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'The Scum of the Earth': Refugees and Statelessness in World History, c.1900-1951 HIST4240 Course
2Ancestral Studies Professional Practice ARCH5099P Course
2D Digitisation ARTMED5002 Course
2D Digitisation ARTMED5001 Course
2D Digitisation: Theory & Practice ARTMED4025 Course
A Global History of Charity: From Begging to Basic Income HIST4262 Course
Advanced Greek for Honours 1 GREEK4001 Course
Advanced Greek for Honours 2 GREEK4002 Course
Advanced Greek For Postgraduates 1 GREEK5001 Course
Advanced Greek For Postgraduates 2 GREEK5002 Course
Advanced Heritage Project ARCH4060 Course
Advanced Latin for Honours 1 LATIN4001 Course
Advanced Latin for Honours 2 LATIN4002 Course
Advanced Latin For Postgraduates 1 LATIN5001 Course
American Material Culture (Term 2) HIST5001 Course
An 19Mh Linn Tro Shuilean Nan Gaidheal GAELIC4001 Course
An Leabhar gàidhlig 1567-1914 GAELIC4033 Course
An Nobhail Gàidhlig GAELIC4013 Course
Anarchy & Society:The Reign Of Stephen HIST4044 Course
Ancient Medicine CLASSIC4070 Course
Ancient Technology in Context CLASSIC4071 Course
Ancient Technology in Context CLASSIC5069 Course
Animals and Humans c. 1300-1800 HIST4236 Course
Applied Ancestral Studies Project ARCH5100 Course
Approaches To American Studies (Core Course A) HIST5027 Course
Approaches To Celtic and Viking Archaeology ARCH5003 Course
Approaches to History HIST5029 Course
Approaching the Ancient World through Material Culture CLASSIC5065 Course
Approaching the Ancient World through Text CLASSIC5066 Course
Archaeological Practice ARCH5004 Course
Archaeological Theory and Interpretation ARCH5006 Course
Archaeology 1A: Archaeology of Scotland ARCH1001 Course
Archaeology 1B: Archaeology of the Modern World ARCH1002 Course
Archaeology 2B:Theory and Practice ARCH2011 Course
Archaeology 2J : Archaeology of Europe & the Mediterranean ARCH2004 Course
Archaeology 3 (Arts) ARCH3002 Course
Archaeology Dissertation (MLitt) ARCH5007P Course
Archaeology of Religion ARCH4045 Course
Archives & Records Theory ARTMED5006 Course
Archives and Records Information Management ARTMED5004 Course
Art, Culture and Patronage in Renaissance Scotland, 1406-1625 HIST4239 Course
Atheists: A Social History in the West HIST4254 Course
Athenian Democracy – Model or Mob-rule? CLASSIC4001 Course
Barbarians in The Mediterranean: Italy and Spain C.450-C.750 (MA Hons) HIST4046 Course
Bardachd Cogaidh 1930-1950 GAELIC4002 Course
Basic Greek for Honours 1 GREEK4003 Course
Basic Greek for Honours 2 GREEK4004 Course
Basic Greek For Postgraduates 1 GREEK5003 Course
Basic Greek For Postgraduates 2 GREEK5004 Course
Basic Latin for Honours 1 LATIN4003 Course
Basic Latin For Honours 2 LATIN4004 Course
Basic Latin For Postgraduates 1 LATIN5003 Course
Basic Latin For Postgraduates 2 LATIN5004 Course
Belief and Conversion in Europe 300-1000 HIST5128 Course
British Battlefields ARCH5009 Course
Celtic art in context CELTCIV4040 Course
Celtic Civilisation 1A CELTCIV1001 Course
Celtic Civilisation 1B CELTCIV1002 Course
Celtic Civilisation 2A CELTCIV2001 Course
Celtic Civilisation 2B CELTCIV2002 Course
Celtic Place-Names of Scotland CELTCIV4016 Course
Century of the Refugee: Refugees & Statelessness in the Long Twentieth Century, c.1900-Present (SS) HIST4250 Course
Century of the refugee: refugees and statelessness in comparative perspective, 1900-2000 HIST5124 Course
Chivalry and Warfare HIST5003 Course
Christianising The West C700-C.950 HIST4066 Course
Christianity and the Sexual Revolution c.1940-1980: Canada, USA, Ireland and UK HIST5120 Course
