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"Fault Detect, Isol and Recov" ENG5031 Course
Acoustics and Audio Tech 4 ENG4001 Course
Adv Concrete Performance M ENG5224 Course
Adv Prog & Soft Eng 3 ENG3091 Course
Adv Steel and Concrete Des 4 ENG4124 Course
Adv Steel and Concrete Des M ENG5330 Course
Advanced Aerodynamics 5 ENG5278 Course
Advanced Control 5 ENG5009 Course
Advanced Devices in Quantum 4 ENG4099 Course
Advanced Digital Communication UESTC4028 Course
Advanced Imaging and Therapy M ENG5285 Course
Advanced Manufacture ENG5096 Course
Advanced Manufacture 5 ENG5276 Course
Advanced Project Summer School UESTC3028 Course
Advanced Soil Mechanics 5 ENG5284 Course
Advanced Structural Analysis 5 ENG5274 Course
Advanced Thermal Engineering 5 ENG5303 Course
Advanced Ultrasonics ENG5316 Course
Aero Sys Design Project 4 ENG4012 Course
Aero Team Design Project 3 ENG3005 Course
Aerodynamics and Fluid Mech 3 ENG3001 Course
Aerodynamics and Fluid Mechanics 3S SIT3014 Course
Aeroelastics & Aeroacoustics 5 ENG5263 Course
Aerospace Control I ENG5008 Course
Aerospace Design Project 2 ENG2002 Course
Aerospace Design Project 4 ENG4013 Course
Aerospace Design Project 4M ENG4014 Course
Aerospace Design Project M ENG5264 Course
Aerospace Engineering 1 ENG1002 Course
Aerospace Propulsion 4 ENG4194 Course
Aerospace Propulsion M ENG5313 Course
AeroSys TDP M ENG5012 Course
AI & ML UESTC3036 Course
Aircraft Design 3 ENG3006 Course
Aircraft Hand Qual and Cont 5 ENG5014 Course
Aircraft Performance 3 ENG3059 Course
Aircraft Struct Analysis Des 3 ENG3062 Course
Aircraft Structures and Mat 3 ENG3081 Course
Aircraft Structures and Materials 4 ENG4020 Course
Aircraft Vibra and Aeroelast 4 ENG4023 Course
Analogue Circuits UESTCHN2006 Course
Analogue Circuits UESTC2005 Course
Analogue Electronics 1 ENG1003 Course
Analogue Electronics 2 ENG2004 Course
Architecture C1 ENG1008 Course
Architecture C2 ENG2008 Course
Architecture C3 ENG3007 Course
Architecture C4 ENG4026 Course
Architecture C5 ENG5277 Course
Auto Vehicle Guidance Systems ENG5017 Course
Auto Vehicle Guidance Systs 4 ENG4175 Course
Bioethics for BME 4 ENG4189 Course
Biological Fluid Mechanics 3 ENG3011 Course
Biological Fluid Mechanics M ENG5286 Course
Biomaterials 2 ENG2011 Course
Biomechanics 3 ENG3084 Course
Biomechanics M ENG5287 Course
Biomed Engineering Skills 2 ENG2012 Course
Biomolecular Proc in BioEng 1 ENG1071 Course
Biophys of Cells & Sys 4 ENG4181 Course
Biophysics of Cells and Syst M ENG5308 Course
Biosensors and Diagnostics 4 ENG4036 Course
Biosensors and Diagnostics M ENG5288 Course
BME Eng Skills 3 ENG3090 Course
Calculus I UESTC1002 Course
Calculus I UESTCHN1002 Course
Calculus II UESTC1003 Course
Calculus II UESTCHN1003 Course
Circuit Analysis and Design UESTCHN2002 Course
Circuit Analysis and Design UESTC2022 Course
Civil Design Project 4 ENG4050 Course
Civil Design Project M ENG5283 Course
Civil Design Projects 3 ENG3076 Course
Civil Engineering 1 ENG1061 Course
Civil Engineering Skills 2 ENG2079 Course
Comm Networks UESTC2018 Course
Comm Networks UESTCHN2003 Course
Comm Principles & Sys UESTC3018 Course
Communication Circuit Design UESTC3029 Course
Communication Systems 3 ENG3014 Course
Comp. Exp. Fluids 5 ENG5307 Course
Composite Airframe Structures ENG5019 Course
Computational Fluid Dynamics 4 ENG4037 Course
Computational Fluid Dynamics 5 ENG5305 Course
Computer Communications M ENG5021 Course
