kerstin E.E. Schroder, Brian R. Belland 01/2014

      Article  210 cit on scholar

    15. Faculty satisfaction in the online environment: An institutional study - Oksana Wasilik, Doris U. Bolliger 12/2009

      Article  69 cit on scholar

    16. A review of research on online and blended learning in the management disciplines: 1994–2009 - J B Arbaugh, Ashay Desai, Barbara Rau, Balakuntalam S Sridhar 03/2010

      Article  113 cit on scholar

    17. Engaging the online learner: activities and resources for creative instruction - Rita-Marie Conrad, J. Ana Donaldson c2004

      Book  603 cit on scholar

    18. Using online collaborative tools for groups to co‐construct knowledge - Samuel Kai‐Wai Chu, David M. Kennedy 09/08/2011

      Article  142 cit on scholar

    19. Functional Roles of Group Members - Kenneth D. Benne, Paul Sheats 14/04/2010

      Article  Seems to connect with 1948 versions which has 1213 cit on scholar

    20. Leaving college - Vincent Tinto 1987

      Book  14197 cit on scholar

    21. Peer learning in higher education: learning from & with each other - David Boud, Ruth N. Cohen, Jane Sampson 2001

      Book  From ALT webinar, physical book in library

    22. Real-time collaboration of virtual laboratories through the Internet - Carlos A. Jara, Francisco A. Candelas, Fernando Torres, Sebastian Dormido 2009-1


    23. Measuring online learning approach and mentoring preferences of international doctorate students - Kenneth David Strang 2009-1

      Article  Int stu per traditional methods / hiding behind computer screen too?

    24. Theoretical principles of distance education - Desmond Keegan 1993

      Book  Lack of visual cues chapter 2.

    25. Writing and Being Written: Issues of Identity Across Timescales - Amy Burgess, Roz Ivanič 04/2010

      Article  Text based commnents share a person's identity

    26. Editorial: Three types of interaction - Michael G. Moore 01/1989

      Article  Interaction

    27. The virtual classroom: learning without limits via computer networks - Starr Roxanne Hiltz c1994

      Book  Forums used for reflection

  4. Belonging 100 items
    1. Students' Need for Belonging in the School Community - Karen F. Osterman 09/2000

      Article Essential 2481 cit on scholar

    2. Community, solidarity, and belonging: levels of community and their normative significance - Andrew Mason 2000

      Book Essential 308 cit and scholar

    3. Sense of virtual community - maintaining the experience of belonging - A.L. Blanchard, M.L. Markus

      Article Essential 228 cit on scholar

    4. Moving histories of class and community: identity, place and belonging in contemporary England - Ben Rogaly, Becky Taylor 2011

      Book Essential 154 cit on scholar

    5. Living Learning Communities and Students’ Sense of Community and Belonging - Lisa B. Spanierman, Jason R. Soble, Jennifer B. Mayfield, Helen A. Neville 07/2013

      Article Essential 30 cit on scholar

    6. Examining Sense of Belonging Among First-Year Undergraduates From Different Racial/Ethnic Groups - Dawn R Johnson, Matthew Soldner, Jeannie Brown Leonard, Patty Alvarez 2007

      Article Essential 431 cit on scholar

    7. Belonging and Mattering: How Doctoral Students Experience Community - Jessica White, John Nonnamaker 2008-01-3

      Article Essential 32 cit on scholar

    8. Sense of Virtual Community: A Conceptual Framework and Empirical Validation - Joon Koh, Young-Gul Kim, Young-Gul Kim 2003

      Article Essential 551 cit on scholar

    9. Building Sense of Community at a Distance - Alfred P. Rovai 01/04/2002

      Article Essential 1457 cit on scholar

    10. Investigating “Sense of Belonging” in First-Year College Students - Marybeth Hoffman, Jayne Richmond, Jennifer Morrow, Kandice Salomone 11/2002