City and Country in America to 1900 HIST4196 Course
Classical Civilisation 1A CLASSIC1001 Course
Classical Civilisation 1B Online Version: Republican Rome, 220-31 BC CLASSIC1012 Course
Classical Civilisation 1B: Republican Rome, 220-31 BC CLASSIC1002 Course
Classical Civilisation 2A CLASSIC2001 Course
Classical Civilisation 2B CLASSIC2002 Course
Classical Civilisation 3 CLASSIC3001 Course
Cleopatra: Life and Legend CLASSIC4072 Course
Climate and Civilisation ARCH5074 Course
Cloth and Clothing ARCH4063 Course
Cloth and Clothing ARCH5098 Course
Communities In American Culture HIST4069 Course
Comparative Approaches to Warfare and Violent Conflict HIST5088 Course
Connected Worlds? An introduction to Global History HIST2014 Course
Consciousness ARTMED4004 Course
Constructing Faith In The Middle Ages (Term 2) HIST5033 Course
Contemporary Ethics PHIL4004 Course
Core Course: Social Theory And Social History HIST5004 Course
Covert Action: The Secret Pursuit of Foreign Policy from the Second World War to Today HIST4269 Course
Critical Themes in the Display and Reception of Objects ARCH5011 Course
Crusading Warfare in the Eastern Mediterranean, 1096-1291 HIST5118 Course
Cult, Pol and Society HIST5006 Course
Cultural Memory Studies and Medieval Irish Literature (Hons) CELTCIV4044 Course
Culture Wars: Reformation and Revolution in England, 1530-1700 (SS) HIST4232 Course
Czechoslovakia: A Case Study of a Country in Europe Through the History of Film HIST4261 Course
Data Analysis, Visualisation and Communication ARTMED4036 Course
Demanding Impossble HIST4005 Course
Description, Cataloguing and Navigation ARTMED5012 Course
Devolving the Nation HIST4185 Course
Digital Creativity INFOSTUD4016 Course
Digital Media and Information Studies 1A ARTMED1001 Course
Digital Media and Information Studies 1B ARTMED1002 Course
Digital Media and Information Studies 2A ARTMED2001 Course
Digital Media and Information Studies 2B ARTMED2002 Course
Directed Individual Research/Dissertation PHIL4006P Course
Directed Individual Research/Dissertation PHIL4007P Course
Dissertation (Celtic and Gaelic) Joint Honours CELTCIV4004P Course
Dissertation (Celtic and Gaelic) Single Honours GAELIC4016P Course
Dissertation (Classics) CLASSIC4047P Course
Dissertation (Classics) CLASSIC5046P Course
Dissertation (MLitt In American Studies) HIST5037P Course
Dissertation (MLitt In History) HIST5038P Course
Dissertation (MLitt In War Studies) HIST5039P Course
Dissertation:Celtic Studies CELTCIV5006P Course
Distributive Justice PHIL4054 Course
DMIS Joint Honours Dissertation ARTMED4037P Course
Document Encoding ARTMED5014 Course
Document Encoding ARTMED5013 Course
Eadar Croit is Kiosk: Bàrdachd an fhicheadamh linn GAELIC4018 Course
Early Medieval Artefacts ARCH5015 Course
Early Modern Palaeography ARTMED5015 Course
EarlyMedGaeldom, 6-8C HIST4071 Course
Emotions PHIL5066 Course
Emotions PHIL4009 Course
Empire in the 'Orient': The British in Asia, 1600-1857 HIST4267 Course
Empires and Colonies in the Atlantic World, 1640-1763 HIST4197 Course
Epidemics: The Plague of Athens to AIDS HIST5139 Course
Epistemology PHIL4011 Course
Epistemology A PHIL5091 Course
Epistemology B PHIL5092 Course
European Communism in the 20th Century HIST4006 Course
Exhibition Research and Development Placement ARTMED5046 Course
Experimental Archaeology ARCH4064 Course
Explorations in the Classical Tradition CLASSIC5063P Course
Externalism and Reference PHIL4012 Course
Feasting like the Ancients: An Inter-Disciplinary Approach to Early Food and Drink ARCH5101 Course
