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Acquired Brain Injury And Clinical Neuropsychology M5 MED5092 Course
Acute and Critical Care NURSING5047 Course
Acute Kidney Injury MED5562 Course
Advanced Healthcare Practice NURSING5049 Course
Advanced Instrumentation MED5002 Course
Advanced Nucleic Acid Techniques in Medicin MED5403 Course
Advancing Clinical Skills 3 (using Schedule A) NURSING3044 Course
Applied Pharmacogenomics & Molecular Medicine MED5382 Course
Applied Statistics for Clinical and Translational research MED5366 Course
Applying Research Approaches in Health Care NURSING5063 Course
Appraisal of Current Clinical Practice MED5102P Course
Assessment in Health Professions MED5386 Course
Basic Science of Diabetes and Vascular Disease MED5400 Course
BDS 3 DENT3002 Course
BDS1 DENT1002 Course
BDS1 (Assignment Component) DENT1003 Course
BDS1 (SCCSA Component) DENT1004 Course
BDS1 (Written Examination Component) DENT1005 Course
BDS2 DENT2002 Course
BDS2 (Pre Clinical Skills Assessment Component) DENT2015 Course
BDS2 (Written Examination Component) DENT2004 Course
BDS2(OSCE Component) DENT2003 Course
BDS3 (OSCE Component) DENT3003 Course
BDS3 (Written Examination Component) DENT3004 Course
BDS4 DENT4002 Course
BDS4 (Comprehensive Oral Care Case Presentation Component) DENT4003 Course
BDS4 (Written Examination Component) DENT4004 Course
BDS5 DENT5004 Course
BDS5 (OSCE Component) DENT5005 Course
Biology of endodontic diseases, Year 1 DENT5068 Course
Biomarkers for Precision Medicine (online) MED5488 Course
Biomedical Life and Social Sciences 1 NURSING1011 Course
Biomedical life sciences for nursing 2 NURSING2013 Course
Body Systems Measurement and Imaging MED5305 Course
BSc (Med Sci) & BSc (Dent Sci) Clin. Med. Specialist Course 4: Critical Care &Perioperative Medicine MED4035 Course
BSc (Med Sci) & BSc (Dent Sci) Clinical Medicine Core Course 4 MED4039 Course
BSc (Med Sci) & BSc (Dent Sci) Clinical Medicine Research Project 4 MED4046P Course
BSc (Med Sci) & BSc (Dent Sci) Clinical Medicine Specialist Course 4: Cancer Studies MED4037 Course
BSc (Med Sci) & BSc (Dent Sci) Clinical Medicine Specialist Course 4: Cardiovascular Studies MED4038 Course
BSc (Med Sci) & BSc (Dent Sci) Clinical Medicine Specialist Course 4: Clinical Neuroscience MED4036 Course
BSc (Med Sci) & BSc (Dent Sci) Clinical Medicine Specialist Course 4: Global health in primary care MED4041 Course
BSc (Med Sci) & BSc (Dent Sci) Clinical Medicine Specialist Course 4: Inflammation Medicine MED4042 Course
BSc (Med Sci) & BSc (Dent Sci) Clinical Medicine Specialist Course 4: Molecular Pathology MED4043 Course
BSc (Med Sci) & BSc (Dent Sci) Clinical Medicine Specialist Course 4: Psychological Medicine MED4045 Course
BSc (Med Sci) & BSc (Dent Sci) Clinical Medicine Specialist Course 4: Public Health MED4044 Course
BSc (Med Sci) & BSC (Dent Sci) Clinical Medicine Specialist Course 4: Statistics MED4048 Course
BSc (Med Sci) & BSc (Dent Sci) Clinical Medicine Specialist Course 4: Women and Children's Health MED4049 Course
BSc (Med Sci) and BSc (Dent Sci) Clinical Medicine Specialist Course 4: Sport and Exercise Medicine MED4047 Course
BSc(Med Sci) & BSc(Dent Sci) Clin.Med.Specialist Course Otolaryngology(ENT)/Head & Neck Surgery MED4057 Course
Burn Injury: Adults And Paediatrics (Graduate Certificate) NURSING3002 Course
Cadaveric Dissection Techniques BIOL5246 Course
Cardio Disease Mngmt in PC MED5255 Course
Cardiovascular and Respiratory Child Health MED5503 Course
Case Investigations in Medical Genetics MED5328 Course
Case Review and Interpretation MED5006 Course
Causes of multi-organ failure MED5495 Course
Cellular and Molecular Exercise Physiology MED5338 Course
Cellular And Molecular Exercise Physiology (Z Option) (Online) MED5352 Course
Childsmile; implementation of a national oral health improvement programme DENT5086 Course
Cleft and Craniofacial Deformities DENT5076 Course
Clinical Aspects of CVD: patients and populations MED5385 Course
Clinical Consolidation Practice 3 NURSING3011 Course
Clinical Critical Care and Leadership Dissertation MED5573P Course
Clinical Critical Care Dissertation MED5563P Course
Clinical Genomics MED5425 Course
Clinical Governance and Quality Improvement MED5564 Course
Clinical Medicine MED4012 Course
Clinical Nursing Practice 1 NURSING1002 Course