      Article Essential 401 cit on scholar

    11. The process of community-building in distance learning classes - Ruth E. Brown September 2001

      Article Essential 716 cit on scholar

    12. The Internet in Everyday Life - Caroline Haythornthwaite 2007 (Electronic resource)

      Book Essential Chapter 14 only, 429 cit on scholar

    13. The experienced "sense" of a virtual community - Anita L. Blanchard, M. Lynne Markus 03/02/2004

      Article Essential 709 cit on scholar

    14. The top five reasons for lurking: improving community experiences for everyone - Jenny Preece, Blair Nonnecke, Dorine Andrews 2004-3

      Article Essential 1058 cit on scholar

    15. Constructing Belonging in a Diverse Campus Community - Robin Cooper 02/2009

      Article Essential 13 cit on scholar

    16. Psychological sense of community & belonging in engineering education - Denise Wilson, David Spring, Lisa Hansen 10/2008

      Article Essential 11 cit on scholar

    17. Development of an instrument to measure classroom community - Alfred P Rovai 2002-9

      Article Essential 868 cit of scholar

    18. Community Development Among Distance Learners: Temporal and Technological Dimensions - Caroline Haythornthwaite, Michelle M. Kazmer, Jennifer Robins, Susan Shoemaker 23/06/2006

      Article Essential 650 cit on scholar

    19. Building classroom community at a distance: A case study - Alfred P. Rovai 12/2001

      Article Essential 536 cit on scholar

    20. College students' sense of belonging: a key to educational success for all students - Terrell L. Strayhorn, Ebooks Corporation Limited 2012

      Book Essential E-book available, 445 cit on scholar

    21. Teacher Practice and Students’ Sense of Belonging - Karen F. Osterman

      Chapter Essential 58 cit on scholar

    22. Online Learning: Social Interaction and the Creation of a Sense of Community - Joanne M. McInnerney, Tim S. Roberts 2004

      Article  371 cit on scholar


      Article  273 cit on scholar

    24. —The Impact of Community Commitment on Participation in Online Communities - Patrick J. Bateman, Peter H. Gray, Brian S. Butler 12/2011

      Article Essential 314 cit on scholar

    25. A theory of online learning as online participation - Stefan Hrastinski 2009-1

      Article  361 cit on scholar

    26. Information technology and constructivism in higher education 2009

      Book  Chapter 4, 37 cit on scholar

    27. Online vs. Blended Learning: Differences in Instructional Outcomes and Learner Satisfaction - Doo Hun LIm, Michale L Morris, Virginia W Kurpritz July 2007

      Article  316 cit on scholar

    28. Online and blended communities of inquiry: Exploring the developmental and perceptional differences - Zehra Akyol, D. Randy Garrison, M. Yasar Ozden 23/12/2009

      Article Essential 184 cit on scholar

    29. What is online learner participation? A literature review - Stefan Hrastinski 12/2008

      Article Essential 286 cit on scholar

    30. Facilitating Cognitive Presence in Online Learning: Interaction Is Not Enough - D. Randy Garrison, Martha Cleveland-Innes 09/2005

      Article  1195 cit on scholar

    31. Improving online social presence through asynchronous video - Jered Borup, Richard E. West, Charles R. Graham 2012-6

      Article  227 cit on scholar

    32. Learner Support Services for Online Students: Scaffolding for success - Stacey Ludwig-hardman, Joanna C. Dunlap 01/04/2003

      Article Essential 264 cit on scholar

    33. To blog or not to blog: Student perceptions of blog effectiveness for learning in a college-level course - Olivia Halic, Debra Lee, Trena Paulus, Marsha Spence 12/2010

      Article  268 cit on scholar

    34. Belonging and Academic Engagement Among Undergraduate STEM Students: A Multi-institutional Study - Denise Wilson, Diane Jones, Fraser Bocell, Joy Crawford 11/2015

      Article  31 cit on scholar

    35. Knowing Me, Knowing You - Krista M. Soria, Robin Stubblefield 11/2015

      Article Essential 13 cit on scholar

    36. Marginality and mattering: Key issues in building community - Nancy K. Schlossberg 24/1989

      Article Essential 632 cit in scholar

    37. A Theory of Human Motivation - Abraham H. Maslow 14 March 2014

      Book  KIndle version

    38. Toward a Psychology of Being - Abraham H. Maslow 28 May 2017

      Book  Kindle version

    39. Readings in managerial psychology - Harold J. Leavitt, Louis R. Pondy, David M. Boje 1989

      Book  Chapter by Maslow

    40. Classroom Belonging among Early Adolescent Students - Carol Goodenow 02/1993

      Article  From the ELESIG conf

    41. Changing Course: Ten Years of Tracking Online Education in the United States - Elaine Allen, Jeff Seaman January 2013

