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Access to Higher Education: English Literature ADED11409E Course
African Modernities: Colonialism and Postcolonialism in the Novel ENGLIT5001 Course
Alternative Continuities: Scottish literature, c.1400-1625 ENGLIT5103 Course
Alternative Renaissances SCOTLIT4024 Course
American Fiction of the 1930s ENGLIT5075 Course
American Literature 1 (1836-1929) ENGLIT4083 Course
American Literature 2 ENGLIT4002 Course
American Literature 2 (1930 to present) ENGLIT4084 Course
Applied Linguistics Dissertation ENGLANG5114P Course
Applied Linguistics Dissertation ENGLANG5113P Course
Applying Arts: Professional Skills ENGLANG4064 Course
Applying Linguistics in Social and Professional Life ENGLANG5117 Course
Approaches To Medieval And Renaissance Studies ENGLANG5001 Course
Approaches to Scots in Speech and Text ENGLANG5128 Course
BD 1: Creation, Culture & Context TRS1002 Course
BD 2: Creation, Culture & C TRS2007 Course
BD 2: Worship & Liturgy TRS2008 Course
BD : Worship & Witness In A TRS4041 Course
BD1: Worship & Liturgy TRS1003 Course
BD1:Church & Congregation TRS1001 Course
Bible, Literature & Culture TRS4013 Course
Bible, Literature and Culture TRS4060 Course
Bible, Literature and Culture Non Honours TRS3025 Course
Body and Belief TRS4105 Course
British Children's Literature ENGLIT4092 Course
Canadian Literature ENGLIT4127 Course
Canadian Literature (PGT) ENGLIT5111 Course
Chan and Zen Traditions TRS4085 Course
Chan and Zen Traditions Non Honours TRS3033 Course
Children's Fantasy Literature ENGLIT5118 Course
Christianity and Bioethics TRS4076 Course
Christianity and Bioethics TRS4016 Course
Church & Congregation 2 TRS2006 Course
Church and Society in Scotland - Current Issues TRS4077 Course
Contemporary Issues in Semantics ENGLANG4031 Course
Contemporary Realisms ENGLIT5113 Course
Contemporary Scottish Literature SCOTLIT4025 Course
Contexts and Methods: Author, Reader, World ENGLIT4115 Course
Contexts and Methods: Text, Time and Performance ENGLIT4116 Course
Corpus Linguistics ENGLANG4032 Course
Corpus Linguistics (PGT) ENGLANG5094 Course
Creative Ministry TRS5104 Course
Creative Writing Dissertation ENGLIT4118P Course
Creative Writing Fiction ENGLIT4119 Course
Creative Writing Fiction Workshop (cross-discipline) CRWRT5031 Course
Creative Writing Hybrid Forms ENGLIT4120 Course
Creative Writing Poetry ENGLIT4121 Course
Creative Writing Portfolio (PGT) CRWRT5037P Course
Creative Writing Portfolio (PGT) (DLearning) CRWRT5040P Course
Creative Writing Practical Pedagogy Course (PGR) RSDD6045P Course
Creative Writing Workshop CRWRT5042 Course
Creative Writing Workshop (DLearning) CRWRT5041 Course
Creative Writing: Craft And Experimentation 1 CRWRT5035 Course
Creative Writing: Craft and Experimentation 1 (DL) CRWRT5022 Course
Creative Writing: Craft And Experimentation 2 CRWRT5036 Course
Creative Writing: Craft and Experimentation 2 (DL) CRWRT5023 Course
Creative Writing: Editing And Publication 1 CRWRT5038 Course
Creative Writing: Editing and Publication 1 (DL) CRWRT5024 Course
Creative Writing: Editing And Publication 2 CRWRT5039 Course
Creative Writing: Editing and Publication 2 (DL) CRWRT5025 Course
Creative Writing: Of the Personal: Emotions and the Self in Creative Non-Fiction CRWRT5048 Course
Creative Writing: Poetry Intervenes Now: Diverse Queer Strategies of Making CRWRT5049 Course
Creative Writing: Practice as Research RDSA6093P Course
Crime Fiction CRWRT5047P Course
Crime Writing in Scotland SCOTLIT4032 Course
Critical Approaches to Language and Communication ENGLANG5124 Course
Culture and English Language Teaching ENGLANG4033 Course
Decadence And The Modern ENGLIT5012 Course
