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Name Code Type
Clinical Pharmacology Dissertation MED5105P Course
Drug Disposition MED5129 Course
Ergogenic Aids for Exercise Performance MED5470 Course
Human Physiological & Metabolic Assessment (DL) MED5359 Course
Medical Statistics (DL) MED5356 Course
Pharmaceutical Medicine MED5165 Course
Physical Activity and Health: Biological Mechanisms (Y Option) MED5343 Course
Physiological & Exercise Testing - Aerobic Fitness and Physical Activity (DL) MED5358 Course
Physiological & Exercise Testing - Strength, Power and Intensity Domains (Online) MED5357 Course
Principles Of Pharmacology MED5171 Course
Sports Injuries for Doctors and Physiotherapists MED5339 Course
Sports Injuries: Prevention and Rehabilitation MED5349 Course
Sports Injuries: Scientific Basis of Prevention and Rehabilitation (X Option) (Online) MED5362 Course

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