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21st Century Theatre Britain: New Writing in Context THEATRE4090 Course
Access to Arts & Social Sciences: History of Art ADED11410E Course
Advanced Theatre Making THEATRE4087 Course
Advanced Theatre Practice: Writing for Performance THEATRE4002 Course
Advanced Topics in Film Studies FTV5060 Course
Advanced Topics in Television Studies FTV5061 Course
Aesthetics And Philosophy Of Music (APM) MUSIC2001 Course
Aesthetics And Philosophy Of Music (MA/BEng Hons) MUSIC4001 Course
Albrecht Durer: From Germany to Italy and Back Again HISTART4001 Course
American Independent Cinema FTV4018 Course
Analysis (non-Hons) MUSIC2002 Course
Animation FTV4001 Course
Applied Dissertation in Music MUSIC4095P Course
Applied Theatre and Social Arts THEATRE4082 Course
Approaches to Chinese Painting History HISTART4059 Course
Architecture, Landscape Design and the Regency Imagination HISTART4004 Course
Art and Politics in Weimar Germany (1918-1933) HISTART4006 Course
Art and the Nation in Nineteenth-Century Germany HISTART4077 Course
Art in America 1945-The Present HISTART4009 Course
Art in Eighteenth Century Britain HISTART4070 Course
Art in the Making: Historical Techniques HISTART5094 Course
Art in the Making: Modern & Avant-Garde Techniques HISTART5093 Course
Art, Embodiment, Transgression HISTART5004 Course
Art, Tradition and Identity in Venice 1350-1797 HISTART4061 Course
Artists And The Art Market In Late 19th Century Britain HISTART4011 Course
Arts Criticism THEATRE4080 Course
Arts Criticism (30 credits) THEATRE4081 Course
Aspects of Modernity MUSIC4066 Course
Audiovisual Composition MUSIC5053 Course
Audiovisual Film and Television Criticism FTV4089 Course
Autobiography And Performance THEATRE4003 Course
Bach and the Lutheran Passion MUSIC2004 Course
Beckett in Performance THEATRE4065 Course
Censoring the Screen FTV4093 Course
Chamber Music MUSIC4005 Course
Children's Television FTV4002 Course
Cinematic Journeys FTV4003 Course
Collecting and Display HISTART5125 Course
Composition Advanced 40 MUSIC4068 Course
Composition Higher MUSIC4069 Course
Composition in the Classroom MUSIC4063 Course
Composition Portfolio MUSIC5083P Course
Composition Portfolio (A) MUSIC5020 Course
Composition Portfolio (B) MUSIC5021 Course
Composition, Digital and Creative Skills MUSIC5082 Course
Conservation in Practice HISTART5010 Course
Constable to Cézanne: Painting in Britain and France 1800-1900 ADED11390E Course
Contemporary Devising Practices THEATRE5029 Course
Creating with Technology MUSIC5054 Course
Creative Industries and Cultural Policy - Core 1 CCPR5001 Course
Creative Industries and Cultural Policy Dissertation CCPR5006P Course
Creative Lives and Cultural Industries (Creative Industries and Cultural Policy - Core 2) CCPR5002 Course
Creative Practice 1 MUSIC5003 Course
Creative Practice 2 MUSIC5004 Course
Creative Practice: Film Curation FTV5057 Course
Critical Practice: Film and Cosmopolitanism FTV4076 Course
Cult Film and Television FTV4091 Course
Cultures of Collecting - Collecting Cultures HISTART5123 Course
Curatorial Practice 1 HISTART5116 Course
Current Issues in Musicology MUSIC5061 Course
Dada And Surrealism HISTART4016 Course
Dada In Switzerland And Germany HISTART5011 Course
Death and the Art of Dying in the Renaissance North HISTART5110 Course
Debating Dramaturgy 1: Where Is Dramaturgy? THEATRE5001 Course
Debating Dramaturgy 2: Where is Dramaturgy? THEATRE5028 Course
Debussy and the 'Belle époque' MUSIC4070 Course
Decolonising the Canon THEATRE4088 Course
Deconstructing the artefact HISTART5097 Course
Defining the Renaissance: Objects, Theories, Categories HISTART5113 Course
Devising THEATRE4006 Course
Digital Art and Performance (30 Credits) THEATRE4092 Course
Discourses in Cultural Property HISTART4068 Course
