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4H: Alg & Geom Topology MATHS4112 Course
4H: Continuum Mechs & Elast MATHS4100 Course
4H: Differential Geometry MATHS4101 Course
4H: Fluid Mechanics MATHS4102 Course
4H: Functional Analysis MATHS4103 Course
4H: Further Complex Analysis MATHS4104 Course
4H: Galois Theory MATHS4105 Course
4H: Mathematical Biology MATHS4106 Course
4H: Mathematical Finance MATHS4117 Course
4H: Mathematical Physics MATHS4107 Course
4H: Measure & Probability MATHS4116 Course
4H: Number Theory MATHS4108 Course
4H: Numerical Methods MATHS4109 Course
4H: PDEs MATHS4110 Course
4H: Topics in Algebra MATHS4111 Course
5E: Alg & Geom Topology MATHS5065 Course
5E: Continuum Mechs & Elast MATHS5066 Course
5E: Differential Geometry MATHS5067 Course
5E: Fluid Mechanics MATHS5068 Course
5E: Functional Analysis MATHS5069 Course
5E: Further Complex Analysis MATHS5070 Course
5E: Galois Theory MATHS5071 Course
5E: Mathematical Biology MATHS5072 Course
5E: Mathematical Finance MATHS5081 Course
5E: Mathematical Physics MATHS5073 Course
5E: Measure & Probability MATHS5080 Course
5E: Number Theory MATHS5074 Course
5E: Numerical Methods MATHS5075 Course
5E: PDEs MATHS5076 Course
5E: Topics in Algebra MATHS5077 Course
5M: Adv Alg Geom Topology MATHS5038 Course
5M: Adv Diff Geom & Topology MATHS5039 Course
5M: Adv Fun Anal (SMSTC) MATHS5040 Course
5M: Adv Methods in DEs MATHS5041 Course
5M: Advanced Numerical Methods MATHS5042 Course
5M: Algebraic Geometry MATHS5045 Course
5M: Applied Methods (SMSTC) MATHS5043 Course
5M: Biol & Phy Fluid Mechs MATHS5044 Course
5M: Classical Field Theory MATHS5054 Course
5M: Elasticity MATHS5046 Course
5M: Fourier Analysis MATHS5047 Course
5M: Further Group Theory MATHS5048 Course
5M: Lie Theory MATHS5049 Course
5M: Magnetohydrodynamics MATHS5050 Course
5M: MSci Project MATHS5051P Course
5M: Operator Algebras MATHS5052 Course
5M: Solitons MATHS5053 Course
Adv Stats Project STATS5091P Course
Adv. Bayesian Methods Level M STATS5013 Course
Advanced Bayesian Methods STATS4038 Course
Advanced Data Analysis STATS4039 Course
Advanced Data Analysis (M) STATS5051 Course
Advanced Predictive Models STATS5098 Course
Advanced Predictive Models ODL STATS5073 Course
Algebra MATHS4072 Course
Ambassador Scheme Maths MATHS4114P Course
Analysis of Data (Bologna) STATS4065 Course
Analysis of Differ and Integr MATHS4073 Course
Analytics in Industry (ODL) STATS5079 Course
Bayesian Statistics STATS4041 Course
Bayesian Statistics (Level M) STATS5014 Course
Big Data Analytics M STATS5016 Course
Biostatistics STATS4006 Course
Biostatistics (Bologna) STATS4066 Course
Biostatistics (Level M) STATS5015 Course
Data Analysis STATS4052 Course
Data Analysis (Level M) STATS5018 Course
Data Analysis Skills (M) STATS5085 Course
Data Analytics Portfolio (ODL) STATS5092P Course
Data Analytics Project (ODL) STATS5093P Course
Data Mining STATS5099 Course
Data Prog Python (ODL) STATS5082 Course
Data Science Foundations (ODL) STATS5095 Course
Design STATS4008 Course
Design (M) STATS5017 Course
Differential Equations Summer School MATHS2030 Course
Dynamical Systems MATHS4074 Course
Econometrics (Bologna) STATS4067 Course
Enrol - MSc Data Analytics STATS9003 Course
Enrol MSc Stats STATS9002 Course
Environmental Statistics 4 STATS4009 Course
Environmental Stats (Level M) STATS5031 Course
Financial Statistics (Level M) STATS5053 Course
Financial Statistics 4 STATS4010 Course
Flexible Regression STATS4040 Course
Flexible Regression (M) STATS5052 Course
Functional Data Analy (M) STATS5056 Course
Functional Data Analysis STATS4073 Course
Generalised Linear Models STATS4043 Course
Generalised Linear Models (M) STATS5019 Course
Inference (Bologna) STATS4068 Course
Inference 3 STATS4012 Course
Intro to R Programming STATS4044 Course
Intro to stats prog (level M) STATS5103 Course
Introduction to R Programming (Level M) STATS5020 Course
Large-Scale Computing (ODL) STATS5083 Course