Designing & Leading Christian Worship TRS1030E Course
Detection and Crime Literature: From Poe to the Present ENGLIT4122 Course
Dickens and the Popular Imagination ENGLIT4093 Course
Dissertation TRS4086P Course
Dissertation Early Modern Literature ENGLIT5107P Course
Dissertation in English Language ENGLANG4034P Course
Dissertation in English Language (20 credits) ENGLANG4058P Course
Dissertation in Scottish Literature SCOTLIT4026P Course
Doctrine of God TRS4096 Course
Doctrine of God TRS4021 Course
Drama and Performance, 1200-1576 ENGLIT5099 Course
Early Church History Level 3 TRS3002 Course
Early English Drama ENGLANG4057 Course
Early Modern Mythmaking ENGLIT5100 Course
Editing Historical English Texts ENGLANG4036 Course
Editing Historical EnglishTexts (PGT) ENGLANG5095 Course
Eldership & Local Church Leaders in a Changing Context TRS1038 Course
Embodiments: Literature And Medicine 1750-1900 ENGLIT5013 Course
Eng Lit 2a:Writing & Ideology ENGLIT2001 Course
English Language 2A ENGLANG2004 Course
English Language 2B ENGLANG2005 Course
English Language and Linguistics - Research Training ENGLANG5091 Course
English Language and Linguistics 1A ENGLANG1001 Course
English Language and Linguistics 1B ENGLANG1003 Course
English Literature 1A: Poetry & Poetics ENGLIT1011 Course
English Literature 1B: The Novel and Narratology ENGLIT1010 Course
English Literature 2B: Writing & Text ENGLIT2002 Course
English Literature Dissertation ENGLIT4117P Course
English Literature Dissertation ENGLIT5095 Course
Existentialism: Atheism, Reason and Faith TRS4058 Course
Experimental Design and Data Analysis ENGLANG5092 Course
Experimental Design and Data Analysis ENGLANG4063 Course
Exploring Scotland: Culture, History, and People (Summer School) SCOTLIT1016 Course
F. Scott Fitzgerald, Edith Wharton and Dialogues of American Literary Modernism ENGLIT5076 Course
Fantasy 1950 to the present, Core Course 2 ENGLIT5085 Course
Fantasy Across Media ENGLIT5096 Course
Fantasy c.1780-1950, Core Course 1 ENGLIT5086 Course
Fantasy Dissertation ENGLIT5087P Course
Forensic Linguistics ENGLANG5126 Course
From the Beginnings to the Early Modern in Older Scots Literature (1375-1501) SCOTLIT4031 Course
Gender and Religion in Medieval Literature ENGLIT5106 Course
Genesis TRS4062 Course
Genesis Non Honours TRS3026 Course
Genre, Energy, and the Futures of the Earth ENGLIT4128 Course
Genre, Energy, and the Futures of the Earth (PGT) ENGLIT5114 Course
Heroes, Outlaws, and Outsiders: Old English and Old Icelandic Literature in Translation ENGLANG4035 Course
Hist of English 1 (5a) ENGLANG4003 Course
Hist of The Scottish Book (6b) ENGLANG4006 Course
History of Christianity in Scotland TRS1026 Course
History of English ENGLANG4037 Course
History of English (PGT) ENGLANG5097 Course
History of Scots ENGLANG4038 Course
Holocaust Narratives and the Ethics of Representation TRS4087 Course
Holocaust Narratives and the Ethics of Representation (Non Honours) TRS3034 Course
Humanities in the Classroom ENGLIT4051P Course
Humanities in the Classroom Level 3 (with work placement) ENGLIT3003 Course
Humour, Opposition, and Literature in Early Modern England ENGLIT5097 Course
Intersections in the Cultural Study of Religion TRS4107 Course
Intro To Medieval Manuscripts ENGLANG5020 Course
Introduction to Christian Ethics TRS4078 Course
Introduction to Christian Theology TRS1023 Course
Introduction to Older Scots (PGT) ENGLANG5098 Course
Introduction to Phonetics (PGT) ENGLANG5099 Course
Introduction to Psycholinguistics ENGLANG4059 Course
Introduction to Sociolinguistics (PGT) ENGLANG5100 Course
Introductory Classical Hebrew for Honours TRS4061 Course
Introductory New Testament Greek for Honours TRS4065 Course