      Document  From ELESIG conference

    42. The Principles of Strengths-Based Education - Shane J Lopez, Michelle C Louis 04/2009

      Article  Link between belonging and self awareness in student strengths. This paper is about strengths.

    43. Sense of Belonging as a Predictor of Intentions to Persist Among African American and White First-Year College Students - Leslie R. M. Hausmann, Janet Ward Schofield, Rochelle L. Woods 2007-7-16

      Article  Link between belong and rentention

    44. Belonging in the first year: A creative discipline cohort case study - Natalie Araújo, David Carlin, Bronwyn Clarke, Lucy Morieson 23/07/2014

      Article  belonging as a process in transition to HE

    45. Capability, Belonging and Equity in Higher Education: Developing Inclusive Approach - P Burke, A Bennett, C Burgess, K Gray 2016

      Article  Capability and belonging link

    46. Belonging in the first year: A creative discipline cohort case study - Natalie Araújo, David Carlin, Bronwyn Clarke, Lucy Morieson 23/07/2014

      Article  transitions

    47. From further to higher education: transition as an on-going process - Lyn Tett, Viviene E Cree, Hazel Christie 2017-3

      Article  Transitions

    48. Situated learning: legitimate peripheral participation - Jean Lave, Etienne Wenger c1991

      Book  Transitions

    49. Supporting student transitions into online learning - University of Edinburgh 2018

      Webpage  Suggests effect of digital literacy on transitions

    50. Supporting Staff Transitions into Online Learning: A Networking Approach - Susi Peacock, Chris DePlacido 05/09/2018

      Article  Staff transitions

  5. Frameworks 30 items
    1. Blended Learning in Higher Education - D. Randy Garrison, Norman D. Vaughan 19/10/2007

      Book Essential

    2. Reconceptualizing the community of inquiry framework: An exploratory analysis - Peter Shea, Suzanne Hayes, Sedef Uzuner-Smith, Mary Gozza-Cohen 10/2014


    3. Developing Resilient Agency in Learning: The Internal Structure of Learning Power - Ruth Deakin Crick, Shaofu Huang, Adeela Ahmed Shafi, Chris Goldspink 03/04/2015

      Article Essential

    4. Learner Dispositions, Self-Theories and Student Engagement - Ruth Deakin Crick, Chris Goldspink 02/01/2014

      Article Essential

    5. Learning dispositions and transferable competencies - Simon Buckingham Shum, Ruth Deakin Crick 2012

      Article Essential

    6. Developing an Effective Lifelong Learning Inventory: the ELLI Project - Ruth Deakin Crick, Patricia Broadfoot, Guy Claxton 09/2004

      Article Essential

  6. Role of staff 2 items
    1. From Sage on the Stage to Guide on the Side - Alison King 01/1993

      Article  Teacher centred to learner centre

  7. Community 23 items
    1. Cultural influences on knowledge sharing through online communities of practice - Alexandre Ardichvili, Martin Maurer, Wei Li, Tim Wentling 01/2006

      Article Further 545 cit on scholar

    2. Lurking in online asynchronous discussion - Mestan Küçük 2010

      Article Further 16 cit on scholar

    3. Participation, interaction and social presence: An exploratory study of collaboration in online peer review groups - Huahui Zhao, Kirk P. H. Sullivan, Ingmarie Mellenius 09/2014