Learning from Data (ODL) STATS5075 Course
Linear Algebra Summer School MATHS2031 Course
Linear Mixed Models STATS4045 Course
Linear Mixed Models (M) STATS5054 Course
Linear Models 3 STATS4015 Course
M&S Hub MATHS1019 Course
Machine Learning I (ODL) STATS5074 Course
Machine Learning II (ODL) STATS5081 Course
Magnetohydrodynamics MATHS4021 Course
Mathematical Methods MATHS4075 Course
Mathematical Methods For Finance MATHS5016 Course
Mathematics 1 MATHS1017 Course
Mathematics 1R MATHS1001 Course
Mathematics 1S MATHS1002 Course
Mathematics 2C: Topics In Applied Mathematics MATHS2005 Course
Mathematics 2D: Topics In Linear Algebra And Calculus MATHS2006 Course
Mathematics 2E: Introduction To Real Analysis MATHS2007 Course
Mathematics II (Bologna) STATS3023 Course
Mathematics MSc Project MATHS5030P Course
Mathematics Skills Test MATHS1006 Course
Maths 1 (Half) MATHS1018 Course
Maths 1C MATHS1015 Course
Maths 1G MATHS1016 Course
Maths 1X MATHS1004 Course
Maths 1Y MATHS1005 Course
Maths 2A MATHS2001 Course
Maths 2B MATHS2004 Course
Maths 2C MATHS2032 Course
Maths 2D MATHS2033 Course
Maths 2E MATHS2034 Course
Maths 2F MATHS2008 Course
Maths 2F MATHS2035 Course
MATHS 2T MATHS2025 Course
MATHS 3Q MATHS3020 Course
MATHS 3R MATHS3021 Course
MATHS 3S MATHS3019 Course
MATHS 3T MATHS3022 Course
MATHS 3U MATHS3016 Course
MATHS 3V MATHS3017 Course
MATHS 3W MATHS3018 Course
Maths Project 4 MATHS4061P Course
Maths Study Abroad 3 MATHS3007 Course
Mech of Rigid & Deform Bodies MATHS4078 Course
Methods in Complex Analysis MATHS4076 Course
Metric Spaces & Basic Topology MATHS4077 Course
Multivariate Analysis (Bologna) STATS4069 Course
Multivariate Methods STATS4046 Course
Multivariate Methods (Level M) STATS5021 Course
POPS STATS4047 Course
POPS (M) STATS5022 Course
Predictive Modelling (ODL) STATS5076 Course
Preliminary Mathematics for Statisticians (online) STATS3022 Course
Prob & Stoch Models ODL STATS5077 Course
Probability STATS4060 Course
Probability (Level M) STATS5024 Course
Probability II (Bologna) STATS3024 Course
Probablity and Sampling (ODL) STATS5094 Course
Professional Skills STATS4048 Course
Professional Skills (Level M) STATS5023 Course
R Programming ODL STATS5078 Course
Regression Models (Level M) STATS5025 Course
Research Practice (PhD with integrated study) STATS5065 Course
Sampling Fundamentals (ODL) STATS5096 Course
SAS (online) STATS5080 Course
Spatial Statistics STATS4075 Course
Spatial Statistics (Level M) STATS5012 Course
Statistical Computing ODL STATS5097 Course
Statistical Genetics STATS4074 Course
Statistical Genetics (Level M) STATS5011 Course
Statistical Inference: Level M STATS5028 Course
Statistical Models (Bologna) STATS4070 Course
Statistics 1Y STATS1002 Course
Statistics 1Z STATS1003 Course
Statistics 2R STATS2002 Course
Statistics 2S STATS2003 Course
Statistics 2X STATS2005 Course
Statistics 2Y STATS2006 Course
Statistics 3A STATS3011 Course
Statistics 3B STATS3012 Course
Statistics 3D STATS3013 Course
Statistics 3G STATS3014 Course
Statistics 3I STATS3015 Course
Statistics 3L STATS3016 Course
Statistics 3R STATS3017 Course
Statistics 3T STATS3018 Course
Statistics Project STATS4050P Course
Statistics Project WP STATS5055P Course
Statistics Study Abroad 3 STATS3003 Course
Statistics WP Year STATS4061P Course
Stats For Biomedical E STATS3002 Course
Stats Placement Project STATS5090P Course
Stats Proj5 STATS5063P Course
Stats Project & Dissertation STATS5029P Course
Stats Project 4 (Combined) STATS4021P Course
Stats Res Proj 5 Comb STATS5064P Course
Stochastic Processes STATS4024 Course
Stochastic Processes (Level M) STATS5026 Course
Survey Sampling (Bologna) STATS4071 Course
Time Series STATS4037 Course
Time Series (Bologna) STATS4072 Course
Time Series (Level M) STATS5030 Course
Uncertainty & Bayes (ODL) STATS5084 Course
Writing and Presenting Maths MATHS4079 Course

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