Conceptual Design Project M ENG5273 Course
Construction Management 3 ENG3082 Course
Contaminated Land 5 ENG5275 Course
Control 3 ENG3015 Course
Control 3 SIT3044 Course
Control 4 ENG4042 Course
Control Engineering UESTC4003 Course
Control M ENG5022 Course
Control Systems 4 ENG4195 Course
Control Systems M ENG5314 Course
DAMP3 ENG3016 Course
Design and Manufacture 1 ENG1015 Course
Design and Manufacture 2 ENG2015 Course
Design and Manufacture 3 ENG3035 Course
Design of Integrated Circuits UESTC4033 Course
Design of Photonic Integrated UESTC4034 Course
Design Special Topic 5 ENG5026 Course
Digital Circuit Design UESTC3020 Course
Digital Circuit Design 3 ENG3020 Course
Digital Communication UESTC4004 Course
Digital Communication 4 ENG4052 Course
Digital Communications M ENG5336 Course
Digital Electronics 2 ENG2020 Course
Digital Image Processing UESTC4035 Course
Digital Logic Design UESTC2001 Course
Digital Logic Design 3 UESTC3034 Course
Digital Signal Processing UESTC4005 Course
Digital Signal Processing ENG5027 Course
Digital Signal Processing 4 ENG4053 Course
Dynamics 1 ENG1062 Course
Dynamics 2 ENG2084 Course
Dynamics 3 ENG3039 Course
Dynamics 3 SIT3045 Course
Dynamics 5 ENG5299 Course
Dynamics and Control UESTC3001 Course
Electrical Circuits 2 ENG2023 Course
Electrical Energy Systems M ENG5029 Course
Electromag Compatibility 3 ENG3023 Course
Electromagnetic Field and Micr UESTC4002 Course
Electronic Circuit Design 3 ENG3024 Course
Electronic Design Project 2 ENG2025 Course
Electronic Devices UESTC3002 Course
Electronic Devices 2 ENG2026 Course
Electronic Devices 3 ENG3025 Course
Electronic Engineering 1X ENG1021 Course
Electronic Engineering 1Y ENG1022 Course
Electronic System Design UESTC3003 Course
Electronic System Design 3 ENG3026 Course
Embedded Processors UESTCHN2004 Course
Embedded Processors UESTC2004 Course
Embedded Processors 2 ENG2029 Course
Energy Conversion Systems M ENG5250 Course
Energy in Biological Systems M ENG5281 Course
Engineering and the Law UESTC3030 Course
Engineering Career Skills UESTC2029 Course
Engineering Career Skills UESTC2023 Course
Engineering Career Skills UESTCHN2005 Course
Engineering Career Skills 3 ENG3027 Course
Engineering Electromagnetics 2 ENG2031 Course
Engineering Hydraulics 3 ENG3085 Course
Engineering in Biology 2 ENG2087 Course
Engineering Mathematics 1 ENG1063 Course
Engineering Mathematics 2 ENG2086 Course
Engineering Project Management UESTC3031 Course
Engineering Skills 1 ENG1026 Course
Engineering Skills 2 ENG2077 Course
Engineering Skills M ENG5322 Course
Engineering Study Abroad 3 ENG3058 Course
Engineering Technology ENG5333 Course
English for Engineering A UESTC1018 Course
English for Engineering A UESTCHN1010 Course
English for Engineering B UESTC1019 Course
English for Engineering I (UESTC) UESTC1014 Course
English for Engineering II (UESTC) UESTC1015 Course
English for Engineering III (UESTC) UESTC1016 Course
Entrepreneurship in BME ENG5321 Course
Environmental Biotechnology 4 ENG4152 Course
Environmental Engineering 1 ENG1027 Course
Environmental Process Eng 3 ENG3080 Course
Environmental Processes 2 ENG2078 Course
Experiments in Ultrasonic Eng ENG5317 Course
Exploratory Practical Laboratory (Glasgow) ENG5310 Course
Final Year Project ESE4 ENG4066P Course
Finite Element Analysis 4 ENG4025 Course
Finite Element Analysis M ENG5294 Course
Flight Dynamics 4 ENG4067 Course
