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Assessment of Vascular Function BIOL5343 Course
Basic Science of Cardiovascular Disease: tissue cells and signalling MED5542 Course
Bio-Imaging for Research Scientists BIOL5261 Course
Clinical and Research Laboratory Skills MED5539 Course
Clinical Aspects of Diabetes: Patients and Populations MED5541 Course
Clinical Pharmacology Dissertation MED5105P Course
Drug Disposition MED5129 Course
Epidemiology, outcomes and therapy of heart failure MED5543 Course
Ergogenic Aids for Exercise Performance MED5470 Course
Ergogenic Aids for Exercise Performance (Y Option) MED5469 Course
Evidence-Based Biomedical Research Methods and Statistics MED5538 Course
Exercise Physiology Lab Project MED5537 Course
Human Physiological & Metabolic Assessment (DL) MED5359 Course
Imaging in cardiovascular diseases: techniques and applications MED5544 Course
Lifestyle intervention in Cardiometabolic disease MED5574 Course
Medical Statistics (DL) MED5356 Course
MSc Sport and Exercise Science & Medicine - Dissertation MED5508P Course
Pharmaceutical Medicine MED5165 Course
Physical Activity and Health: Biological Mechanisms (Y Option) MED5343 Course
Physiological & Exercise Testing - Aerobic Fitness and Physical Activity (DL) MED5358 Course
Physiological & Exercise Testing - Strength, Power and Intensity Domains (Online) MED5357 Course
Principles Of Pharmacology MED5171 Course
Reseach Skills for Life Sciences BIOL5353 Course
Sports Injuries for Doctors and Physiotherapists MED5339 Course
Sports Injuries: Prevention and Rehabilitation MED5349 Course
Sports Injuries: Scientific Basis of Prevention and Rehabilitation (X Option) (Online) MED5362 Course
World Changers: Precision Medicine Seminar Series BIOL5359 Course

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