      Article Further 40 cit on scholar

    4. The Relationship of Social Presence and Interaction in Online Classes - Chih-Hsiung Tu, Marina McIsaac 09/2002

      Article Further 1192 cit on scholar

    5. Understanding lurkers in online communities: A literature review - Na Sun, Patrick Pei-Luen Rau, Liang Ma 09/2014

      Article Further 117 cit on scholar

    6. Finding and evaluating community structure in networks - M. E. J. Newman, M. Girvan 2004-2-26

      Article Essential 10424 cit in scholar

    7. Sense of Community: A Definition and Theory - David W. McMillan, David M. Chavis January 1986

      Article  5823 cit on scholar

    8. Community - Gerard Delanty, Taylor & Francis Group 2018

      Book Essential 0 cit on scholar

    9. Communities, Places, and Social Networks - Fortunata Piselli 03/2007

      Article Essential 83 cit on scholar

    10. Online Communities: Design, Theory, and Practice - Jenny Preece, Diane Maloney-Krichmar 07/2005

      Article Essential 1233 cit on scholar

    11. Situated learning: legitimate peripheral participation - Jean Lave, Etienne Wenger c1991

      Book Essential 64310 cit on scholar

    12. Understanding knowledge sharing in virtual communities: An integration of social capital and social cognitive theories - Chao-Min Chiu, Meng-Hsiang Hsu, Eric T.G. Wang 12/2006

      Article Essential 2725 cit on scholar there is also a 2011 version

    13. Supporting trust in virtual communities - A. Abdul-Rahman, S. Hailes

      Article Essential 1892 cit on scholar

    14. Motivation and barriers to participation in virtual knowledge‐sharing communities of practice - Alexander Ardichvili, Vaughn Page, Tim Wentling 03/2003

      Article Essential 1950 cit on scholar

    15. Asynchronous learning networks as a virtual classroom - Starr Roxanne Hiltz, Barry Wellman 1997-9-1

      Article Essential 1098 cit on scholar

    16. Some antecedents and effects of trust in virtual communities - Catherine M Ridings, David Gefen, Bay Arinze 12/2002

      Article Essential 1622 cit on scholar

    17. Classrooms as Communities - Vincent Tinto 11/1997

      Article Essential 2893 cit

    18. Community - Joseph R. Gusfield 1975

      Book  Book is available in library can't get it to connect

    19. Communication and a sense of community in a metropolitan neighborhood: A factor analytic examination - Robert J. Doolittle, Donald Macdonald 06/1978

      Article  Sense of Community scale first intro by this paper

  8. MOOC 3 items
  9. Accessiblity 63 items
    1. Accessibility analysis in MOOC platforms. A case study: UNED COMA and UAbiMOOC - Francisco I Iniesto, Covadonga Rodrigo, António Moreira Teixeira

      Article Essential

    2. Assessing the accessibility of online learning - Joanne L. Badge, Emma Dawson, Alan J. Cann, Jon Scott 05/2008

      Article Essential

    3. A Method to Evaluate Accessibility in E-learning Education Systems - Concha Batanero, Markku Karhu, Jaana Holvikivi, Salvador Oton 2014-7

      Article Essential

    4. Accessibility at early stages - Adriana Martín, Alejandra Cechich, Gustavo Rossi 2011

      Article Essential

    5. A Model of Accessibility Services Provision for Students with Disabilities in Higher Education - Georgios Kouroupetroglou, Alexandros Pino, Hernisa Kacorri February 2011

      Proceedings Essential

    6. Blended solutions - Sarah Bryans Bongey, Gerald Cizadlo, Lynn Kalnbach 05/01/2010

      Article Essential

    7. Disabled Learners' Experiences of E-learning - Mike Wald, E A Draffan, Jane Seale 2009

      Article Essential

    8. Developing a Holistic Approach for E-Learning Accessibility - Brian Kelly, Lawrie Phipps, Elaine Swift 15/10/2004

      Article Essential

    9. Disabilities and e-Learning Problems and Solutions: An Exploratory Study - Catherine S. Fichten, Vittoria Ferraro, Jennison V. Asuncion, Caroline Chwojka October 2009

