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Name Code Type
Advances in Lower Limb Anatomy option BIOL4272 Course
Anatomical Imaging Techniques Option BIOL4275 Course
Anatomy 3A BIOL4230 Course
Anatomy 3B BIOL4231 Course
Anatomy Advanced Studies BIOL4003 Course
Animal Biology 3A BIOL3001 Course
Animal Biology 3B BIOL3002 Course
Applying Ecology - Conservation and Management of Populations option BIOL4005 Course
Autonomic Nervous System option BIOL4007 Course
Bacterial Virulence option BIOL4221 Course
Behavioural Ecology option BIOL4008 Course
Bio-Imaging in Life Sciences Option BIOL4190 Course
Biochemistry 3A BIOL4009 Course
Biochemistry 3B BIOL4010 Course
Biochemistry Advanced Studies BIOL4011 Course
Biology 1A BIOL1001 Course
Biology 1B BIOL1002 Course
Biomolecular Sciences 3A: M&CB BIOL3005 Course
Biomolecular Sciences 3B: M&CB BIOL3008 Course
Biotechnology option BIOL4021 Course
Cancer (M&CB) opt BIOL4023 Course
Cardiovascular Pharmacology and Therapeutics option BIOL4024 Course
Cardiovascular Science option BIOL4025 Course
Cell Compartmentalisation and Function option BIOL4191 Course
Cell Physiology of Exercise option BIOL4026 Course
Cell Signalling and Disease option BIOL4027 Course
Cent Approaches in Biochem opt BIOL4029 Course
Chemotherapy, Resistance and Parasite Control option BIOL4030 Course
Clinical Applied Anatomy option BIOL4031 Course
CNS Neurotransmitters and Drug Development option BIOL4032 Course
Contemporary Issues in Neuroscience option BIOL4258 Course
Core Skills for Modern Anatomists option BIOL4270 Course
Core Skills in Microbiology, Parasitology and Virology option BIOL4033 Course
Core Skills in Molecular and Cellular Biology option BIOL4034 Course
Core Skills in Pharmacology - Drug Discovery & Development option BIOL4182 Course
Current Directions in Life Sciences 1 (Online) BIOL1012 Course
Current Topics in Genetics option BIOL4211 Course
Developmental Neuroscience option BIOL4035 Course
Dietary Assessment and Nutritional Epidemiology option BIOL4036 Course
Disease Ecology option BIOL4216 Course
Diseases of the Nervous System option BIOL4038 Course
DNA opt BIOL4039 Course
Emerging Viruses option BIOL4223 Course
Energy Balance: Impact of Lifestyle option BIOL4267 Course
Environmental Biology 1 BIOL1010 Course
Evolution - Pattern and Process option BIOL4042 Course
Exercise and Sports Nutrition option BIOL4043 Course
Forensic Applications Biol opt BIOL4049 Course
Freshwater Ecology option BIOL4050 Course
Functional Anatomy for International Pre-Medical Students (Semester 1) BIOL2023 Course
Functional Anatomy for International Pre-Medical Students (Semester 2) BIOL2038 Course
Functional Foods option BIOL4268 Course
Functional Measurement in Biological Research option BIOL4225 Course
Fundamental Topics in Biology 2 BIOL2039 Course
Fundamental Topics in Immunology A option BIOL4184 Course
Fundamental Topics in Immunology B option BIOL4185 Course
Genes & Development Option BIOL4125 Course
Genes, Molecules and Cells 2 BIOL2042 Course
Genetics 3A BIOL4051 Course
Genetics 3B BIOL4052 Course
Genetics Advanced Studies BIOL4053 Course
Grand Challenges in Medical Microbiology option BIOL4222 Course
Human Biological Sciences 2 BIOL2043 Course
Human Biology 3A BIOL4228 Course
Human Biology 3B BIOL4229 Course
Human Biology Advanced Studies 4 BIOL4227 Module
Human Life Sciences 3A BIOL3027 Course