Clinical Nutrition Case Studies MED5102 Course
Clinical Nutrition Research Dissertation MED5103P Course
Clinical Nutrition Specialisation MED5104 Course
Clinical Trials : Principles and Methods MED5336 Course
Communicable Diseases MED5011 Course
Community Placement 2 MED5420 Course
Context and Perspectives in Clinical Neuropsychology MED5220 Course
Critical Care Governance MED5498 Course
Critical Care, Leadership and Management dissertation MED5561P Course
Critical Care: Dissertation MED5493P Course
Cultural, Social and Biological Determinants of Mental Health MED5268 Course
Cultural, Social and Biological Determinants of Mental Health - Online MED5445 Course
Curriculum approaches and design MED5387 Course
Data Science - Identifying, combining and analysing health data sets MED5378 Course
Decontamination and Infection Control BIOL5304 Course
Degenerative Conditions And Clinical Neuropsychology M6 MED5126 Course
Dental Imaging Core DENT5054P Course
Designing Education Research MED5388 Course
Detecting Biomarkers for Precision Medicine Applications MED5592 Course
Diabetes Dissertation MED5369P Course
Dietary And Nutritional Assessment MED5127 Course
Digestion, Absorption And Nutritional Metabolism MED5128 Course
Disease Screening in Populations MED5332 Course
Dissertation 4H NURSING4024P Course
Dissertation in Health Professions Education MED5399P Course
Dissertation in Molecular Pathology MED5463P Course
Distress or Disorder: Reactions to a medical diagnosis MED5460 Course
Drug Discovery and Clinical Trials for Molecular Pathology MED5489 Course
Economic evaluation alongside clinical trials (Online) MED5374 Course
Education For Professional Practice NURSING5012 Course
Effective listening and communication skills MED5461 Course
Endodontics within the population and options for tooth replacement, Year 2 DENT5072 Course
Endodontics- Research DENT5073 Course
Epidemiology, Evidence and Statistics for Primary Care (Online) MED5439 Course
Epilepsy, Seizure And Sleep Disorders And Clinical Neuropsychology M4 MED5133 Course
Evaluation of courses and curricula MED5389 Course
Evidence in education research MED5390 Course
Evidence-based Quality Improvement MED5492 Course
Evidence-based Research in Medicine MED5351 Course
Evidence-Based Research in Medicine (DL) MED5365 Course
Evidence-Based Teaching MED5637 Course
Exercise in Clinical Populations MED5340 Course
Exercise in Clinical Populations (Z Option) (Online) MED5355 Course
Food And Nutrient Requirements And Nutrition Through The Lifecycle MED5139 Course
Forensic Investigation MED4054 Course
Forensic Medicine 1 MED1015 Course
Foundations of Decision Analytic Modelling for Health Technology Assessment (Online) MED5376 Course
Fundamental Skills in Medicine MED1017 Course
Fundamentals of Molecular Biology and Genetics for Histopathology MED5457 Course
Further Epidemiology and Statistics MED5021 Course
Further Epidemiology and Statistics MED5430 Course
Gastrointestinal Emergencies MED5565 Course
Genetic counselling in clinical practice MED5421 Course
Genetic Counselling Placement 1 MED5423 Course
Genetic Counselling Placement 2 MED5424 Course
Genetic Couselling Dissertation MED5426P Course
Genetic Disease and Clinical Practice MED5419 Course
Genetic Disease: from the Laboratory to the Clinic MED5330 Course
Global Health Challenges NURSING5064 Course
Globalisation and Public Health MED5022 Course
Governance and ethics in education research MED5398 Course
Head & Neck Surgery and Oral Medicine DENT5094 Course
Health Economics for HTA MED5023 Course
Health Promotion: Principles and Practice (Online) MED5432 Course
Health Studies And Nursing 1 NURSING1004 Course
Health Technology Assessment in a global context (Online) MED5377 Course
Health Technology Assessment: Research Project (Online) MED5277P Course
HTA: Policy and Principles MED5275 Course
Human Disease & Pathology NURSING3030 Course
Human physiological & metabolic assessment MED5345 Course
Improving Access to Mental Health Care in the Global Context - Online MED5447 Course
Independent Project NURSING5065P Course
Informing Practice Through the Evidence Base NURSING5062 Course
Integrated Biomedical And Life Sciences 2 NURSING2011 Course
Introduction to Anatomy BIOL5247 Course
Introduction to Epidemiology MED5027 Course