Dissertation MUSIC4013P Course
Dissertation HISTART5018P Course
Dissertation (History Of Art-Joint Hons) HISTART4017P Course
Dissertation (History Of Art-Single Hons) HISTART4018P Course
Dissertation in Music MUSIC4071P Course
Dissertation in Musicology MUSIC5081P Course
Documentary Drama THEATRE4030 Course
Documentary Film And Television FTV4030 Course
Dramaturgy and Curation THEATRE4091 Course
Dramaturgy Placement THEATRE5004 Course
Early Impressionism HISTART4021 Course
Eighteenth Century Dress HISTART5020 Course
Ethics in Textile Conservation Practice HISTART5134 Course
Ethnomusicology MUSIC4091 Course
European Symbolism, 1880-1900 HISTART4064 Course
Experimental Art and Media FTV5049 Course
Experimental Cinema FTV4101 Course
Experimental Music Practice MUSIC4072 Course
Experimental Music Practice MUSIC2027 Course
Fabrics of a Nation: Scottish Dress and Textile Histories HISTART5138 Course
Festivals FTV5050 Course
Field Recording, Sound and Place MUSIC5055 Course
Film & TV Studies: Core Course FTV5001 Course
Film Analysis FTV4004 Course
Film and Television 1A: Looking, Listening, Reading FTV1011 Course
Film and Television 1B: Key Moments in the Development of Cinema and Television FTV1010 Course
Film Archives: Theory and Practice FTV4105 Course
Film Music MUSIC4047 Course
Film Music MUSIC4073 Course
Film Tourism FTV4094 Course
Forgeries, Attributions and the Art Market HISTART4063 Course
Framing Dress & Textile HISTART5022 Course
From Gothic to Renaissance in Northern Europe HISTART5114 Course
FTV Dissertation (Joint Hons) FTV4005P Course
FTV Dissertation (Single Hons) FTV4006P Course
FTV Postgraduate Dissertation FTV5018P Course
FTV2A: Spectatorship, Audiences And Identities FTV2001 Course
FTV2B: History, Aesthetics And Genre FTV2002 Course
Genders MUSIC5077 Course
Genders (20 credits) MUSIC4059 Course
Genders (30 credits) MUSIC4060 Course
HIPP Assessed Performance (major) MUSIC5035 Course
HIPP Practical Portfolio MUSIC5039 Course
HIPP Practical Presentation MUSIC5040 Course
HIPP Seminar 1 MUSIC5041 Course
Historical Dress in Film & TV HISTART4067 Course
Historiography & Criticism (Hons) MUSIC4018 Course
Historiography & Criticism MUSIC5078 Course
Historiography of Music MUSIC4074 Course
History of Art 1 Half Course HISTART1003 Course
History of Art 1 Half Course HISTART1002 Course
History of Art 2 HISTART2001 Course
History of Art 2B HISTART2005 Course
History of Film and Television Studies FTV5069 Course
History of Information Communication Technology ARTMED4039 Course
Hollywood In The 1930s FTV4044 Course
Humanism And The Rinascita: Developments In Art And Art And Art History HISTART4025 Course
Impressionism: Innovation and Invention 1874-1926 HISTART5129 Course
Independent Practice THEATRE5030 Course
Independent Study HISTART5037 Course
Individual Creative Practice MUSIC5084 Course
Individual Research Project (Dramaturgy) THEATRE5005P Course
Interwar Cultures THEATRE4079 Course
Introduction to Composition MUSIC2005 Course
Introduction to Composition for Honours MUSIC4011 Course
Introduction to Contemporary African Cinemas FTV4087 Course
Introduction to Musicology MUSIC5060 Course
Invention of Tradition HISTART4074 Course
Iranian Cinema FTV4084 Course
Issues in Audience Management FTV5007 Course
Japanese Cinema after WWII FTV4085 Course
Jazz and Blues MUSIC2020 Course
Jazz and Blues MUSIC4048 Course
Jazz Style and Practice MUSIC2026 Course
Jazz Style and Practice MUSIC4093 Course
Journeys in the Netherworld: Presentations of the Ten Kings of Hell in Imperial China HISTART4072 Course
Landscape Art and the Geography of Eighteenth-Century Britain HISTART5101 Course
Leonardo, Michelangelo, Raphael HISTART4060 Course
Level 3: Performance Theory and Analysis THEATRE3001 Course
Listening in Culture MUSIC1020 Course
Listening through Analysis MUSIC1021 Course
