1. Curriculum 10 items
    1. Reinventing the curriculum: new trends in curriculum policy and practice - Mark Priestley, Gert Biesta 2013

      Book Essential This demonstrates the analysis of a curriculum against the models we cover on the course - using the Curriculum for Excellence as a case study.

    2. Curriculum, pedagogy and educational research: the work of Lawrence Stenhouse - Elliott, John, Norris, Nigel, Ebooks Corporation Limited 2012 (electronic resource)

      Book Recommended This is an important book which sets the current move towards process curricula in the historical context - recognising Stenhouse's work in this area as the basis for later understandings.

    3. The curriculum: theory and practice - Kelly, A. V. 2009

      Book Recommended A useful book for outlining theoretical models of curricula which can be discussed and used in analysis for your assignments.

    4. Curriculum theory: conflicting visions and enduring concerns - Schiro, Michael c2013

      Book Recommended We will discuss Schiro's theory of curriculum and consider the different educational and philosophical paradigms on which they are based. Again very useful for your analysis sections.

    5. The school and society: and, The child and the curriculum - Dewey, John c1990

      Book Further A classic work which again demonstrates that there have always been contrasting views about the role and purpose of 'education' and 'schooling' - Dewey's ideas still feel remarkably fresh and contemporary (although the language may not!), Everyone should read Dewey.

    6. Curriculum and pedagogy in inclusive education: values into practice - Nind, Melanie 2005

      Book Recommended This book is particularly important in relation to inclusive approaches.

    7. Creating the curriculum - Dominic Wyse, Viv Baumfield, David Egan, Carmel Gallagher 2013

      Book Recommended Although probably an undergraduate text, this does give a straightforward account of aspects of curriculum theory and development.

    8. Intercultural Studies of Curriculum: Theory, Policy and Practice - SpringerLink (Online service) 2018 (electronic resource)

      Book Further In this book 'authors from across five continents provide an intercultural analysis of curriculum theory, policy and practice in 17 different countries'.It encourages critical thinking about ways in which minority groups tend to be disadvantaged across cultures, and about the teacher's role in addressing this.

    9. The child's curriculum: working with the natural values of young children 2018

      Book Further This book contains a range of contributions relating to how to work with children, using their natural enthusiasm and vitality to shape curriculum and develop appropriately supportive environments. Strong Scottish focus

    10. Bloomsbury Collections - Teacher Agency - An Ecological Approach - Mark Priestley, Gert Biesta, Sarah Robinson 2014

      Book Further The report of a major research project into teacher agency in the context of implementing Curriculum for Excellence

  2. Learning and pedagogy 13 items
    1. The culture of education - Bruner, Jerome S. c1996

      Book Recommended

    2. Vygotsky and pedagogy - Daniels, Harry, Ebooks Corporation Limited 2001 (electronic resource)

      Book Recommended

    3. Thought and language - Vygotskiń≠, L. S., Kozulin, Alex, M.I.T. Press c1986 (electronic resource)

      Book Recommended

    4. Pedagogy of the oppressed - Freire, Paulo c2000

      Book Recommended

    5. Learner-centred education in international perspective: whose pedagogy for whose development? - Michele Schweisfurth, Ebooks Corporation Limited 2013

      Book Recommended This is of particular use in analysing issues around policy travel in relation to learner-centred education. Based on extensive research in four case study countries - The Gambia, China, Russia and South Africa - links can be made with curriculum changes across cultures.

    6. Contemporary theories of learning: learning theorists ... in their own words - Illeris, Knud, Ebooks Corporation Limited 2009 (electronic resource)

      Book Recommended This gives you an idea of the way in which theories have developed beyond the basic 'big three' - the introduction and the first chapter by Illeris identify the directions in which these have gone.

    7. Contemporary theories of learning: learning theorists... in their own words - Knud, Illeris 2018

      Book Recommended This edition includes some further chapters by contemporary theorists which may be useful to you. If it is not available in the library, please place a hold on it, which may encourage additional copies to be bought.

    8. Classroom interaction and social learning: from theory to practice - Kristiina Kumpulainen, David Wray, Dawson Books c2002 (electronic resource)


    9. Towards dialogic teaching: rethinking classroom talk - Robin J. Alexander 2017


    10. Pedagogy, culture & society c1999]- (electronic resource)

      Journal Recommended This journal used to be called 'Curriculum Studies' and is worth a search through.

    11. Assessment and Teaching of 21st Century Skills: Research and Applications - Esther Care, Patrick Griffin, Mark Wilson 2018 (electronic resource)

      Book Further

  3. English Language teaching 1 item
  4. Inclusive education and inclusive pedagogy 7 items
    1. Understanding Inclusive Pedagogy - Kristine Black-Hawkins

      Chapter Essential

    2. Inclusive Education: Making Sense of Everyday Practice - Vicky Plows, Ben Whitburn 2017 (electronic resource)

      Book Recommended

    3. Transforming practice: critical issues in equity, diversity and education - Janet Soler, Christopher S. Walsh, Anna Craft, Jonathan Rix 2013

      Book Recommended

    4. Achievement and inclusion in schools - Lani Florian, Kristine Black-Hawkins, Martyn Rouse, Taylor & Francis Group 2017

      Book Recommended

    5. Raising the achievement of all learners in inclusive education - European Agency for Special Needs and Inclusive Education 2016

      Document Recommended

  5. Brain stuff 2 items
    1. How People Learn: Brain, Mind, Experience, and School: Expanded Edition - Committee on Developments in the Science of Learning with additional material from the Committee on Learning Research and Educational Practice, National Research Council

      Book Further