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Name Code Type
App Ecology/Conservn 3 DUMF3001 Course
Child Dev and Learning 1 DUMF1002 Course
Child Dev and Learning 2 DUMF2002 Course
Contemporary Health Issues DUMF1009 Course
Contemporary Social Issues DUMF1010 Course
Crichton Work Placement 3 DUMF3004 Course
Critical Thinking and Communication DUMF5100 Course
Curriculum and Assessment DUMF3006 Course
Discovering Scotland's Past DUMF1065P Course
Dissertation DUMF5004P Course
Dissertation 3 DUMF3023P Course
Dissertation 3 DUMF3023 Course
Dissertation Preparation Year 3 Primary Education DUMF3077 Course
Earth System Science DUMF1043 Course
Education in its Wider Contexts DUMF4024 Course
Energy: Options For Sustainability DUMF2019 Course
Env Ethics & Behavioural Chnge DUMF5060 Course
Environment, Technology and Society DUMF5077 Course
Environmental Field Course DUMF4043 Course
Environmental History DUMF5076 Course
Events Management DUMF5105P Course
Farming Systems DUMF2017 Course
French for Beginners (i) DUMF1023 Course
Global Challenges at the End of Life DUMF2066 Course
Health & Social Policy in a Contemporary Context DUMF3045 Course
Health and Social Policy & Practice DUMF2065 Course
Health and Technology DUMF3078 Course
Health Pol & Prac DUMF2006 Course
Heritage Management In Conte DUMF5008 Course
Heritage, Interpretation And Development DUMF5009 Course
History 1A: Scotland's Millennium: Kingdom, Union and Nation, c.1000-1999 - Crichton Version DUMF1040 Course
Honours Dissertation - Primary Education DUMF4010P Course
Human Impact On The Environment DUMF3030 Course
Human Nature and Well Being DUMF2009 Course
Impacts on Ecology DUMF5002 Course
Introduction To Academic Writing - Dumfries DUMF1029 Course
Introduction To Environmental Science DUMF1007 Course
Introduction to Global Envir DUMF1008 Course
Issues in Contemporary Socie DUMF2010 Course
Language And Literacy 3 DUMF3032 Course
Literacy 1 DUMF1012 Course
Literacy 2 DUMF2011 Course
Mathematics - Theory And Ped DUMF3013 Course
Mathematics - Theory And Ped DUMF2012 Course
Mathematics - Theory And Ped DUMF1013 Course
Modern Literature I: 1890-1945 ENGLIT4058 Course
Perspectives on the Environment DUMF4039 Course
Philosophy 1 DUMF1064 Course
Public Sector Systems Managemen DUMF3071 Course
Reading the Environment: Old and New World Romanticisms DUMF5081 Course
Reflective Practice DUMF5106 Course
Research Methods for Enviro DUMF2024 Course
Rural Tourism And Stewardship DUMF3033 Course
School Experience 1 DUMF1016 Course
School Experience 2 - Early Stages DUMF2035 Course
School Experience 2 - Early Years DUMF2034 Course
School Experience 3 DUMF3016 Course
School Experience 4 DUMF4016 Course
Science: History & Culture DUMF1017 Course
Social Policy & Practice DUMF2016 Course
Society and Social Policy DUMF1066 Course
Teacher as a Professional DUMF4021 Course
Teachers And Teaching DUMF3018 Course
Tourism and Regional Development DUMF5018 Course
Tourism Marketing DUMF5102 Course
Tourism Sustainability And Climate Change DUMF5019 Course
Work Placement DUMF5104 Course
Working in an inter-agency environment DUMF5098 Course
Writing the Environment: Modern and Contemporary Nature Writing DUMF5080 Course

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