Inventing the Modern:1660-1780 ENGLIT4007 Course
Irish and Scottish Literature post 1900 ENGLIT4094 Course
Irish and Scottish Literature post 1900 Non-Honours ENGLIT3005 Course
Irish and Scottish Literature since 1900 (Honours) ENGLIT4073 Course
Issues in Contemporary Catholicism TRS4095 Course
James Joyce ENGLIT4095 Course
Jesus Christ since 1900 TRS4097 Course
Jewish Literature in the Graeco-Roman World TRS4109 Course
John Calvin and his Theology TRS4098 Course
Language and the Global Campus: Linguistic Issues in the Internationalisation of Higher Education ENGLANG5123 Course
Law, Religion and the Rights of the Child TRS4115 Course
Lexicography ENGLANG4040 Course
Listening in Mission TRS1037 Course
Lit & Ling Comp for Eng (11) ENGLANG4007 Course
Literary Theory ENGLIT4085 Course
Literary Theory ENGLIT4011 Course
Literature 1510-1660 ENGLIT4086 Course
Literature 1660-1780 ENGLIT4087 Course
Literature 1780-1840 ENGLIT4088 Course
Literature 1830-1914 ENGLIT4015 Course
Literature 1830-1914 ENGLIT4089 Course
Literature 1890-1945 ENGLIT4090 Course
Literature 1945-present ENGLIT4091 Course
Literature and Collecting ENGLIT4125 Course
Literature and Medicine ENGLIT4096 Course
Managing Difficult Church Change TRS1031E Course
Media Bible TRS4064 Course
Media Bible Non Honours TRS3027 Course
Medical Humanities Dissertation ENGLIT4054P Course
Medical Humanities Dissertation 40 credits ENGLIT4123P Course
Medieval and Early Modern 1: From Medieval to Early Modern ENGLIT5091 Course
Medieval and Early Modern 2: Historic and Critical Approaches ENGLIT5092 Course
Medieval and Early Modern Literary Texts ENGLANG4061 Course
Medieval English Literature 1 ENGLANG4041 Course
Medieval English Literature 1 (PGT) ENGLANG5101 Course
Medieval English Literature 1 Non Honours ENGLANG3001 Course
Medieval English Literature 2 ENGLANG4042 Course
Medieval English Literature 2 Non-Honours ENGLANG3003 Course
Memorialising Scottish Culture and Literature SCOTLIT4033 Course
Methods in Phonetics (PGT) ENGLANG5103 Course
Methods in Sociolinguistic Variation ENGLANG4043 Course
Methods in Sociolinguistics (PGT) ENGLANG5104 Course
Methods in Written Text Analysis ENGLANG5112 Course
Mission in Contemporary Scotland TRS4110 Course
Mission-Shaped Church: Ecclesiology & Missiology In Contemporary Scotland TRS5023 Course
Mlitt In Victorian Literature: Dissertation ENGLIT5017P Course
Modern American Literature 1 ENGLIT5115 Course
Modern American Literature 2 ENGLIT5116 Course
Modern American Literature Dissertation ENGLIT5117P Course
Modern American Women's Writing ENGLIT4097 Course
Modern Everyday ENGLIT5026 Course
Modern Judaism: Aspects of Life and Literature TRS4089 Course
Modern Judaism: Aspects of Life and Literature Non Honours TRS3035 Course
Modern Scottish Language ENGLANG4062 Course
Modern Scottish Poetry SCOTLIT4034 Course
Modernism and the Politics of Gender ENGLIT4098 Course
Modernities 2: 1945 to the present ENGLIT5072 Course
Modernities Core One ENGLIT5020 Course
Modernities Dissertation ENGLIT5047P Course
Msc Dissertation in English Language and Linguistics ENGLANG5084P Course
MSc in English Language and English Linguistics - Onomastics (Option) ENGLANG5081 Course
Multilingualism: Individuals, Institutions and Society ENGLANG5129 Course
Muslims in Multicultural Britain TRS4108 Course
Name Studies ENGLANG4044 Course
Name Studies Non Honours ENGLANG3002 Course
Narrative and Cognitive Stylistics ENGLANG4045 Course
Nature and Practice of Church History 1 (including Research Training) TRS5092 Course
Neovictorianism ENGLIT5021 Course
New Testament Texts TRS4066 Course
New Testament Texts Non Honours TRS3028 Course
New Testament Texts: Acts TRS4048 Course
