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Advanced Communication and Ethics MED5596 Course
Cancer Drug Discovery BIOL5222 Course
Cancer Research Distinguished Seminar Series BIOL5338 Course
Cancer Stem Cells, Metastasis and the Microenvironment BIOL5339 Course
Clinical Leadership and Effectiveness MED5597 Course
Core Skills in Cancer Research BIOL5340 Course
Designing a Research Project: Cancer Research and Precision Oncology BIOL5361 Course
Drug Development and Clinical Trials BIOL5223 Course
Hallmarks of Cancer BIOL5341 Course
Immunotherapy and Precision Oncology BIOL5342 Course
Industrial & Environmental Microbiology Option BIOL5145 Course
MSc Bioscience Research Project (Cancer Research & Precision Oncology) BIOL5317P Course
Research Methods for Palliative Care MED5599 Course
Symptom Control MED5601 Course
Symptom Control in Changing Populations MED5600 Course
Themes in Palliative Care MED5602 Course

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