Feasting like the Ancients: An Inter-Disciplinary Approach to Early Food and Drink ARCH4066 Course
Flodden to Culloden HIST4193 Course
Folk Belief and Witch-Hunts HIST3001 Course
Formal Logic PHIL4014 Course
France 1940-1944: The Occupation and its Legacies FRENCH4100 Course
France, 1789-1914: Nation, Revolution, and Empire. HIST4211 Course
From the Gracchi to Sulla: the sources and the history 133-70 BC CLASSIC4062 Course
Further Topic In Classical Civilisation 1 CLASSIC5012 Course
Further Topic In Classical Civilisation 2 CLASSIC5013 Course
Gaelic (Ab Initio) GAELIC5001 Course
Gaelic (Beginners) for Honours Students GAELIC4004 Course
Gaelic (Intermediate) for Honours Students GAELIC4006 Course
Gaelic 1 (Advanced) GAELIC1001 Course
Gaelic 1 (Beginners) GAELIC1003 Course
Gaelic 1 (Intermediate) GAELIC1005 Course
Gaelic 1 Beginners (Half Course) GAELIC1004 Course
Gaelic 2 (Intermediate) GAELIC2003 Course
Gaelic 2A GAELIC2001 Course
Gaelic 2A (Half Course) GAELIC2002 Course
Gaelic 3 GAELIC3001 Course
Gaelic in Scotland: the History of a language, 1400-1914 HIST4248 Course
Gaelic Literature in Translation CELTCIV4019 Course
Gaelic Scotland: The Scottish Highlands C1400-1609 HIST4008 Course
Gaidhlig Adhartach GAELIC5003 Course
Gender and Sexuality in Ancient Rome CLASSIC4013 Course
Gender, Culture and Text HIST5107 Course
Gender, Sexuality & Modernity in Victorian and Edwardian Scotland HIST4234 Course
Greek 1A GREEK1001 Course
Greek 1B GREEK1002 Course
Greek 2A GREEK2001 Course
Greek 2B GREEK2002 Course
Greek art CLASSIC4049 Course
Greek Comedy GREEK4011 Course
Greek Lyric Poetry GREEK4020 Course
Greek Lyric, Elegiac and Iambic Poetry GREEK4012 Course
Greek Oratory GREEK4013 Course
Greek Unprepared Translation GREEK4009 Course
Greeks and Romans CLASSIC4021 Course
Guth nan Eilthireach: Litreachas Gàidhlig anns an t-Saoghal Ùr GAELIC4043 Course
Heritage and Cultural Informatics ARTMED5016 Course
Heroes of the past: an introduction to ancient biography CLASSIC4069 Course
Historical Landscapes of the Eastern Mediterranean ARCH4008 Course
History 1A: Scotland's Millennium: Kingdom, Union and Nation c 1000-1999 HIST1008 Course
History 1B: Europe Rising. The Medieval World, 500-1500 HIST1020 Course
History 1C: War, Revolution, and Empire: Europe from the Eighteenth to the Twenty-first Centuries HIST1024 Course
History 2A: The Social and Cultural History of Europe, 1500-2000 HIST2016 Course
History 2AM: Society, Culture and Politics In North America HIST2002 Course
History 3 AM HIST3002 Course
History 3 Migrant Nation: Scotland and the Modern World 1745-1979 Non Honours HIST3015 Course
History Dissertation HIST4082P Course
History Of Modern Philosophy PHIL4016 Course
History of Modern Philosophy Non Honours PHIL3011 Course
History Of Moral & Political PHIL4017 Course
History2B: Connected Worlds? An Introduction to Global History HIST2015 Course
Homer And His Readers CLASSIC4024 Course
How to Lead the Good Life: Greek and Roman Ethics CLASSIC4064 Course
Hunterian Exhibition Course ARTMED5062 Course
Information Management and Preservation Dissertation ARTMED5017P Course
Intelligence Analysis & Policy Making HIST5138 Course
Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Scottish Culture (Semester 1) HIST5091 Course
Intro To Modern Irish GAELIC4010 Course
Introduction To Classical Gaelic GAELIC4009 Course
Introduction To Computing For Historians HIST4010 Course
Introduction To Early Gaelic (Half-Course) CELTCIV5007 Course
Introduction To Early Gaelic (Old And Middle Irish) CELTCIV5008 Course
Introduction To Early Gaelic (Old And Middle Irish) CELTCIV4006 Course