Human Life Sciences 3B BIOL3028 Course
Human Molecular Genetics opt BIOL4055 Course
Immunological Basis of Inflammatory Disease option BIOL4186 Course
Immunology 3A BIOL4056 Course
Immunology 3B BIOL4057 Course
Immunology Advanced Studies BIOL4187 Course
Immunology of Infection Option BIOL4189 Course
Infection Biology 3A BIOL3010 Course
Infection Biology 3B BIOL3011 Course
Investigating Biological Function option BIOL4064 Course
Key Skills in Biology 2 BIOL2040 Course
Marine & Freshwater Biology 3A BIOL4065 Course
Marine & Freshwater Biology 3B BIOL4066 Course
Marine & Freshwater Biology Advanced Studies BIOL4068 Course
Marine Mammal Biology option BIOL4210 Course
Medical Microbiology 3A BIOL4092 Course
Medical Microbiology 3B BIOL4093 Course
Medical Virology option BIOL4224 Course
Microbiology Advanced Studies BIOL4072 Course
Microbiology and Immunology 2 BIOL2044 Course
Mitochondrial Biology option BIOL4259 Course
Molecular & Cellular Biol 3A BIOL4074 Course
Molecular & Cellular Biol 3B BIOL4075 Course
Molecular & Cellular Biology Advanced Studies BIOL4078 Course
Molecular and Biochemical Parasitology option BIOL4077 Course
Molecular Basis of Disease Processes option BIOL4079 Course
Molecular Research Skills BIOL5229 Course
Molecular Virology option BIOL4082 Course
Neuronal Networks in Health and Disease option BIOL4001 Course
Neuroscience 3A BIOL4234 Course
Neuroscience 3B BIOL4235 Course
Neuroscience Advanced Studies BIOL4086 Course
Nutrition Advanced Studies BIOL4269 Course
Parasites, Disease and Immunity option BIOL4089 Course
Parasitology Advanced Studies BIOL4090 Course
Performance Enhancing Techniques option BIOL4214 Course
Perspectives on Cognitive Neuroscience option BIOL4266 Course
Pharmacology 3A BIOL4236 Course
Pharmacology 3B BIOL4237 Course
Pharmacology Advanced Studies BIOL4095 Course
Physical Activity and Public Health option BIOL4097 Course
Physical Activity, Fitness and Metabolic Health option BIOL4098 Course
Physiological Determinants of Performance option BIOL4215 Course
Physiological Ecology of Marine Animals option BIOL4100 Course
Physiology & Sports Science 3A BIOL4107 Course
Physiology & Sports Science 3B BIOL4108 Course
Physiology & Sports Science Advanced Studies BIOL4102 Course
Physiology 3A BIOL4238 Course
Physiology 3B BIOL4239 Course
Physiology Advanced Studies BIOL4105 Course
Plant Biotechnology BIOL5312 Course
Plant Biotechnology option BIOL4110 Course
Plant Molecular Biology option BIOL4112 Course
Problems in Mammalian Reproduction option BIOL4117 Course
Recombinant Protein Expression BIOL5305 Course
Respiration option BIOL4119 Course
Sports Science 3A BIOL3015 Course
Sports Science 3B BIOL3016 Course
Statistics for the Life Sciences (Sem 1) 4Y option BIOL4281 Course
Stem Cells option BIOL4123 Course
Tissue & Cell Engineering option BIOL4124 Course
Tropical Ecology Opt BIOL4183 Course
Tropical Marine Biology option BIOL4126 Course
Tropical Rainforest Ecol opt BIOL4127 Course
Virology Advanced Studies BIOL4131 Course
Zoology 3A BIOL4137 Course
Zoology 3B BIOL4138 Course
Zoology Advanced Studies BIOL4135 Course

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Title Semester Last updated
Human Biology Level 3 Semester Year 2019/20 17/06/2019 23:00:41
Human Biology Level 3 Semester Year 2018/19 Ended 31/08/2019 12/02/2019 09:18:52
Human Biology Level 3 Semester Year 2017/18 Ended 31/08/2018 20/10/2017 14:23:09