Flight Dynamics M ENG5013 Course
Flight Mechanics 3 ENG3060 Course
Fluid Mechanics 2 ENG2085 Course
Fluid Mechanics 3 ENG3030 Course
Fundamentals of Manuf and CAD ENG5311 Course
Geology&Surveying for Civil 2 ENG2080 Course
Geotechnical Design Project 4 ENG4188 Course
Geotechnical Engineering 3 ENG3073 Course
Geotechnical Engineering 4 ENG4070 Course
Heat Transfer 3 ENG3032 Course
High Speed Aerodynamics 4 ENG4074 Course
Hydraulics and Hydrology 4 ENG4192 Course
Individual Proj (UESTC only) UESTC4021P Course
Individual Project UESTC4006P Course
Individual Project 4 ENG4110P Course
Individual Project 5 ENG5041P Course
Industrial Aerodynamics 4 ENG4079 Course
Industrial Aerodynamics M ENG5048 Course
Information Security UESTC4036 Course
Information Theory UESTC3021 Course
Insights to Industry ENG5297 Course
Instrument and Data Systems 3 ENG3034 Course
Instrumentation and Data Systems 3 SIT3024 Course
Instrumentation and Data Systems 3S SIT3025 Course
Integ Sys Design Project M ENG5044 Course
Integ System Design Project 4 ENG4085 Course
Integrated Engineering Design ENG5043 Course
Intro Advanced Manufacturing ENG5312 Course
Intro to AI/ML for Eng 4 ENG4200 Course
Intro to Biomed Engineering 1 ENG1031 Course
Intro to Comp Fluid Dynamics ENG5047 Course
Intro to Research Nano ENG5144 Course
Introduction to Aerodynamics 2 ENG2037 Course
Introduction to Aeroelasticity ENG5046 Course
Introductory Programming UESTCHN1005 Course
Introductory Programming UESTC1005 Course
Introductory Programming 2 ENG2083 Course
Inventions and Innovations of Scotland UESTC2025 Course
Lasers ENG5049 Course
Lasers & Electro-Optic Systs 4 ENG4088 Course
Lasers and Integrated Optics M ENG5298 Course
Linear Algebra & Geometry I UESTC1001 Course
Linear Algebra & Geometry I UESTCHN1001 Course
Materials 1 ENG1033 Course
Materials 2 ENG2039 Course
Materials Engineering ENG5052 Course
Materials Engineering 4 ENG4004 Course
Materials Engineering 5 ENG5300 Course
Materials Engineering M4 ENG4091 Course
Materials for Acoustic App ENG5318 Course
Mathematics AE2X ENG2042 Course
Mech-Eng Skills 3 ENG3092 Course
Mechanical Design 1 ENG1016 Course
Mechanical Design 2 ENG2016 Course
Mechanical Design 3 ENG3017 Course
Mechanical Design 4 ENG4186 Course
Mechanics of Solids 3 ENG3037 Course
Mechanics of Solids 4 ENG4094 Course
Mechanics of Structures 2A ENG2081 Course
Mechanics of Structures 2B ENG2082 Course
Mechatronic Team Project 3 ENG3071 Course
Mechatronic Team Project 4 ENG4153 Course
Micro and Mm Wave Circuit Desi ENG5056 Course
Micro and Nano Technology ENG5055 Course
Micro and Nano Technology UESTC3032 Course
Micro Integrated Circuits UESTC4037 Course
Micro Tech Experiment 3 UESTC3035 Course
Microelec in Consumer Prods 4 ENG4098 Course
Microelectronic Packaging Tech UESTC4031 Course
Microelectronic Systems UESTC1008 Course
Microelectronic Systems UESTCHN1006 Course
Microelectronic Systems 1 ENG1064 Course
Microscopy and Optics 3 ENG3038 Course
Microscopy and Optics M ENG5289 Course
Microwave & Optic Trans Sys 4 ENG4100 Course
Mobile Comms UESTC4017 Course
MOSS ENG5053 Course
MSc Project ENG5060P Course
MSc Project ENG5059P Course
Nanofabrication ENG5174 Course
Navigation Systems 4 ENG4184 Course
Navigation Systems M ENG5062 Course
Optical Communications ENG5066 Course
Optical Engineering 2 ENG2088 Course
PETE 4 ENG4201 Course
Physical Experiment I UESTC1006 Course
Physical Experiment I UESTCHN1007 Course