Introduction to Museology ARTMED5045 Course
Introduction to Scottish Culture Semester 1 HIST1022 Course
Introduction to Scottish Culture Semester 2 HIST1025 Course
Introduction to Video Game Studies ARTMED4024 Course
Invaders, Occupiers and Liberators: Islands at War in the 20th Century (SS) HIST4249 Course
Issues, Ideologies And Institutions Of Modern Scotland HIST5012 Course
Kant ARTMED4010 Course
Latin 1A: Beginning Latin LATIN1001 Course
Latin 1B: Reading Latin LATIN1002 Course
Latin 2A LATIN2001 Course
Latin 2B LATIN2002 Course
Latin 2C LATIN2003 Course
Latin 2D LATIN2004 Course
Latin Historiography LATIN4008 Course
Latin Unprepared Translation (Senior Honours) LATIN4005 Course
Latin: Oratory LATIN4009 Course
Law, Crime and Society in England, c.1580-c.1700 HIST4088 Course
Lenin and Leninism HIST4222 Course
Liberalism PHIL4044 Course
Life Histories: Personal Testimony And Memory HIST4089 Course
Literacy In Medieval Celtic Societies CELTCIV4007 Course
Lithic Analysis ARCH5024 Course
Making Saints In The Early Middle Ages HIST4091 Course
Management, Curation & Preservation of Digital Materials ARTMED5021 Course
Material Culture in Context ARCH5025 Course
Medieval and Early Modern Scottish Palaeography HIST5049 Course
Medieval Ireland 800 - 1100 CELTCIV4042 Course
Medieval Ireland, 800-1100 HIST4013 Course
Medieval Latin For Postgraduates 1 LATIN5005 Course
Medieval Latin For Postgraduates 2 LATIN5006 Course
Medieval Palaeography 1 HIST5046 Course
Metaphysics PHIL5073 Course
Metaphysics PHIL4022 Course
Metaphysics A PHIL5002 Course
Metaphysics B PHIL5003 Course
Method and Practice in Conflict Heritage ARCH5030 Course
Middle Eastern Cities, 1800-1960: Cosmopolitanism, Empire, and Nationalism HIST4230 Course
Migrant Nation: Scotland and the Modern World 1745-1979 HIST4203 Course
Military Scotland in the Age of Proto-globalization, c.1600-c.1800 HIST5140 Course
Mind and Knowledge in the Scottish Enlightenment PHIL4018 Course
Mmedia Analysis/Design ARTMED4011 Course
Modern Strategic Thought HIST5127 Course
Modern Warfare: 19th and 20th Century Warfare ARCH5016 Course
Monsgraupiustosauchieburn HIST4192 Course
Moral Epistemology PHIL4059 Course
Moral Philosophy PHIL4024 Course
Moral Philosophy A PHIL5004 Course
Moral Philosophy B PHIL5005 Course
Moral Philosophy Non Honours PHIL3012 Course
MRes Dissertation (Gaelic 100) GAELIC5030P Course
Museum Issues ARTMED5048 Course
Museum Practice ARTMED5047 Course
Museum Studies Dissertation ARTMED5044P Course
Myths, Fictions, And Histories Of Alexander The Great CLASSIC4003 Course
Nature and the Natural World in Antiquity CLASSIC4073 Course
Pagans, Princes and Priests HIST4102 Course
Pain and Pleasure PHIL4060 Course
Papal Power 1049-1216 HIST4104 Course
Patriarchy, Sex and Gender in Early Modern Europe HIST4016 Course
People, Things, Ideas: the Making of Modern Societies, 1500-2000 HIST2011 Course
Philosophy 1A: How Should I think? PHIL1010 Course
Philosophy 1B: How Should I Live? PHIL1011 Course
Philosophy 1K PHIL1001 Course
Philosophy 1M PHIL1002 Course
Philosophy 2K:Knowledge, Meaning & Inference PHIL2001 Course
Philosophy 2M PHIL2002 Course
Philosophy Dissertation PHIL5001P Course
Philosophy of Art PHIL4027 Course
Philosophy of Language PHIL4028 Course
Philosophy Of Language B PHIL5009 Course
Philosophy Of Mathematics PHIL4029 Course
Philosophy of Mind PHIL4030 Course
Philosophy Of Mind A PHIL5010 Course
Philosophy Of Mind B PHIL5011 Course
Philosophy of Mind Non Honours PHIL3013 Course
Philosophy of Perception PHIL4031 Course
