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Administrative Law LAW4052 Course
Advanced Civil Litigation (DPLP) LAW5002 Course
Advanced Competition Law LAW5038 Course
Advanced Criminal Litigation (DPLP) LAW5004 Course
Advanced International Law LAW2031P Course
Advanced Introduction to the Law of the United Nations LAW5068 Course
Advanced Legal Methods 2: Jurisprudence of Concepts LAW5146 Course
Anti-Discrimination Law LAW4001 Course
Anti-Discrimination Law In Practice LAW3017 Course
Brand Protection LAW5160 Course
Business Law LAW1001 Course
Business Organisations LAW2001 Course
Citizens Advice Bureau Placement LAW2014 Course
Civil Litigation (DLP) LAW5007 Course
Commercial Awareness (DPLP) LAW5071 Course
Commercial Conveyancing LAW5162 Course
Commercial Law LAW2002 Course
Commercial Law (Honours) LAW4004 Course
Common Law System and Method LAW1028 Course
Common Law Tradition LAW1030 Course
Company Law LAW4005 Course
Comparative Constitutional Law LAW4129 Course
Competition Law LAW4016 Course
Constitutional Law LAW4007 Course
Contemporary Issues in Healthcare Law LAW4120 Course
Contemporary Issues In Intellectual Property Law LAW5011 Course
Contemporary Scottish Public Law (DPLP) LAW5063 Course
Conveyancing (DPLP) LAW5012 Course
Copyright in the Digital Environment LAW5164 Course
Copyright In The Digital Environment LAW5013 Course
Corporate (DLP) LAW5017 Course
Corporate Finance LAW5014 Course
Corporate Governance LAW5015 Course
Corporate Social Responsibility and the Law LAW5168 Course
CREATe MSc Research Dissertation LAW5167P Course
CREATe MSc Work Based Learning Project LAW5166P Course
Criminal Justice LAW4009 Course
Criminal Justice LAW3018 Course
Criminal Law and Evidence 1 LAW1003 Course
Criminal Law: Hist & Theory LAW4010 Course
Criminal Litigation (DPLP) LAW5074 Course
Debt Finance and Security LAW5019 Course
Dissertation in Law LAW4011P Course
Elements Of Law For Engineers 1 LAW1011 Course
Employment Law (DPLP) LAW5177 Course
Environmental Law LAW2003 Course
EU Trade Law LAW5080 Course
European Human Rights Law LAW3025 Course
European Human Rights Project LAW4014P Course
European Legal History LAW4015 Course
European Union Law LAW2005 Course
Family Law LAW1004 Course
Family Law (DPLP) LAW5025 Course
Financial Law LAW4122 Course
Forensic Investigation LAW4097 Course
Forensic Medicine 1 LAW1014 Course
Foundations Of International Law LAW5026 Course
Freedom, Security and Justice in the EU LAW5027 Course
Fundamentals of International Law LAW5028 Course
Globalisation, Justice and Human Rights LAW4130P Course
Human Reproduction LAW4024 Course
Human Rights (DLP) LAW5031 Course
Human Rights and Scots Law LAW4025 Course
Immigration and Asylum Law LAW4026 Course
Information Law and Data Management LAW5165 Course
Institutions And Judicial Control Of The Eu LAW3019 Course
Int Competition Law 1 LAW5037 Course
Intellectual Property Law LAW4028 Course
Intellectual Property Law LAW3020 Course
International and Comparative Intellectual Property Law LAW5132 Course
International And European Human Rights Law LAW5035 Course
International Family Law Level 4 LAW4127 Course
International Finance Law LAW5041 Course
International Financial Regulation LAW5042 Course
International Human Rights Law LAW5043 Course
International Investment Law LAW5044 Course
International Law And Contemporary Problems Of World Order LAW4030 Course
International Law and International Security LAW5130 Course
International Merger Control LAW5046 Course
International Private Law LAW2006 Course
International Sales And Finance LAW5047 Course
International Trade Law LAW5040 Course
Introduction to the Creative Economy: Law, Technology & Culture LAW5163 Course
IP Law and the Market LAW5034 Course
Issues of Family Law LAW4033 Course
Jurisprudence LAW2007 Course
Jurisprudence 2 (Abroad) LAW2008 Course
Labour Law LAW2009 Course
Law & Social Theory LAW4034 Course
Law and Government LAW2010 Course
Law and Markets LAW5175 Course
Law and the Political Economy LAW3015 Course
Law in The Roman World LAW4084 Course
Law of Contract LAW1027 Course
Law Research Methods LAW5052 Course
Law Summer School LAW3010 Course
Legal History LAW4019 Course
Legal Innovation and Technology (DPLP) LAW5178 Course
Legal Profession and Legal Ethics LAW2030 Course
Legal Theory LAW3021 Course
Legal Theory LAW4040 Course
LLM Dissertation LAW5054P Course
M and A Transactions LAW5169 Course
Media Law LAW4042 Course
MRes Dissertation (Law) LAW5057P Course
Obligations 1A LAW1021 Course
Obligations 1B LAW1022 Course
Obligations: Honours LAW4046 Course
Overseas Honours Option 1 LAW4047 Course
Overseas Honours Option 2 LAW4048 Course
Participation, Communities and Users SPS5028 Course
Principles of Healthcare Law LAW3011 Course
Private Client (DPLP) LAW5061 Course
Property Law LAW2011 Course
Property Law (Honours) LAW4125P Course
Public International Law LAW1006 Course
Regulation, Policy and the Creative Economy CCPR5009 Course
Research Methods LAW5148 Course
ROLPO LAW1007 Course
Social Welfare Law LAW4126 Course
Strategic Management in the Creative Economy MGT5294 Course
The Laws of Armed Conflict LAW5154 Course
The Politics Of Labour Law LAW4095 Course
United Nations Law LAW4051 Course
United Nations Law (Politics) (MSc) LAW5069 Course

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