New Testament Themes and Topics TRS4068 Course
New Testament Themes and Topics with Greek TRS4069 Course
New Testament Theology TRS4070 Course
New Testament Theology TRS4006 Course
Old English Language ENGLANG4046 Course
Old English Language (PGT) ENGLANG5105 Course
Old Testament / Tanakh Texts TRS4071 Course
Old Testament / Tanakh Texts Non Honours TRS3029 Course
Old Testament / Tanakh Texts with Hebrew TRS4072 Course
Pastoral Theology TRS4008 Course
Pastoral Theology TRS4079 Course
Phonetics 1: Introductory Concepts ENGLANG4048 Course
Phonetics 2: Advanced Concepts ENGLANG4049 Course
Phonetics: Advanced Concepts (PGT) ENGLANG5107 Course
Poetry Mothers: Queer Poems, Queer Poetics ENGLIT4129 Course
Political Theology TRS4099 Course
Popular Literary Enlightenment, 1710 - 1790 SCOTLIT4027 Course
Postcolonialism: Writing & Theory ENGLIT4099 Course
Postcolonialism: Writing and Theory (PGT) ENGLIT5125 Course
Professional Discourse and Conversation Analysis ENGLANG4050 Course
Proust In Theory ENGLIT5023 Course
Radical Spiritual and Social Visions in Women's Writing TRS4057 Course
Radical Theory: Culture and Critique since 1968 ENGLIT4100 Course
Raw Material: Literature, Empires, Commodities (PGT) ENGLIT5126 Course
Reading & Writing Death & Dying CRWRT5044P Course
Reading Islam TRS4090 Course
Reading the Past: From Script to Print ENGLANG4051 Course
Reading, Religion, and Culture TRS5053 Course
Realism and Fantasy in Victorian Literature ENGLIT4040 Course
Realism and Fantasy in Victorian Literature ENGLIT4101 Course
Reason, Religion and Culture TRS5052 Course
Reflections on the Body: Sensation and Emotion in Medieval Religion TRS4111 Course
Reformation International TRS4100 Course
Reformation Studies TRS4031 Course
Reimagining Christian Practice in an Age of Uncertainty TRS1032E Course
Religion and Spirituality in Scotland TRS1027 Course
Religion and Trade in Premodern Asia TRS4113 Course
Religion and Violence TRS5077 Course
Religion in Modern Iran TRS4091 Course
Religion, Culture, and Controversy TRS2021 Course
Religion, Politics and Philosophy in Early Modern English Literature ENGLIT4102 Course
Religion, Politics and Philosophy in Early Modern English Literature ENGLIT5123 Course
Religion, Theology and Culture Directed Study (Semester 1) TRS5067 Course
Religion, Theology and Culture Directed Study (Semester 2) TRS5068 Course
Religions in Asia TRS1009 Course
Representing the Real in Contemporary Literature ENGLIT4103 Course
Representing the Real in Contemporary Literature ENGLIT4072 Course
Research Training - Theology and Religious Studies TRS5031 Course
Resourcing Congregational Ministry TRS5106 Course
Robert Burns SCOTLIT4030 Course
Robert Burns (Online Distance Learning) SCOTLIT1014 Course
Romantic Ecologies ENGLIT4104 Course
Romantic Worlds 2: Selves and Societies ENGLIT5109 Course
Romantic Worlds Dissertation ENGLIT5110P Course
Romantic Worlds: Encountering Environments ENGLIT5098 Course
Romanticism & Revolution: Lit 1780-1805 (Englit 1780-1910) ENGLIT4039 Course
Romanticism and Revolution ENGLIT4105 Course
Roots of Sectarianism TRS4101 Course
School of Critical Studies Research Training Course ENGLIT5101 Course
Science and Religion TRS4080 Course
Science Fiction 1945-present ENGLIT4106 Course
Scottish Fiction under Late Capitalism SCOTLIT4037 Course
Scottish Journeys SCOTLIT4035 Course
Scottish Literature 1A: Approaching Scottish Literature SCOTLIT1013 Course
Scottish Literature 1B SCOTLIT1002 Course
Scottish Literature 1B: Stories We Tell Ourselves SCOTLIT1012 Course
Scottish Literature 2A: Early Scottish Literature & Language SCOTLIT2001 Course
Scottish Literature 2B: Early Scottish Literature & Language SCOTLIT2002 Course