Philosophy Of Perception PHIL5090 Course
Philosophy of Religion PHIL4034 Course
Plantation and Civility in the Hebrides and in Ulster, c1541-1639 HIST4247 Course
Poland and its Neighbours, 1000-1795 HIST4229 Course
Political Philosophy PHIL4039 Course
Political Philosophy A PHIL5012 Course
Political Philosophy B PHIL5013 Course
Political Philosophy Non Honours PHIL3014 Course
Politics and Literature in Jacobean Scotland, 1578-1603 HIST5090 Course
Popular Culture and the Reformation in Early Modern Scotland HIST5119 Course
Poverty and Charity in the Making of the Spanish Empire HIST4260 Course
Power and Empire: The Roman conquest and occupation of North Britain ARCH4056 Course
Print, Propaganda And Subversion In Europe 1630-1800 HIST4018 Course
Print, Public Opinion And Enlightenment In 18th-Century Europe HIST5047 Course
Process of Artefact Studies ARCH5042 Course
Public Archaeology ARCH4062 Course
Punishment, Internment and Containment: The History and Archaeology of Prisons and Camps HIST4204 Course
Race and Slavery in the Eighteenth Century British Atlantic World HIST4243 Course
Rebellion, Treason and Political Opposition HIST4019 Course
Records & Evidence ARTMED5028 Course
Records & The Transition to the Digital ARTMED5029 Course
Recovery and Interpretation of Archaeological Data ARCH4011 Course
Reflexive Archaeological Practice ARCH4065 Course
Reformation! Eur Rel Wars HIST4109 Course
Religion in Ancient Greece CLASSIC4075 Course
Res Publica: Thinking About The Roman State CLASSIC4030 Course
Research and Professional Skills ARTMED5043 Course
Revolutionary Scotland: Literature, Culture And Politics 1890-1939 HIST5016 Course
Rhetoric At Rome CLASSIC4006 Course
Rituals, Feasts and Festivals - Power, Community and Consumption in the East Mediterranean and the Near East ARCH5033 Course
Roman Epic LATIN4010 Course
Rome's Empire: Law and Power in the Provinces CLASSIC4061 Course
Rorke's Drift to Port Stanl... HIST4186 Course
Saints and Sinners HIST4023 Course
Scottish Castles and Palaces in European Context, c. 1100-1600 HIST5100 Course
Scottish Philosophy ADED11251E Course
Scottish Popular Culture HIST4124 Course
Scottish Popular Culture1500-1800 Non Honours HIST3016 Course
Scottish Radicalism 1848-1950 HIST5123 Course
Scottish Radicalism and Scottish Society, 1790-1945 HIST4206 Course
Secularisation and Society: the decline of religion in the west since 1800 HIST5110 Course
Seinn sa Ghàidhlig / Gaelic Song in Performance GAELIC4042 Course
Senior Honours Reading Seminar PHIL4042 Course
Senior Honours Reading Seminar PHIL4041 Course
Sex and Religion in Britain, Ireland and North America 1945-1980 HIST4216 Course
Sexual Exploitation in the Ancient World: Prostitution and Rape CLASSIC4074 Course
Sgilean Canain 3 GAELIC4011 Course
Sgilean Canain 4 GAELIC4012 Course
Shining City Upon A Hill: American in the 1980s HIST4265 Course
Skills and Scholarship in Celtic Studies CELTCIV5030 Course
Slavery In The American South HIST4026 Course
Social & Cultural History Of The Cold War HIST4129 Course
Society And Culture In Interwar America (1919-1939) HIST5053 Course
Society and Religion in the Medieval Crusader States HIST4226 Course
Soviet/Russian Concepts of National Security from 1917 to Today HIST4022 Course
Special Option 1 CELTCIV5012 Course
Special Option 2 CELTCIV5013 Course
Specialist Course In Medieval Scottish Studies: Semester 1 HIST5019 Course
Specialist Course In Medieval Scottish Studies: Semester 2 HIST5020 Course
The African American Experience From Slavery To The Presidency HIST4027 Course
