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Adv Systems Programming (H) COMPSCI4089 Course
Adv Systems Programming (M) COMPSCI5083 Course
Advanced Networked Systems (H) COMPSCI4091 Course
Advanced Networking and Communications (H) COMPSCI4002 Course
Advanced Op Systems (M) COMPSCI5001 Course
Advanced Programming (M) COMPSCI5002 Course
Advanced PSE COMPSCI2025 Course
Advanced Software Engineering Practices (H) COMPSCI4071 Course
Alg Foundations 2 COMPSCI2003 Course
Algorithmics COMPSCI2026 Course
Algorithmics I (H) COMPSCI4009 Course
Algorithmics II (H) COMPSCI4003 Course
Algorithms & Data Structures COMPSCI5004 Course
Algs & Data Structures 2 COMPSCI2007 Course
Artificial Intelligence (H) COMPSCI4004 Course
Artificial Intelligence (M) COMPSCI5087 Course
Big Data (H) COMPSCI4064 Course
Big Data (M) COMPSCI5088 Course
Coaching Software Teams (H) COMPSCI4094 Course
Coaching Software Teams (M) COMPSCI5113 Course
Comp Architecture and Networks COMPSCI2027 Course
Comp Sci Study Abroad 2 COMPSCI2022 Course
Comp Sci Study Abroad 3 COMPSCI3006 Course
Comp Science 1PX Alternate COMPSCI1017 Course
Comp Social Intelligence (H) COMPSCI4080 Course
Comp Social Intelligence (M) COMPSCI5095 Course
Computer Architecture (H) COMPSCI4007 Course
Computer Science - Introduction to Programming COMPSCI1027 Course
Computing Science - 1CT COMPSCI1016 Course
Computing Science - 1S COMPSCI1018 Course
Computing Science 1P (Half Course) COMPSCI1005 Course
Computing Science 1P Standard COMPSCI1001 Course
Computing Science 1Q COMPSCI1002 Course
Computing Science 2P: Java and Object Oriented Software Engineering 2 COMPSCI2020 Course
Constraint Programming (M) COMPSCI5006 Course
Conversational Interfaces (M) COMPSCI5094 Course
Crypto Secure Dev (M) COMPSCI5079 Course
CS1F - Computing Fundamentals COMPSCI1006 Course
CS2Q:Comp Fundamentals 2 COMPSCI2002 Course
CS2T:Comp Systems 2 COMPSCI2005 Course
CS3Q:Advanced Prog 3 COMPSCI4010 Course
CSE Theory & Practice (H) COMPSCI4100 Course
CVMA (H) COMPSCI4066 Course
Cyber Security Fundamentals H COMPSCI4062 Course
Cyber Security Fundamentals M COMPSCI5063 Course
Data Fundamentals (H) COMPSCI4073 Course
Data Science and Systems COMPSCI5089 Course
Data Science Fundamentals COMPSCI2028 Course
Data Storage and Retrieval COMPSCI2029 Course
Database Systems (H) COMPSCI4013 Course
Database Theory & Analytics(M) COMPSCI5076 Course
Deep Learning (M) COMPSCI5085 Course
Deep Learning MSc (M) COMPSCI5103 Course
Distributed Algorithms and Systems (H) COMPSCI4019 Course
Distributed Algorithms and Systems (SIT) SIT4024 Course
Distributed and Parallel Technologies (H) COMPSCI4082 Course
Distributed and Parallel Technologies (M) COMPSCI5084 Course
Enterprise Cyber Security (M) COMPSCI5077 Course
Forensics (M) COMPSCI5080 Course
Foundation Mathematics for Computing Science and Software Engineering 1 COMPSCI1028 Course
Foundations of PSE COMPSCI1019 Course
FR Admin course COMPSCI1030 Course
Functional Programming (H) COMPSCI4021 Course
HCI DE (M) COMPSCI5057 Course
How to Learn a New Language COMPSCI1020 Course
Human-Centred Security (M) COMPSCI5060 Course
Human-Centred Security for MSc (M) COMPSCI5105 Course
Human-Computer Interaction (H) COMPSCI4023 Course
Human-Computer Interaction (M) COMPSCI5111 Course
Ind Project (H) (Single) COMPSCI4025P Course
Individual Project (H) (Comb) COMPSCI4024P Course
Information Retrieval (H) COMPSCI4069 Course
Information Retrieval (M) COMPSCI5011 Course
Information Visualisation (M) COMPSCI5099 Course
Interactive Systems (H) COMPSCI4014 Course
Internet Technology (M) COMPSCI5012 Course
Intro to Object Oriented COMPSCI2001 Course
IT Architecture (M) COMPSCI5013 Course