Making Time: performing and thinking temporalities in the creative arts HISTART5122 Course
Masters of the Venetian Renaissance: Titian, Tintoretto, Veronese HISTART5112 Course
Material Cultures HISTART5041 Course
Media Economics FTV5009 Course
Media & Cultural Policy FTV5011 Course
Media And Cultural Policy FTV4008 Course
Media Management Dissertation FTV5013P Course
Medieval Music: History, Theory, Practice MUSIC4094 Course
Melodrama & Film Noir: Issues Of Genre Creation FTV4049 Course
Methodologies 1: Object Biographies HISTART5124 Course
Methodology of Art History HISTART4031 Course
Methodology of Art History with Placement HISTART4058 Course
Modern German Theatre THEATRE4008 Course
Modernist Music Aesthetics MUSIC4089 Course
Monsters, Women and Jews HISTART4032 Course
MRes Dissertation in Film & TV Studies FTV5052P Course
Murillo: Art and Culture in Seventeenth-Century Spain HISTART4085 Course
Museum Learning and Interpretation ARTMED5063 Course
Museums and the Making of Dress and Textile Histories HISTART5040 Course
Music Criticism in Theory and Practice MUSIC4075 Course
Music General Paper MUSIC4076P Course
Music Industries Project MUSIC5091 Course
Music of Scotland through the Long 18th Century - to start in 2017-18 MUSIC4062 Course
Music Research Seminar (A) MUSIC5023 Course
Music Research Seminar (B) MUSIC5024 Course
Music, Sound and Screen MUSIC5043 Course
Musical Culture in the Long Nineteenth Century MUSIC2021 Course
Musical Culture in the Long Nineteenth Century MUSIC4046 Course
Musical Techniques 1 (BMus) MUSIC1002 Course
Musical Techniques 2 (Hons) MUSIC4020 Course
Musical Techniques 2 (nonHons) MUSIC2007 Course
Musical Techniques, Foundation (MA/BEng) MUSIC2006 Course
Musicianship MUSIC1003 Course
Musicology MUSIC5006 Course
Musics of Latin America MUSIC4092 Course
New Media Arts: Theory and Practice FTV4099 Course
Notation MUSIC4077 Course
Opera MUSIC2008 Course
Orchestration MUSIC1004 Course
Past Futures: Time and Temporality in Contemporary Art HISTART4084 Course
Performance (Higher) MUSIC4090 Course
Performance (Intermediate, MA) MUSIC4029 Course
Performance Advanced (20) MUSIC4078 Course
Performance Advanced (40) MUSIC4079 Course
Performance Level 1 (Foundation) MUSIC1005 Course
Performance Level 2 (Intermediate) MUSIC2009 Course
Performance Practice MUSIC4080 Course
Performance Theory And Analysis THEATRE4009 Course
Performing Character THEATRE4085 Course
Performing Memory THEATRE4044 Course
Performing Memory THEATRE4004 Course
Photography and Modernism HISTART4035 Course
Playwriting 1 THEATRE5006 Course
Playwriting 2 THEATRE5007 Course
Popular Music Politics MUSIC5010 Course
Popular Music Politics MUSIC4081 Course
Popular Music Politics MUSIC5075 Course
Popular Music Research MUSIC5089 Course
Popular Music Studies Dissertation MUSIC5015P Course
Popular Music Theory MUSIC5016 Course
Portfolio Course HISTART4036 Course
Practical Workshop 1: Writing the Pitch FTV5048 Course
Practical Workshop 2: Pilot project FTV5047 Course
Practice as Research Project THEATRE5033P Course
Practice Led Dissertation FTV5046P Course
Preventive Conservation HISTART5049 Course
Principles And Practice: Advanced Skills HISTART5050 Course
Principles And Practice: Conservation Projects HISTART5051 Course
Principles And Practice: Core Skills And Ethics HISTART5052 Course
Principles And Practice: Developing Skills HISTART5053 Course
Printmaking in Britain c.1780-1914: contexts, processes, markets HISTART4078 Course
Professional Development HISTART5054 Course
Provenance HISTART5126 Course
Publishing the Avant-Garde: a history of artists' books and magazines from 1900 to 1970 HISTART4079 Course
Queer Exceptions THEATRE4076 Course
Queer Film and Television FTV4092 Course
Race on Screen FTV4102 Course
Radical Film And Television FTV4052 Course
