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Advanced Geographies in and of the World GEOG4001 Course
Advanced Sequence Stratigraphy EARTH4001 Course
Coastal Environments and Management GEOG4060 Course
Coastal Processes GEOG4061 Course
Conceptualising Human Geography 1: Space, Policy and Power GEOG5004 Course
Directed Studies in Geomatics GEOG5006 Course
Dissertation (Geography) GEOG4052P Course
Earth Science 1X: Introduction To The Earth EARTH1001 Course
Earth Science 1Y: Evolution Of The Earth EARTH1002 Course
Earth Science 2P:Solid Earth EARTH2001 Course
Earth Science 2Q: Palaeobiology EARTH2002 Course
Earth Science 2R: Sediments EARTH2003 Course
Earth Science 2U - Structure, Maps And Exploration EARTH2004 Course
Earth Science:Geological Field Skills EARTH4002 Course
Earth Science:Independent Geological Mapping EARTH4003 Course
Earth Science:Independent Research Project EARTH4004 Course
Embodied Social Geographies GEOG4083 Course
Engineering Survey GEOG5007 Course
Environmental Ethics and Behaviour Change GEOG5110 Course
Environmental Hazards:Humans and Hazards GEOG4107 Course
Environmental Hazards:Physical Processes GEOG4106 Course
Fundamentals Of Geomatics (Combined) GEOG5008 Course
Geographic Thought GEOG4013 Course
Geographical Techniques GEOG4015 Course
Geography 1 GEOG1001 Course
Geography 1: Living In A Changing World (Half Course) GEOG1007 Course
Geography 2 GEOG2001 Course
Geomatics MSc Project GEOG5040P Course
Geomatics Work Placement GEOG5097P Course
Geophysics EARTH4009 Course
Geospatial Data Infrastructures and Land Administration GEOG5013 Course
Geovisualisation: Design and Use of Maps GEOG4064 Course
GIS A:Applied Spatial Analysis GEOG4111 Course
Glacial Processes GEOG4085 Course
Global Sediment Systems GEOG4055 Course
GNSS & Geodesy GEOG5012 Course
Hillslope Geomorphology GEOG4108 Course
Historical Geographies: Care, Conflict and Confinement GEOG4089 Course
Human Geography Dissertation Project GEOG5039P Course
Hydrogeology and Environmental Geosciences EARTH4039 Course
Hydrographic Survey GEOG5014 Course
Hydrology GEOG4056 Course
Igneous Petrology & Geochemistry EARTH4013 Course
Isotope Geology EARTH4014 Course
Joint Student Research Skills GEOG4019 Course
Landscape and Culture GEOG4086 Course
Major Earth Processes EARTH4016 Course
Managing River Catchments GEOG4057 Course
Metamorphic Petrology EARTH4017 Course
Micropalaeontology EARTH4018 Course
Orogens and Basins EARTH4020 Course
Palaeoclimatology EARTH4021 Course
Petroleum Geology EARTH4022 Course
Political Geographies of War and Security GEOG4099 Course
Principles And Practice Of Land Surveying GEOG5017 Course
Principles of Cartographic Design & Production GEOG5018 Course
Principles of GIS GEOG5019 Course
Principles of Land Survey GEOG5020 Course
Remote Sensing of the Environment GEOG5056 Course
Research & Professional Issues In Geomatics GEOG5021 Course
Research and Professional Issues in Marine and Coastal Science GEOG5057 Course
Research Skills GEOG4025 Course
Research Skills DD GEOG3010 Course
Researching Human Geography: Design, Methods and Ethics GEOG5022 Course
Sedimentary Geology EARTH4023 Course
Stratigraphy EARTH4024 Course
Structural Geology EARTH4025 Course
Survey Instrumentation & Methods GEOG5023 Course
Tectonic Geomorphology EARTH4026 Course
The (Geo)Politics of Infectious Disease GEOG4110 Course
Topographic Mapping GEOG5025 Course
Visualisation & Map Use GEOG5026 Course
Web and Mobile Mapping GEOG5015 Course

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