Physical Experiment II UESTC2009 Course
Physical Experiment II UESTCHN2007 Course
Physics I UESTCHN1008 Course
Physics I UESTC1009 Course
Physics II UESTC2010 Course
Physics II UESTCHN2008 Course
Physics of Fluids 4 ENG4102 Course
Physics of Fluids M ENG5091 Course
Power Devices and Integration UESTC4032 Course
Power E&D 4 ENG4187 Course
Power E&D M ENG5292 Course
Power Electronics UESTC3022 Course
Power Electronics 2 ENG2045 Course
Power Engineering 3 ENG3041 Course
Power Systems 4 ENG4104 Course
Probability Mathematical Stats UESTC2012 Course
Probability Mathematical Stats UESTCHN2009 Course
Professional Practice (UESTC only) UESTC3026 Course
Project D4M ENG4107 Course
Propulsion and Turbomach 3 ENG3042 Course
Quantum Electronic Devices M ENG5261 Course
Quantum Mat M ENG5334 Course
Radar and Electro-Optic Sys 4 ENG4185 Course
Radar and Electro-Optic Sys M ENG5072 Course
Real Time Comp Sys and Arch UESTC4019 Course
Real Time Computer Systems 3 ENG3043 Course
Real Time Embedded Programming ENG5220 Course
Rehabilitation Engineering 4 ENG4113 Course
Rehabilitation Engineering M ENG5290 Course
Renewable Energy 4 ENG4173 Course
Research Group Project M ENG5324 Course
RM&E 4 ENG4072 Course
Robotics 4 ENG4118 Course
Robotics M ENG5326 Course
Robotics TDP M ENG5325 Course
Rotorcraft Aeromechanics 5 ENG5265 Course
Rotorcraft Aeromechanics 5 ENG4196 Course
Scaffolds and Tissues M ENG5282 Course
Semiconductor Physics UESTCHN2010 Course
Semiconductor Physics UESTC2028 Course
Signal Proc of Biosignatures 4 ENG4191 Course
Signal Proc of Biosignatures M ENG5291 Course
Signals and Systems UESTC3007 Course
Signals and Systems UESTCHN2011 Course
Signals and Systems UESTC2026 Course
Simulation of Aero Systems ENG5076 Course
Simulation of Eng Systems 3 ENG3036 Course
Soil Mechanics 2 ENG2047 Course
Soil Mechanics 3 ENG3074 Course
Space Flight Dynamics 4 ENG4121 Course
Space Flight Dynamics M ENG5082 Course
Spacecraft Systems 5 ENG5081 Course
Spaceflight Dynamics 2 ENG5083 Course
Statics 1 ENG1065 Course
Stochastic Signals UESTC3024 Course
Structural Analysis 4 ENG4122 Course
Structural Design 2 ENG2048 Course
Structural Design 3 ENG3046 Course
Structural Design Project 2 ENG2071 Course
Structural Design Project 3 ENG3075 Course
Structural Engineering Preliminary Research Project M ENG5087 Course
Structural Mechanics 3 ENG3047 Course
Structures in Action M ENG5088 Course
Structures under Ext Loads M ENG5227 Course
Team Des P Skills (UESTC only) UESTC3027 Course
Team Design Project and Skills UESTC3010 Course
Team Design Project EE3 ENG3049 Course
Team Project EE4 ENG4172 Course
Thermal Engineering 4 ENG4179 Course
Thermodynamics 1 ENG1066 Course
Thermodynamics 2 ENG2053 Course
Thermodynamics 3 ENG3053 Course
Transport Engineering 3 ENG3086 Course
Transport Network Optimisation 5 ENG5304 Course
Transportation Eng 4 ENG4183 Course
Turbulent Flows 5 ENG5280 Course
Ultrasonic Eng Case Study ENG5328 Course
Ultrasonic Eng Tech and App ENG5319 Course
Ultrasound Technology & Apps 4 ENG4193 Course
Ultrasound Technology and Apps ENG5302 Course
Vibration ENG5090 Course
Vibration 4 ENG4137 Course
VIP ENG5320 Course
VLSI Design UESTC4007 Course
VLSI Design 4 ENG4138 Course
VLSI Design M ENG5092 Course
Waste Heat and Power-to-X ENG5332 Course
Water and Environment Design ENG5293 Course
Wireless Sensor Networks UESTC4020 Course

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