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Adv Chem Thermodynamics (PGR) CHEM5097 Course
Adv Materials Characterisation CHEM5052 Course
Adv Res Proj (Vis)(Sem 1) CHEM4016P Course
Adv Res Proj (Vis)(Sem2) CHEM4017P Course
Adv. Organic Synthesis (PGR) CHEM5091 Course
Applied Coordination Chem(PGR) CHEM5086 Course
Asymmetric Synthesis (PGR) CHEM5093 Course
BioConjChem CHEM5077 Course
Bioconjugation Chemistry (PGR) CHEM5115 Course
Biomolecular Reactions (PGR) CHEM5116 Course
BioMolInt CHEM5078 Course
BioPolyChem CHEM5079 Course
Biopolymer Chem & Synth (PGR) CHEM5101 Course
Biopolymer Chem: ChemBio (PGR) CHEM5117 Course
Catalysis Project 1. CHEM5072 Course
Catalysis Project 2. CHEM5073 Course
Catalyst Act & Deact (PGR) CHEM5111 Course
Catalyst deactivation CHEM5068 Course
Catalyst preparation CHEM5074 Course
Catalyst structure CHEM5070 Course
Catalyst Structure (PGR) CHEM5113 Course
Catalyst testing CHEM5069 Course
Catalyst testing (PGR) CHEM5112 Course
Chem With Med Chem EP Year CHEM4029 Course
Chem With Med Chem WP Year CHEM4028 Course
ChemBioToolKit CHEM5081 Course
Chemical Biology (PGR) CHEM5104 Course
Chemical Physics MSci: Work CHEM4024 Course
Chemical Structure Databases CHEM5042 Course
Chemical Studies Project CHEM3025 Course
Chemistry 1 CHEM1001 Course
Chemistry 1 Half Course CHEM1004 Course
Chemistry 2X CHEM2001 Course
Chemistry 2X Half Course CHEM2005 Course
Chemistry 2X single CHEM2016 Course
Chemistry 2Y CHEM2002 Course
Chemistry 2Y Half Course CHEM2006 Course
Chemistry 2Y single CHEM2017 Course
Chemistry EP Year CHEM4026 Course
Chemistry of the f-block (PGR) CHEM5088 Course
Chemistry Problems 4M (A) CHEM5005 Course
Chemistry Problems 4M (B) CHEM5006 Course
Chemistry Problems 4M (C) CHEM5007 Course
Chemistry Project 4H CHEM4003P Course
Chemistry Project 4M CHEM5008P Course
Chemistry Project 4M (A) CHEM5009P Course
Chemistry Project 4M CP CHEM5043P Course
Chemistry Project 5M CHEM5010P Course
Chemistry Spec Topics 4H Half CHEM4002 Course
Chemistry Special Topics 4H CHEM4001 Course
Chemistry Special Topics 4M(A) CHEM5003 Course
Chemistry Special Topics 4M(B) CHEM5004 Course
Chemistry WP Year CHEM4025 Course
ChemResSkills CHEM5080 Course
DigitalChem & Chemputation PGR CHEM5083 Course
Dynamics of Mol Clusters (PGR) CHEM5110 Course
Electrochemistry (PGR) CHEM5120 Course
f-Block Chemistry 4M CHEM5060 Course
Frontiers of Catalysis CHEM5071 Course
Frontiers of Chemistry 3M CHEM5016 Course
Frontiers of Chemistry 5M CHEM5051 Course
Functional Materials 4M CHEM5053 Course
General Chem I CHEM1010 Course
Heterocyclic Chemistry (PGR) CHEM5090 Course
Industrial Catalytic Chem(PGR) CHEM5085 Course
Industrial Medicinal Chem(PGR) CHEM5102 Course
Inorg Chem for Chem Studies CHEM3026 Course
Inorganic Chem-4M half C&M CHEM5044 Course
Inorganic Chem. 5M half C&M CHEM5045 Course
Inorganic Chemistry 3 CHEM3010 Course
Inorganic Chemistry 3 Half CHEM3011 Course
Inorganic Chemistry 4H CHEM4009 Course
Inorganic Chemistry 4H Half CHEM4010 Course
Inorganic Chemistry 4M (A) CHEM5017 Course
Inorganic Chemistry 4M (B) CHEM5018 Course
Inorganic Chemistry 4M (C) CHEM5019 Course
Inorganic Material Design(PGR) CHEM5087 Course
Inorganic Mechanisms (PGR) CHEM5084 Course
Macromolecules & Colloids(PGR) CHEM5095 Course
Med Chem of Cancer (PGR) CHEM5103 Course
Medicinal Chemistry 4H CHEM4011 Course
Medicinal Chemistry 4M CHEM5020 Course
Modern NMR Spectroscopy (PGR) CHEM5098 Course
Molecular Magnetism (PGR) CHEM5107 Course
Nanostructured Materials 4M CHEM5055 Course
Org Chem for Chemical Studies CHEM3027 Course
Org Supramolecular Chem (PGR) CHEM5106 Course
Organic Chem I for Visit Studs CHEM2007 Course
Organic Chemistry 3 CHEM3012 Course
Organic Chemistry 3 Half CHEM3013 Course
Organic Chemistry 4H CHEM4012 Course
Organic Chemistry 4H (Half) CHEM4013 Course
Organic Chemistry 4M CHEM5021 Course
Organic Chemistry 4M half C&M CHEM5046 Course
Organic Chemistry 5M half C&M CHEM5047 Course
Organic Chemistry II CHEM2015 Course
Organic Materials (PGR) CHEM5094 Course
Organic Supramolecular and Polymer Chemistry 4M CHEM5057 Course
Organometallics in Synth (PGR) CHEM5105 Course
Pericyclic Reactions (PGR) CHEM5089 Course
Phys Chem for Chemical Studies CHEM3028 Course
Physical Chemistry 3 CHEM3014 Course
Physical Chemistry 3 Half CHEM3015 Course
Physical Chemistry 4H CHEM4014 Course
Physical Chemistry 4H Half CHEM4015 Course
Physical Chemistry 4M (A) CHEM5022 Course
Physical Chemistry 4M (B) CHEM5023 Course
Physical Chemistry 4M half C&M CHEM5048 Course
Physical Chemistry 5M half C&M CHEM5049 Course
Polymer Chemistry (PGR) CHEM5119 Course
Prep of Catalytic Mat. (PGR) CHEM5114 Course
Research Skills CHEM5050 Course
Science Fundamentals 1X CHEM1002 Course
Science Fundamentals 1Y CHEM1003 Course
Special Topics M CHEM5076 Course
Statistical Mechanics (PGR) CHEM5099 Course
Surface Chemistry (PGR) CHEM5096 Course
Surface Chemistry 4M CHEM5058 Course
Surface Struct & Spect (PGR) CHEM5109 Course
The Chem Biology Toolkit (PGR) CHEM5118 Course
Theoretical & Comp Chem (PGR) CHEM5100 Course
Thermodynamics & StatMech 4M CHEM5059 Course

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