Level 1 Enrolment COMPSCI9003 Course
Level 2 Enrolment COMPSCI9004 Course
Level 3 Enrolment COMPSCI9005 Course
Level 3 Unix Course COMPSCI9001 Course
Level 4 Enrolment COMPSCI9006 Course
Level 5 Enrolment COMPSCI9007 Course
Machine Learning & AI for DS COMPSCI5100 Course
Machine Learning (H) COMPSCI4061 Course
Machine Learning (M) COMPSCI5014 Course
Mobile HCI (H) COMPSCI4068 Course
Mobile HCI (M) COMPSCI5015 Course
Mobile HCI for MSc COMPSCI5112 Course
Modelling Reactive Systems (H) COMPSCI4031 Course
Modelling Reactive Systems (M) COMPSCI5075 Course
MSc CS+ Enrolment COMPSCI9009 Course
MSc IT+ Enrolment COMPSCI9008 Course
MSc IT+ Team Project (M) COMPSCI5074 Course
MSc Project CS+ COMPSCI5086P Course
MSc Project for Computing Science (SOCIAL) COMPSCI5098P Course
MSc Project IT+ COMPSCI5018P Course
MSci (SY) Project COMPSCI5082P Course
MSci Proposal & Project COMPSCI5073P Course
MSci Proposal&Project (Half) COMPSCI5072P Course
Multimedia Systems and Applications (H) COMPSCI4033 Course
Multimedia Systems and Applications (M) COMPSCI5066 Course
Networked Systems (H) COMPSCI4012 Course
NOSE 2 COMPSCI2024 Course
OOSE2 COMPSCI2008 Course
Operating Systems (H) COMPSCI4011 Course
Patient Centred HealthTech COMPSCI4101 Course
Practical Algorithms COMPSCI1021 Course
Prof Issues in the Workplace COMPSCI3012 Course
Prof S/W Development (H) COMPSCI4015 Course
Prof Skills & Issues (H) COMPSCI4038 Course
Programming COMPSCI4039 Course
Programming for AI (M) COMPSCI5097 Course
Programming Languages (H) COMPSCI4016 Course
Programming Systems COMPSCI4084 Course
Project Rsch Readings in CS COMPSCI5003 Course
PSI3(SIT) (Professional Issues (SIT) Summer) SIT4037 Course
Recommender Sys (H) COMPSCI4075 Course
Recommender Sys (M) COMPSCI5091 Course
Research Methods & Techs (M) COMPSCI5025 Course
Research Methods & Techniques (H) COMPSCI4065 Course
Research Professional Skills COMPSCI5092 Course
Robotics Foundations (H) COMPSCI4076 Course
Safety Critical Systems 4 COMPSCI4045 Course
Safety-Critical Systems Development (M) COMPSCI5068 Course
SE Release Practices (H) COMPSCI4102 Course
SE Release Practices (M) COMPSCI5115 Course
Secured Software Eng MSc (M) COMPSCI5104 Course
Secured Software Eng (M) COMPSCI5093 Course
Soft Eng YL Ind Placement COMPSCI4079 Course
Software Eng (M) COMPSCI5059 Course
Software Eng Summer Plcmnt (H) COMPSCI4046 Course
Software Eng Year Review (M) COMPSCI5101 Course
Software Engineering M3 COMPSCI3005 Course
Software Project Management (M) COMPSCI5029 Course
Spatial Skills 1 COMPSCI1026 Course
Start-up Growth Engineering H COMPSCI4087 Course
Succeed in Uni Study in CS COMPSCI2023 Course
Systems And Networks COMPSCI4043 Course
Systems Programming COMPSCI2030 Course
Systems Programming (H) COMPSCI4081 Course
Team Project (H) COMPSCI4047 Course
Team Project 3 COMPSCI3004 Course
Team Project ESE (H) COMPSCI4044 Course
Team Project Minor (H) COMPSCI4070 Course
Testing and Improvement COMPSCI1022 Course
Text as Data (H) COMPSCI4074 Course
Text as Data (M) COMPSCI5096 Course
Text as Data for MSc COMPSCI5106 Course
Theory of Computation (H) COMPSCI4072 Course
User Interaction COMPSCI2031 Course
Web App Development 2 COMPSCI2021 Course
Web Application Systems COMPSCI1023 Course
Web Science (H) COMPSCI4077 Course
Web Science (M) COMPSCI5078 Course
Web Science for MSc COMPSCI5107 Course
Workplace Assessment Year 1 COMPSCI1024 Course
Workplace Assessment Year 2 COMPSCI2033 Course
Workplace Assessment Year 3 COMPSCI3011 Course
Workplace Assessment Year 4 COMPSCI4085P Course
Workplace Project Supplement COMPSCI4093P Course

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