Scottish Literature: Theory and Criticism SCOTLIT4023 Course
Scottish Writers SCOTLIT4036 Course
Semantics and Pragmatics (Honours) ENGLANG4052 Course
Semantics and Pragmatics (PGT) ENGLANG5108 Course
Semantics of English (8b) ENGLANG4017 Course
Semantics: Advanced Concepts ENGLANG5083 Course
Seventeenth-Century Women's Writing ENGLIT5102 Course
Shakespeare and his Contemporaries: Playing with History ENGLIT4107 Course
Shakespearean Forms from Sonnet to Tragedy ENGLIT4108 Course
Social and Individual Variables in Language Learning and Teaching ENGLANG5122 Course
Sociolinguistics ENGLANG4053 Course
South Asian Epic Traditions TRS4117 Course
Speech, Language and Sociolinguistics Dissertation ENGLANG5093P Course
Studies in Early Church and Patristics TRS4004 Course
Studies in Early Church History and Theology TRS4102 Course
Studies in Early Church History and Theology Non Honours TRS3037 Course
Studies in the History and Theology of the Reformation TRS4103 Course
Studies in the History and Theology of the Reformation Non Honours TRS3038 Course
Sufism TRS4093 Course
Sufism Non Honours TRS3036 Course
Systemic Functional Linguistics and its Applications ENGLANG5121 Course
Textual Editing: Scottish Texts (20 Credits) SCOTLIT4029 Course
The American Counterculture, 1945-75 ENGLIT5024 Course
The Bleeding Edge: Contemporary narratives of illness and medicine ENGLIT5104 Course
The Church in Scotland since 1500 TRS4104 Course
The Contemporary Novel: Transatlantic Crosscurrents ENGLIT4109 Course
The Fantastic History of the Twentieth Century ENGLIT4110 Course
The Folklore of Gaelic Scotland GAELIC4041 Course
The Genre-Bending Art of Essaying CRWRT5043 Course
The Historical Jesus TRS4033 Course
The Language of Laws ENGLANG4060 Course
The Mind of the Contemporary American Novel ENGLIT5078 Course
The Scottish Enlightenment SCOTLIT4006 Course
The Search For Meaning: Judaism, Christianity & Islam TRS1025 Course
Theology and Religious Studies Dissertation TRS5056P Course
Theology through Creative Writing TRS4081 Course
Topics in Phonetics ENGLANG5110 Course
Topics in Sociolinguistics ENGLANG5111 Course
Travel and Travel Writing ENGLIT5128 Course
TRS 1 : New Testament Greek TRS1004 Course
TRS 1: Creation To Apocalypse: Introduction To The Bible TRS1006 Course
TRS 1: The God Question: Exploring Christianity TRS1007 Course
TRS 2: Mysticism And Spirituality TRS2004 Course
TRS 2: Texts and Cultures of the Bible TRS2005 Course
TRS1:Hebrew 1 TRS1005 Course
TRS1:Judaism/Islam/Christ TRS1008 Course
TRS2:Christian Trads&Trans TRS2002 Course
TRS3:Practical Theology TRS3004 Course
Understanding Muhammad TRS4094 Course
US Fictions of the Great Depression ENGLIT4111 Course
Victorian 1: Writing the Times ENGLIT5093 Course
Victorian 2: Readers, Writers, Publishers ENGLIT5094 Course
Victorian Popular Fiction ENGLIT4113 Course
Visions of London ENGLIT4124 Course
Wisdom Literature TRS4074 Course
Wisdom Literature Honours with Hebrew TRS4075 Course
Wisdom Literature Non Honours TRS3030 Course
Women and Gender in the Bible and the Ancient World TRS4112 Course
Women and Gender in the Bible and the Ancient World (PGT) TRS5093 Course
Worship and Contemporary Visual Arts TRS1029E Course
Worship, Liturgy and Preaching TRS4082 Course
Writing Africa: The Colonial Past to Colonial Present ENGLIT4068 Course
Writing the English Revolution: Literature, Politics and Religion from Milton to Marvell ENGLIT4114 Course
Written Text Analysis ENGLANG4055 Course

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Scottish Literature: Theory and Criticism Semester Year 2022/23 08/06/2022 16:33:49
Scottish Literature: Theory and Criticism Semester Year 2021/22 02/06/2021 15:18:21