Introduction to Health Services Management MED5529 Course
Introduction to One Health MED5500 Course
Introduction To Sports And Exercise Science For Nutritionists MED5146 Course
Introduction To Statistical Methods MED5029 Course
Laboratory Techniques in For MED5030 Course
Laboratory Techniques in Oral Sciences MED5412 Course
Leadership & Management in Critical Care MED5566 Course
Leadership and Management 4H NURSING4025 Course
Leadership in Contemporary Health Care NURSING5051 Course
Leadership in Health Professions Education MED5391 Course
Leading Care - Putting leadership into the health and social care context NURSING5059 Course
Leading improvement in care provision NURSING5060 Course
Learning in Health Professions MED5392 Course
Lymphoedema Advanced Practice NURSING5046P Course
Lymphoedema Specialist Practice NURSING4022P Course
Lymphoedema: application of core skills & knowledge NURSING3041P Course
Lymphoedema: core skills & knowledge NURSING3040P Course
Management of endodontic problems and failure, Year 2 DENT5071 Course
Management of multi-organ failure MED5494 Course
Managing Complex Lymphoedema NURSING5045P Course
Managing Complex Lymphoedema NURSING4021P Course
Managing Health Care Organisations MED5040 Course
Managing the health professions curriculum MED5393 Course
MBChB 1 Coursework MED1004 Course
MBChB 1st Year MED1003 Course
MBChB 2 Coursework MED2005 Course
MBChB 2nd Year MED2004 Course
MBChB 3 Coursework MED3003 Course
MBChB 3rd Year MED3004 Course
MBChB 4th Year MED4004 Course
MBChB 5 Clinical Exam MED5033 Course
MBChB Written Final Paper MED5034 Course
MBCHB1 Written Paper (MB1) MED1005 Course
MBCHB2 Written Paper (MB2) MED2006 Course
MBChB4 Written Paper MED4050 Course
Medical Genetics Dissertation MED5329P Course
Medical Ind Learning Exam MB MED1006 Course
Mental Health and Disability: International Law and Policy MED5266 Course
Mental Health and Disability: International Law and Policy - Online MED5450 Course
Mental Health Promotion Across the Life-span MED5271 Course
Mental Health Promotion Across the Life-span - Online MED5449 Course
Miscellaneous Paediatric Sub-Specialities MED5504 Course
Molecular Pathology MED5410 Course
Molecular Tests and Techniques for Histopathology MED5458 Course
MSc Health Services Management Independent Project MED5530P Course
MSc Medical Visualisation and Human Anatomy EXT5146 Course
MSc Sport and Exercise Science & Medicine - Dissertation MED5212P Course
Multidisciplinary Approaches to Molecular Pathology MED5459 Course
Neurocritical Care MED5567 Course
Neurosciences For Clinical Neuropsychology MED5159 Course
Nursing 3 NURSING3024 Course
Nursing 3H NURSING3025 Course
Nursing and Health Studies 2 NURSING2012 Course
Nursing And Health Studies 2 NURSING2004 Course
Nursing And Integrated Biomedical & Life Sciences 1 NURSING1005 Course
Nursing Policy In Context 4H NURSING4026 Course
Nutrition in Critical Care MED5568 Course
Nutrition In Depth Review MED5481 Course
Nutrition Research Proposal MED5480 Course
Obesity & Weight Management MED5487 Course
Obesity And Weight Management Research Dissertation MED5160P Course
Obesity And Weight Management Specialisation MED5161 Course
Objective Struct Clin Exam 2 (MB) MED2007 Course
Objective Structured Clinical Exam 3 (MB) MED3005 Course
One Health: Dissertation MED5501P Course
Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Research DENT5075 Course
Oral Health MED5054 Course
Oral Pathology DENT5082 Course
Oral Sciences Research Methods MED5484 Course
Oral Sciences Research Skills DENT5095 Course
Outcome measurement and valuation for Health Technology Assessment (Online) MED5379 Course
Paediatric Gastroenterology and Endocrinology MED5505 Course
Paediatric Neurological Conditions And Clinical Neuropsychology M8 MED5163 Course
Paediatric Neurology MED5506 Course
Paediatric Public and Social Health MED5507 Course
Pathogenesis of Oral Disease MED5485 Course
Patient Empowerment: Supporting decisions relating to new diagnoses MED5462 Course
Pharmacogenomics & Molecular Medicine - Fundamentals of Molecular Medicine MED5381 Course
Physical Activity and Health: Public Health and Behaviour Change MED5344 Course
Physical Activity and Health: Public Health, Policy and Behavioural Change (X Option) (Online) MED5360 Course
Physiological & Exercise Testing - Aerobic Fitness and Physical Activity MED5346 Course
