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Animal Models of Disease BIOL5238 Course
Bioinformatics using R for Biologists BIOL5354 Course
Current trends and challenges in biomedical research and health BIOL5199 Course
Designing a research project: biomedical research methodology BIOL5201 Course
Designing a Research Project: Immunology and Inflammatory Disease BIOL5365 Course
Designing a Research Project: Infection Biology BIOL5366 Course
Diagnostic technologies and devices BIOL5198 Course
Emerging viruses BIOL5314 Course
Host-pathogen interactions and immune responses to infection BIOL5196 Course
Immunology and Inflammatory Disease: Basic, Translational and Clinical BIOL5237 Course
Infectious Disease Control BIOL5315 Course
Inflammatory Disease BIOL5355 Course
Introduction to Next Generation Sequencing Bioinformatics BIOL5346 Course
MSc Bioscience Research Project (Immunology & Inflammatory Disease) BIOL5318P Course
MSc Bioscience Research Project (Infection Biology) BIOL5319P Course
Neuroinflammation in health and disease BIOL5291 Course
Omic analyses for the biomedical sciences: from genomics to metabolomic BIOL5197 Course
Pathogen Polyomics BIOL5299 Course
Principles of Immunology BIOL5356 Course
Research Skills for Immunology and Infection Biology BIOL5369 Course
Viruses and Cancer BIOL5231 Course

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