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Advanced Introduction to Perception and Cognition PSYCH2014 Course
Advanced Topics in Evolutionary Psychology PSYCH4063 Course
Advanced Topics in Evolutionary Psychology (PGT Conv) PSYCH5068 Course
Analysis of Psychometric Data 4H PSYCH4080 Course
Applied Qualitative Methods in Psychology (International Only) PSYCH4072 Course
Atypical Development 4H PSYCH4051 Course
Autism (PGT Conv) PSYCH5042 Course
CHIP (Conceptual and Historical Issues in Psychology) (Conv) PSYCH5078 Course
Cognitive Brain Imaging Methods (PGT) PSYCH5022 Course
Cognitive Neuroscience of Ageing 4H PSYCH4019 Course
Cognitive Neuroscience: Insights into Brain Plasticity 4H PSYCH4018 Course
Cognitive Psychology (PGT Conv) PSYCH5061 Course
Cognitive Psychology L3 PSYCH4002 Course
Cognitive Psychology_Psych Studies PSYCH3002 Course
Computational Neuroscience 4H PSYCH4059 Course
Concep & Historical Iss L3 PSYCH4003 Course
Concepts and Historical Issue in Psychology_Psych Studies PSYCH3005 Course
Conceptual And Historical Issues In Psychology (PGT Conv) PSYCH5027 Course
Counselling Psychology 4H PSYCH4085 Course
Current Issues In Psychology (PGT Conv ODL) PSYCH5082 Course
Current Issues In Psychology (PGT Conv) PSYCH5034 Course
Current Issues In Psychology_Psych Studies PSYCH3003 Course
Current Trends in Clinical Psychology (PGT Conv) PSYCH5071 Course
Current Trends in Clinical Psychology 4H PSYCH4081 Course
Development, Difference & Diversity (PGT Conv ODL) PSYCH5081 Course
Development, Difference & Diversity (PGT Conv) PSYCH5037 Course
fMRi in Biopsychology (PGT Conv) PSYCH5060 Course
fMRI in Biopsychology 4H PSYCH4023 Course
Forensic Psychology (PGT Conv ODL) PSYCH5084 Course
Forensic Psychology (PGT Conv) PSYCH5048 Course
Forensic Psychology 4H PSYCH4024 Course
From Visual Awareness to Free Will (PGT Conv) PSYCH5070 Course
From Visual Awareness to Free Will 4H PSYCH4066 Course
Group Research Project_Psych Studies PSYCH3004 Course
Health Neuroscience 4H PSYCH4082 Course
Health Psychology ADED11003E Course
Human Development (PGT Conv) PSYCH5067 Course
Human Development 3H PSYCH4006 Course
Human Development_Psych Studies PSYCH3006 Course
Individual Differences (PGT Conv) PSYCH5049 Course
Individual Differences 3H PSYCH4039 Course
Individual Differences _Psych Studies PSYCH3007 Course
Interaction and Communication 4H PSYCH4027 Course
Introduction to Applications of Psychology PSYCH1010 Course
Introduction to MatLab Programming (PGT) PSYCH5016 Course
Introduction to Mental Health and Disability MED5448 Course
Introduction to Mental Health and Disability MED5267 Course
Language and Meaning 4H PSYCH4028 Course
Leadership 4H PSYCH4029 Course
Literature Review 4H PSYCH4060 Course
Maxi Project 4H PSYCH4007P Course
Neuropsychological Deficits (PGT Conv) PSYCH5051 Course
Neuropsychological Deficits 4H PSYCH4031 Course
Neuroscience of Decision Making (PGT Conv) PSYCH5069 Course
Neuroscience of Decision Making 4H PSYCH4064 Course
Perception And Visual Cognition (PGT Conv) PSYCH5028 Course
Perception And Visual Cognition 3H PSYCH4008 Course
Physiological Psychology (Conversion) ODL PSYCH5079 Course
Physiological Psychology L3 PSYCH4009 Course
Physiological Psychology Level 3 PSYCH4065 Course
Professional Skills (PGT Conv) PSYCH5030 Course
Professional Skills (PGT) PSYCH5017 Course
Professional Skills 3H PSYCH4011 Course
Professional Skills_Psych Studies PSYCH3001 Course
Psy 4H Single:Sleep & Circ Tim PSYCH4040 Course
Psych 1A: Biolog/Experim PSYCH1001 Course
Psych 1B: Soc.Dev. & Ind. PSYCH1002 Course
Psychology 2A PSYCH2010 Course
Psychology 2B PSYCH2011 Course
Psychology 4H Single: Advanced Qualitative Methods in Psychology PSYCH4050 Course
Psychology 4H Single: Autism Spectrum Disorders PSYCH4014 Course
Psychology and Biology of Mental Disorders (PGT Conv) PSYCH5053 Course
Psychology and Biology of Mental Disorders 4H PSYCH4034 Course
Psychology of Language (PGT) PSYCH5023 Course
Psychometrics 3H PSYCH4088 Course
Quantitative Research Methods Mini Project 3H PSYCH4058 Course
Research Methods MED5499 Course
Research Methods (PGT Conv Online Distance Learning) PSYCH5075 Course
Research Methods (PGT Conv) PSYCH5055 Course
Research Methods 1 (Conversion) ODL PSYCH5080 Course
Research Methods 2 PSYCH5019 Course
Research Methods 2 (PGT Conv ODL) PSYCH5086 Course
Research Methods for Reproducible Science 2 (PGT Conv) PSYCH5089 Course
Research Methods in Cognitive Science (PGT) PSYCH5018 Course
Research Methods Reproducible Science 1 (PGT Conv) PSYCH5088 Course
Sleep & Circadian Timing (International Only) PSYCH4076 Course
Sleep and Circadian Timing (PGT Conv) PSYCH5056 Course
Sleep and Circadian Timing (PGT) PSYCH5026 Course
Social Cognition 4H PSYCH4012 Course
Social Psychology (PGT Conv ODL) PSYCH5087 Course
Social Psychology (PGT Conv) PSYCH5033 Course
Social Psychology 3H PSYCH4036 Course
Social Psychology and Health 4H PSYCH4083 Course
Social Psychology_ Psych Studies PSYCH3008 Course
Social Robotics (PGT) PSYCH5090 Course
Social Robotics 4H PSYCH4086 Course
Statistics & Research Design (PGT) PSYCH5020 Course
Statistics L3 PSYCH4037 Course
The Offline Brain 4H PSYCH4087 Course
The Research Cycle (PGT) PSYCH5077 Course
Visual Perception and Cognition (PGT) PSYCH5021 Course
What Can Psychology Tell Us About Disability? ADED11102E Course

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