Physiological & Exercise Testing - Strength, power and intensity domains MED5347 Course
Plastic And Reconstructive Surgery: Adults And Paediatrics (Graduate Certificate) NURSING3027 Course
Population Screening for Disease MED5540 Course
Postgraduate Certificate In Child Health MED5065 Course
Practice Learning Experience 2 NURSING2010 Course
Practice Learning Experience 3H NURSING3013 Course
Principles in public health DL MED5434 Course
Principles of Forensic Toxic MED5067 Course
Principles of Public Health MED5068 Course
Principles Of Reconstructive Plastic Surgery And Burn Injury Care (Graduate Certificate) NURSING3028 Course
Professional Issues And Research Design In Clinical Neuropsychology M2 MED5173 Course
Professional Practice in Spiritual and Religious Care in Health and Social Care NURSING5027 Course
Professional, Life, and Study Skills MED1016 Course
Programming Skills for the Clinical Scientist MED5299 Course
Project MED5070P Course
Project (International) NURSING5053P Course
Providing Spiritual and Religious Care in Health and Social Care NURSING5029 Course
Psychosocial Approaches To Public Health MED5075 Course
Public Health and Eating Behaviour MED5180 Course
Public Health Nutrition Research Dissertation MED5181P Course
Public Health Nutrition Specialisation MED5182 Course
Qualitative Research Methods MED5077 Course
Quality Improvement in Health Care MED5406 Course
Radiation Physics in Imaging MED5303 Course
Radiotherapy Physics MED5302 Course
Research and Laboratory Management MED5081 Course
Research and Scientific Writing Skills MED5569 Course
Research and scientific writing skills MED5496 Course
Research Approaches in Health Care NURSING5066 Course
Research Dissertation MED5368P Course
Research Dissertation in Health Professions Education MED5394P Course
Research Dissertation in Medical Physics MED5306P Course
Research Dissertation in Oral Sciences MED5486P Course
Research Dissertation Or Work Based Audit & Service Evaluation NURSING5030P Course
Research Methods MED5082 Course
Research Methods (Online) MED5468 Course
Research Methods (Qualitative, Quantitative and Health Economics) MED5272 Course
Research Methods 3 NURSING3029 Course
Respiratory Failure MED5570P Course
Respiratory Failure MED5570 Course
Scientific management MED5300 Course
Sepsis MED5497 Course
Sepsis: Definitions, Diagnosis and Management MED5571P Course
Simulation in Health Professions Education MED5395 Course
SNP Assay Design and Validation MED5331 Course
Social Science Research Methods (Genetic Counselling) MED5422 Course
Sport and Exercise Medicine in Practice MED5348 Course
Sport and Exercise Science and Medicine MSc MED5212 Course
Sports And Exercise Nutrition MED5491 Course
Sports And Exercise Nutrition Research Dissertation MED5198P Course
Sports And Exercise Nutrition Specialisation MED5199 Course
Sports Injuries: Clinical Sports Injuries (X Option) (Online) MED5354 Course
Statistical methods for Health Technology Assessment and Evidence Based Medicine MED5372 Course
Statistics 1 MED5341 Course
Statistics for the clinical scientist MED5304 Course
Stroke And Clinical Neuropsychology M7 MED5201 Course
Structure and Function of Human Body BIOL5248 Course
Student Selected Component 1 (MB2) MED2010 Course
Student Selected Component 2 (MB3) MED3006 Course
Student Selected Component 4 (MB4) MED4005 Course
Substance Use in the Contemporary World MED5632 Course
Survival analysis for Health Technology Assessment (Online) MED5380 Course
Teaching and assessment of clinical skills MED5396 Course
Teaching Healthcare Professionals MED5613 Course
Teaching in Health Professions MED5397 Course
Temporomandibular Joint Diseases DENT5038 Course
The Physics of Medical Imaging MED5301 Course
The World Class Athlete (Z Option) (Online) MED5363 Course
Themes in Global Mental Health MED5586 Course
Therapeutics and Diagnostics in Oral Sciences DENT5096 Course
Topics in Therapeutics - Commonly used drugs MED5384 Course
Topics In Therapeutics - General topics, cardiovascular and diabetes drugs MED5383 Course
Transforming care services NURSING5061 Course
Translational Medical Research Approaches MED5428 Course
Trauma and Multi-organ Failure MED5572 Course
Written Paper (MB3) MED3008 Course

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