      Article Essential

    10. E-Learning Accessibility Model - Henry C. Alphin 07/2013

      Article Essential

    11. E-tivities: the key to active online learning - Gilly Salmon 2002

      Book Essential

    12. Holistic approaches to e-learning accessibility - Lawrie Phipps, Brian Kelly 03/2006

      Article Essential

    13. Integrating wireless technology in e-learning for disabled - I. Hamburg, A. Hamburg, M. Gavota, M. Lazea

      Article Essential

    14. Literacy by Design - Peggy Coyne, Bart Pisha, Bridget Dalton, Lucille A. Zeph 05/2012

      Article Essential

    15. Making the Grade with Students: The Case for Accessibility - KEN GALL, DANIEL W. KNIGHT, LAWRENCE E. CARLSON, JACQUELYN F. SULLIVAN 10/2003

      Article Essential

    16. Mobile learning technology based on iOS devices to support students with special education needs - Álvaro Fernández-López, María José Rodríguez-Fórtiz, María Luisa Rodríguez-Almendros, María José Martínez-Segura 2013-2

      Article Essential

    17. Online Course Designs: Are Special Needs Being Met? - Christy G. Keeler, Mark Horney 15/06/2007

      Article Essential

    18. Online Learning for Students with Disabilities: A Framework for Success - Cathy Cavanaugh, Jeanne Repetto, Nicola Wayer, Carrie Spitler 03/2013

      Article Essential

    19. Smart From the Start - Bart Pisha, Peggy Coyne 07/2001

      Article Essential

    20. Teaching Accessibility, Learning Empathy - Cynthia Putnam, Maria Dahman, Emma Rose, Jinghui Cheng 2015

      Article Essential

    21. Universal design for online courses: applying principles to pedagogy - Kavita Rao, Patricia Edelen-Smith, Cat-Uyen Wailehua 02/01/2015

      Article Essential

    22. Using Universal Design for Learning in Synchronous Online Instruction - Kimberly Coy, Matthew T. Marino, Barbara Serianni 03/2014

      Article Essential

  10. ODL 45 items
    1. A Revision of Bloom's Taxonomy: An Overview - David R. Krathwohl 11/2002

      Article Further 5219 cit on scholar

    2. Principles of instructional design - Robert M. Gagne, Walter W. Wager, Katharine Golas Golas, John M. Keller c2005

      Book  1195 cit in scholar

    3. Innovation and e-Learning - Ian Roffe November 2002 (Hardcover)

      Book Further 238 cit on scholar

    4. Supporting Multiculturalism in Open and Distance Learning Spaces - Elif Toprak, Evrim Genc Kumtepe 3 November 2017

      Book  ? cit on scholar

    5. Seven Principles for Good Practice in Undergraduate Education - Arthur W. Chickering, Zelda F Gamson March 1987

      Article Further 7494 cit on scholar

    6. Teaching and Learning at a Distance: Foundations of Distance Education - Michael Simonson, Sharon Smaldino, Susan M Zvacek 2015

      Book Further 2154 cit on scholar

    7. The good, the bad and the wiki: Evaluating student-generated content for collaborative learning - Steve Wheeler, Peter Yeomans, Dawn Wheeler 11/2008

      Article Further 627 cit on scholar

    8. The senses of touch: haptics, affects and technologies - Mark Paterson 2013

      Book Further 457 cit on scholar

    9. Effects of traditional, blended and e-learning on students' achievement in higher education - Awadh A.Y. Al-Qahtani, S.E. Higgins 06/2013

      Article Essential 146 cit on scholar

    10. The effects of technology on the Community of Inquiry and satisfaction with online courses - Beth Rubin, Ron Fernandes, Maria D. Avgerinou 2013-4

      Article  106 cit on scholar

    11. Cutting the distance in distance education: Perspectives on what promotes positive, online learning experiences - E.C. Boling, M. Hough, H. Krinsky, H. Saleem 2012-3

      Article  263 cit on scholar - recommended by Jo-Anne

    12. Mind in society: the development of higher psychological processes - L. S. Vygotskiĭ, Askews & Holts Library Services 1978

      Book  Theory of constructisvism

    13. S(t)imulating learning: pedagogy, subjectivity and teacher education in online environments - Sue Saltmarsh, Wendy Sutherland‐Smith 03/2010