Reading And Interpreting Performance THEATRE5008 Course
Representations of Faith in Film and Television FTV4095 Course
Research Internship in Music MUSIC4082 Course
Research Management HISTART5055 Course
Research Methods THEATRE5009 Course
Research Methods 1 (CCPR) CCPR5007 Course
Research Methods 2 CCPR5008 Course
Research Methods and Skills HISTART5105 Course
Research Methods in Creative Industries and Cultural Policy FTV5070 Course
Research Skills and Digital Musicology MUSIC5062 Course
Restitution HISTART5127 Course
Romantic song MUSIC2014 Course
Romantic Song (MA/BEng/MEng Hons) MUSIC4038 Course
Scotland, Film And Television FTV4010 Course
Screen Audiences FTV4011 Course
Screen Performance FTV4059 Course
Screen Production for Junior Honours FTV4096 Course
Screen Production for Senior Honours FTV FTV4083 Course
Screens and Machines FTV4100 Course
Screenwriting FTV4062 Course
Setting the Scene HISTART4082 Course
Setting the Scene THEATRE4086 Course
Shakespearean Adaptations THEATRE4010 Course
Shaping Futures: Theatre and Cultural Policy THEATRE4083 Course
Sonic Art Aesthetics & Criticism MUSIC5052 Course
Sonic Art Performance MUSIC5056 Course
Sonic Arts Portfolio MUSIC5057 Course
Sonic Arts: Individual Creative Project MUSIC4083 Course
Sonic Arts: Interacting with Sound (BEng/MEng) MUSIC2022 Course
Sonic Arts: Interacting with Sound (MA/BMus Hons) MUSIC4084 Course
Sonic Arts: Interacting with Sound (MA/BMus) MUSIC2023 Course
Sonic Arts: Interactive Audiovisual Media MUSIC4085 Course
Sonic Arts: Performance Project MUSIC4086 Course
Sonic Arts: Sound for Narrative Film MUSIC4087 Course
Sound Art in Dialogue MUSIC5059 Course
Sound Shaping and Design MUSIC5058 Course
South Korean Cinema FTV4088 Course
Space, Place And Performance THEATRE4011 Course
Studies in Film Authorship FTV4012 Course
Television Analysis FTV4013 Course
Television Drama FTV4070 Course
Television Sitcom FTV4072 Course
Television, Memory And The Archive FTV4073 Course
Testimonies On Artists' Practice: Documentary And Visual Sources HISTART5077 Course
Textile Conservation Placement HISTART5048 Course
The Activist Stage THEATRE4071 Course
The Apocalypse, Antichrist And The End Of Time In Medieval Art HISTART4040 Course
The Authentic Art Work: Interpretation, Conservation, Presentation HISTART5064 Course
The Contemporary Music Industries MUSIC5071 Course
The Dawn of Modernism HISTART4042 Course
The Human Image in World Art, 1650 to present HISTART4080 Course
The Material of Film Curation FTV5058 Course
The Music of Scotland MUSIC5079 Course
The Practice of Film Curation FTV5059 Course
The Renaissance Palace HISTART4056 Course
The Role of the Director in Devised Performance THEATRE4068 Course
The Trouble with Stanley Spencer HISTART4073 Course
The Worlds of Hieronymus Bosch, Enemy Painter HISTART4081 Course
Theatre Archive Placement THEATRE5032 Course
Theatre Studies 1: Reading The Stage THEATRE1001 Course
Theatre Studies 1: Theatre And Society THEATRE1002 Course
Theatre Studies 2: Modernism to Postdramatic THEATRE2003 Course
Theatre Studies 2:Classical To Modern THEATRE2001 Course
Theatre Studies Dissertation THEATRE4012 Course
Theatre Studies Dissertation THEATRE4012P Course
Theatre Studies Single Honours Group Project THEATRE4014 Course
Theatre Studies Work Placement THEATRE4015 Course
Theories of The Avant-Garde HISTART5069 Course
Understanding Textiles: Technology HISTART5070 Course
Victorian Visions: Dress and Textiles, c.1837-1901 HISTART5104 Course
Women, Art and Audience HISTART4044 Course
Work Placement HISTART5072 Course
Working in Music since 1900 MUSIC5090 Course
Working in The Music Industries Since 1800 MUSIC5009 Course
Working in the UK Screen Industries FTV4103 Course
Writing For Performance THEATRE4016 Course

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