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An Introduction to Comparative Literature COMPLIT5030 Course
Approaches to Translation and the Professional Environment FRENCH5026 Course
Approaches to Translation and the Professional Environment (Nankai) MODLANG5024 Course
Bande Dessinee FRENCH4002 Course
Borges, The World And Text HISP4003 Course
Brave New Worlds: Russian Culture in the Age of Revolution RUSSIAN4040 Course
Brecht GERMAN4060 Course
Catalan 1 HISP4005 Course
Catalan 2 HISP4006 Course
Catalan Society HISP4113 Course
Censorship In Western Culture SLAV4001 Course
Chinese 2 (Early Exit) MODLANG2001 Course
Chinese 2 (Mandarin) MODLANG2002 Course
Chinese Language 1 LANGCTR5016 Course
Chinese Language 2 LANGCTR5015 Course
Classic European Cinema East and West COMPLIT4028 Course
Comparative Literature 1A COMPLIT1001 Course
Comparative Literature 1B COMPLIT1002 Course
Comparative Literature 1C: Heroism in Slavonic Cultures COMPLIT1011 Course
Comparative Literature 2A COMPLIT2001 Course
Comparative Literature 2B COMPLIT2002 Course
Comparative Literature 2C: Frontiers in Slavonic Cinema COMPLIT2010 Course
Comparative Literature Dissertation COMPLIT4001P Course
Consumption, Culture and Society in Modern France FRENCH4095 Course
Cultural and Social Change in Contemporary Spain HISP4104 Course
Czech 1 CZECH1001 Course
Czech 2 CZECH2001 Course
Czech 3 CZECH3001 Course
Czech Cinema CZECH4001 Course
Czech For Social Scientists (Beginners) CZECH5003 Course
Czech for Social Scientists Beginners Semester 2 MODLANG5022 Course
Czech Language 3 CZECH3002 Course
Czech Writers CZECH4030 Course
Czech, Polish And Russian Women's Writing In English Translation CZECH4003 Course
Divided Italy: History, Memory and Identity ITALIAN4052 Course
EAP 1 - Academic English and Skills for International Undergraduates (Semester 1) LANGCTR1011 Course
European and Latin American Cinema FRENCH5010 Course
European Narratives of Illness GERMAN2014 Course
European Narratives of Illness. Medical and Literary Case Histories 1783-1933 GERMAN5001 Course
Exploring Latin America through Film HISP4097 Course
Food and Culture in France FRENCH4104 Course
Foundational Fictions: The Nineteenth Century HISP4114 Course
French Language 2 FRENCH2011 Course
French 1 Beginners (Early Exit) FRENCH1010 Course
French 3 Language FRENCH3002 Course
French 3 Language and Culture FRENCH3001 Course
French Cinema FRENCH4006 Course
French Culture 1 (Non-Begs) FRENCH1004 Course
French Culture 2 FRENCH2010 Course
French Honours Written Language (Junior) FRENCH4085 Course
French Language 1 (Beginners) FRENCH1005 Course
French Language 1 (Non-Begs) FRENCH1006 Course
French Song and Society: From Troubadours to Rap FRENCH4079 Course
French Travel Writing FRENCH4027 Course
German 1 Beginners (Early Exit) GERMAN1010 Course
German 3 Language GERMAN3001 Course
German 3 Language and Culture GERMAN3002 Course
German Culture 1 (Non-Begs) GERMAN1002 Course
German Culture 2 GERMAN2010 Course
German Dissertation GERMAN4002P Course
German Film GERMAN4040 Course
German For Engineers (Language Centre) LANGCTR1010 Course
German Junior Language Project GERMAN4003 Course
German Language 1 (Beginners) GERMAN1003 Course
German Language 1 (Non-Beginners) GERMAN1004 Course
German Language 2 GERMAN2011 Course
Golden Age Iberia in Glasgo... HISP4079 Course
Hispanic Dissertation HISP4015P Course
Hispanic Studies Language 3 HISP3003 Course
Hispanic Studies Level 3 (Socrates) HISP3004 Course
Holocaust Literature and Film SLAV4041 Course
Honour and Shame in Italian Culture: Emotions and Performance ITALIAN4057 Course
Honours Portuguese Language 1 HISP4060 Course
Hons Spoken Portuguese HISP4008 Course
Images of Women in 20th century Hispanic Culture HISP4106 Course
Intercultural Readings COMPLIT4002 Course
Interpreting Skills In Spanish HISP4019 Course
Italian 1 Beginners (Early Exit) ITALIAN1009 Course
Italian 3 Language and Culture ITALIAN3001 Course
Italian Cinema: Migration, Displacement and Exile in Films and Documentaries ITALIAN4056 Course
Italian Culture 1 (Non-Begs) ITALIAN1003 Course
Italian Culture 2 ITALIAN2010 Course
Italian Dissertation ITALIAN4002P Course
Italian Junior Honours Language Project: Region And Culture ITALIAN4003 Course
Italian Language 1 (Beginners) ITALIAN1004 Course
Italian Language 1 (Non-Beginners) ITALIAN1005 Course
Italian Language 2 ITALIAN2011 Course
Italian Modernism: Svevo And Pirandello ITALIAN4004 Course
Italian Opera ITALIAN4042 Course
Italian Postcolonial Women's Writing ITALIAN4055 Course
Italian Resistance To Fascism 1943-45 ITALIAN4005 Course