The Age of Empire: Conquest and Colonialism in the 19th Century and Beyond HIST4235 Course
The American Way of War HIST5021 Course
The Atlantic Slave Trade, Abolition and Its Aftermath in Africa (1780-1910) HIST4257 Course
The Covenanters HIST4140 Course
The Early American Republic, 1789-1815 HIST4141 Course
The Evolution of the US Intelligence Community HIST4259 Course
The Fiction of American History HIST5137 Course
The Finn Cycle CELTCIV4034 Course
The First Scottish War Of Independence, 1286-1329 HIST4031 Course
The Founding Of Modern Scotland Mid 12Th To Mid 13Th Century HIST4146 Course
The Founding of Scotland, 11th to 13th Centuries ARCH4017 Course
The French Revolut 1786-95 (SS) HIST4147 Course
The Highland Clearances HIST4149 Course
The History of German Reunification 1989/90: An International Perspective HIST4209 Course
The International Age in the East Mediterranean and its Aftermath (ca. 1600-900 BC) ARCH4055 Course
The Invention of History: Herodotus, Thucydides, Xenophon CLASSIC4056 Course
The Lost Empire: Byzantium And The Slavs, 800-1600 HIST4032 Course
The Making of Britain? Scotland and Ireland, 1707-c.1815 HIST4258 Course
The Making of The Union (SS) HIST4156 Course
The Material World in Greek Religious Thought and Practice CLASSIC4083 Course
The Medievalists: the middle ages in 20th century eastern and central Europe HIST4246 Course
The Mongols and the West, c.1200 - c.1500 HIST4241 Course
The Norman Conquest 1042-1087 HIST4252 Course
The Northern Britons, 400-1100 ARCH4018 Course
The Novel In Antiquity: Impotent Heroes And Damsels In Distress CLASSIC4044 Course
The Other Greeks: Sparta, Crete, Thessaly CLASSIC4080 Course
The Ottomans in History HIST5131 Course
The Philosophy of David Lewis (Philosophy SH) PHIL4058 Course
The Picts and the Formation HIST4161 Course
The Place Of New England In American History And Culture HIST4034 Course
The Poets and the Principes: Latin Epic in the Roman Empire CLASSIC4066 Course
The Radical Fringes of Interwar Europe, 1918-1936 HIST4227 Course
The Reign Of Charlemagne 768-814: A Barbarian Empire HIST4162 Course
The Reign of James VI, c.1578-1603 HIST4035 Course
The Restless Dead: Voices from Beyond in the Ancient World CLASSIC4076 Course
The Rise and Fall of an Empire: France and Algeria, c.1830-1962 HIST4242 Course
The Rise of Chivalry HIST4189 Course
The Roman Historical Imagination CLASSIC4045 Course
The Roman Republic in Imperial Imagination CLASSIC4067 Course
The Roman Stage: A History Of Roman Drama From The Republic To The Empire CLASSIC4010 Course
The Structure of the World PHIL4057 Course
The United States And The Outside World HIST4169 Course
The Vietnam War In American History And Culture HIST5064 Course
The Vietnam War In American History And Culture HIST4170 Course
The Wars of Decolonization and the Making of the Global Cold War HIST5125 Course
Themes and Debates in Celtic Studies CELTCIV5014 Course
Theory & Interpretation in Archaeology ARCH4019 Course
Thucydides (In Translation) CLASSIC5044 Course
Topics And Methods In American Studies (Core Course B) HIST5066 Course
Topics in Historical Computing HIST5074 Course
Traders, Settlers, and Rebels: Africans in the Atlantic World, 1740-1938 HIST4256 Course
Trowels to Test Tubes: Archaeological Science in Action ARCH4061 Course
Victorian And Edwardian Glasgow HIST4173 Course
Viking & Late Norse Artefacts ARCH5046 Course
Virtue Epistemology PHIL4019 Course
War Studies Core Course HIST5069 Course
Wittgenstein PHIL4043 Course
Women and Power in Renaissance Italy HIST5132 Course

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