      Article  Change in practice for ODL content

    14. Framing Teacher Educator Engagement in an Online Environment - Janet Dyment, Jill Downing, Yoshi Budd 01/01/2013

      Article  How staff engage with ODL

    15. the discoursal construction of identity in academic writing 1998

      Book  text based contrbutions share a person's identiy

    16. Three generations of distance education pedagogy - Terry Anderson, Jon Dron 25/03/2011

      Article  3 gen of pedagogy from Jo-Anne

    17. Interprofessional online learning for primary healthcare: findings from a scoping review - Scott Reeves, Simon Fletcher, Clodagh McLoughlin, Alastair Yim 08/2017

      Article  Medicine

  11. VR 32 items
    1. A 3D virtual reality ophthalmoscopy trainer - Andrew S Wilson, Jake O'Connor, Lewis Taylor, David Carruthers 12/2017

      Article Further 1 cit on scholar

    2. Adding immersive virtual reality to a science lab simulation causes more presence but less learning - Guido Makransky, Thomas S. Terkildsen, Richard E. Mayer 12/2017

      Article Further 1 cit on scholar

    3. Capturing the Perceived Phantom Limb through Virtual Reality - Christian Rogers, Jonathan Lau, Denver Huynh, Steven Albertson 2016

      Article Further 1 cit on scholar

    4. Developing virtual reality applications - Alan B. Craig 2009

      Book Further 169 cit on scholar

    5. Defining Virtual Reality: Dimensions Determining Telepresence - Jonathan Steuer 12/1992

      Article Further 4729 cit on scholar

    6. Height, social comparison, and paranoia: An immersive virtual reality experimental study - Daniel Freeman, Nicole Evans, Rachel Lister, Angus Antley 08/2014

      Article Further 66 cit on scholar

    7. Medical Students Learn Over Distance Using Virtual Reality Simulation - Dale C. Alverson, Stanley M. Saiki, Summers Kalishman, Marlene Lindberg 21/2008

      Article  Cant get access to this one, it's about using VR for PBL, it was 2008 though. Distance learning students.

    8. Motion Rehab AVE 3D: A VR-based exergame for post-stroke rehabilitation - Mateus Trombetta, Patrícia Paula Bazzanello Henrique, Manoela Rogofski Brum, Eliane Lucia Colussi 11/2017

      Article Further 6 cit on scholar

    9. Self-Confidence and Paranoia: An Experimental Study Using an Immersive Virtual Reality Social Situation - Stephanie Atherton, Angus Antley, Nicole Evans, Emma Cernis 01/2016

      Article Further 16 cit on scholar

    10. Surgical scene generation for virtual reality based training in medicine - Matthias Harders, SpringerLink (Online service) 2008 (electronic resource)

      Book  19 cit on scholar

    11. Stereopsis, Visuospatial Ability, and Virtual Reality in Anatomy Learning - Jan-Maarten Luursema, Marc Vorstenbosch, Jan Kooloos 2017

      Article  2 cit on scholar

    12. Teaching bovine abdominal anatomy: Use of a haptic simulator - Tierney Kinnison, Neil David Forrest, Stephen Philip Frean, Sarah Baillie 11/2009

      Article Essential 31 cit on scholar

    13. Teaching bovine abdominal anatomy: Use of a haptic simulator - Tierney Kinnison, Neil David Forrest, Stephen Philip Frean, Sarah Baillie 11/2009

      Article Essential

    14. Virtual and stereoscopic anatomy: when virtual reality meets medical education - Jose Weber Vieira de Faria, Manoel Jacobsen Teixeira, Leonardo de Moura Sousa Júnior, Jose Pinhata Otoch 11/2016

      Article  20 cit on scholar

    15. Virtual realities and education - Igor D.D. Curcio, Anna Dipace, Anita Norlund 2016-01-1

      Article  6 cit in scholar

    16. Virtual Clinical Education: Going the Full Distance in Nursing Education - Colleen Dutile, Nancy Wright, Michelle Beauchesne 2011-3

      Article  32 cit on scholar

    17. Virtual reality in surgery - Rory McCloy, Robert Stone 20 October 2001

      Article Further 280 cit in schollar

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