Italian Senior Honours Language Project: Contemporary Society ITALIAN4006 Course
Language And Socio-Cultural Identity In Modern France FRENCH4010 Course
Late 19c French Poetry FRENCH4011 Course
Latin American Cinema MODLANG4011 Course
Mandarin Advanced Translation and Language Study 2 (Nankai) NANKAI5017 Course
Medievalism and Orientalism in Hispanic America HISP4115 Course
Mexico: Past, Present And Future HISP4021 Course
MLitt Modern Languages and Cultures Dissertation FRENCH5032P Course
Narrating the City: Representation of Urban Space in Literature and Film COMPLIT4027 Course
Narratives of Illness:German Medical and Literary Case Histories in their European Context 1783-1933 GERMAN4058 Course
Nineteenth-century French literature and the language of race FRENCH4096 Course
PG Beginner German 1 GERMAN5009 Course
PG Beginner Italian 2 ITALIAN5009 Course
PG Beginner Spanish 2 HISP5025 Course
PG Intermediate Italian ITALIAN5010 Course
Polish 1 POLISH1001 Course
Polish 2 POLISH2001 Course
Polish 3 POLISH3001 Course
Polish For Social Scientists (Beginners) POLISH5005 Course
Polish Language 3 POLISH3002 Course
Portuguese 1 HISP1001 Course
Portuguese 1 (Early Exit) HISP1010 Course
Portuguese 3 Language HISP3010 Course
Portuguese Culture 2 HISP2014 Course
Portuguese Language 1 HISP1002 Course
Portuguese Translation Methodology HISP4112 Course
Presess Eng 5 wks- AccFin LANGCTR9015 Course
Queer Subjectivities in Latin America HISP4121 Course
Reading the 'New Europe' SLAV5010 Course
Reading Workshop in Comparative Literature COMPLIT5036 Course
Recent Women Writers in German GERMAN4057 Course
Representing Disappearance HISP4105 Course
Research Methods and Skills in Translation Studies (Nankai) MODLANG5026 Course
Russian 1 RUSSIAN1001 Course
Russian 2 RUSSIAN2001 Course
Russian 2 (January Exit) RUSSIAN2002 Course
Russian Dissertation RUSSIAN4004 Course
Russian For Social Scientists (Post-Intermediate) RUSSIAN5007 Course
Russian Literature and State Power RUSSIAN4038 Course
Satire And Subversion In Medieval French Literature FRENCH4015 Course
SMLC Level 2 Core Culture GENERAL2005 Course
Spain: A Nation of Nations? HISP4111 Course
Spanish 1 Beginners (Early Exit) HISP1012 Course
Spanish 3 Language and Culture HISP3002 Course
Spanish Culture 1 (Non-Beginners) HISP1007 Course
Spanish Culture 2 HISP2010 Course
Spanish Language 1 (Beginners) HISP1008 Course
Spanish Language 1 (Non-Beginners) HISP1009 Course
Spanish Language 2 HISP2011 Course
Spanish Translation Methodology HISP4072 Course
Speaking Arts and Humanities LANGCTR3009 Course
Study Abroad Year EFL Level 2 LANGCTR1012 Course
Subsidiary Chinese (Mandarin) Language (Intermediate) MODLANG4010 Course
Subsidiary Czech Language (Beginners) CZECH4008 Course
Subsidiary Czech Language (Intermediate) CZECH4009 Course
Subsidiary Polish Language (Beginners) POLISH4007 Course
Subsidiary Russian Language (Beginners) RUSSIAN4006 Course
Subsidiary Russian Language (Intermediate) RUSSIAN4007 Course
Subtitling Film and TV COMPLIT5033 Course
Teaching English as a Forei LANGCTR4001 Course
Teaching English for Academic Purposes LANGCTR5018 Course
Teaching English for Academic Purposes Online LANGCTR5020E Course
Text/Image Cultures: Theory and Practice MODLANG4005 Course
The Brothers Grimm and the European Fairy Tale COMPLIT4017 Course
The Cinema Of Communist And Post-Communist Europe SLAV5003 Course
The European Emblem FRENCH4022 Course
The Mass Media Of Communist And Post-Communist Europe SLAV5004 Course
The Russian Novel RUSSIAN4008 Course
The Twenty-First Century Novel in French FRENCH4097 Course
Theories of Reading COMPLIT4003 Course
Transcultural Connections: 'Classic' Texts and their Adaptations across Cultures COMPLIT4033 Course
Translation of Literature and Culture 1 (Nankai) MODLANG5023 Course
Translation Studies in Theory and Practice FRENCH5025 Course
Translation Studies in Theory and Practice (Nankai) NANKAI5002 Course
Translation Studies in Theory and Practice (Nankai) MODLANG5025 Course
Translation Technology: Terminology Management and Subtitling (Nankai) MODLANG5027 Course
Transnational Constructions of Gender MODLANG5009 Course
Winter is Coming: The Middle Ages in the Modern World HISP4118 Course
Women and Spanish Society, 1833-1931: From the wars over female succession to women's suffrage HISP4110 Course
Writing Arts and Humanities LANGCTR3010 Course
Writing Subjects COMPLIT4015 Course
Writing the Visual: The Art of the Text FRENCH4105 Course
Zombies and Terror: Representations of Haitian Dictatorship FRENCH4098 Course

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