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AA04H Heliophysics and Stellar Atmospheres ASTRO4005 Course
AA11M Plasma Theory & Diagnost ASTRO5004 Course
Advanced Data Analysis PHYS5001 Course
Applied Optics PHYS5002 Course
Astronomy 1 ASTRO1001 Course
Astronomy 1 (Half) ASTRO1002 Course
Astronomy 2 ASTRO2001 Course
Astronomy 2(Half) ASTRO2002 Course
Astronomy Laboratory 2 ASTRO4002P Course
Astronomy Project for 4M Students ASTRO4020P Course
Atomic Systems PHYS4002 Course
Circuits & Systems PHYS4003 Course
Circuits & Systems (December Exam) PHYS4054 Course
Detection and Analysis of Ionising Radiation PHYS5036 Course
Dynamics, Electrodynamics & Relativity PHYS5004 Course
Dynamics, Electrodynamics & Relativity (December Exam) PHYS5048 Course
Electromagnetic Theory 1 PHYS4004 Course
Electromagnetic Theory 2 PHYS5005 Course
Energy And Environment (December Exam) PHYS4047 Course
Environmental Radioactivity PHYS5037 Course
Environmental Radioactivity (December Exam) PHYS5049 Course
Experimental Techniques in Quantum Optics PHYS5056 Course
Exploring the Cosmos 1X ASTRO1003 Course
Exploring the Cosmos 1Y ASTRO1004 Course
Fundamentals of Sensing and Measurement PHYS5044 Course
Fundamentals of Sensing and Measurement (December Exam) PHYS5050 Course
Galaxies ASTRO4008 Course
General Physics Workshop (December Exam) PHYS4048 Course
General Relativity and Gravitation ASTRO5001 Course
Gravitational Wave Detection PHYS5006 Course
Groups And Symmetries PHYS5007 Course
Groups And Symmetries (December Exam) PHYS5051 Course
High Energy Astrophysics ASTRO4009 Course
Imaging and Detectors PHYS5035 Course
International Physics Summer School 1 PHYS1016 Course
International Physics Summer School 1 & 2 PHYS1015 Course
International Physics Summer School 2 PHYS1017 Course
International Physics Summer School for physical sciences and engineering 1 PHYS1018 Course
International Physics Summer School for physical sciences and engineering 2 PHYS1019 Course
Introductory Physics (Physics 111) PHYS1010 Course
Laser Interferometry and Quantum Measurements (December Exam) PHYS5052 Course
Mathematical Methods 2 PHYS4012 Course
Mathematical Methods 2 (December Exam) PHYS4049 Course
Medical Imaging PHYS4013 Course
Nuclear & Particle Physics (December Exam) PHYS4050 Course
Nuclear Physics PHYS4016 Course
Nuclear Power Reactors PHYS5038 Course
Numerical Methods (December Exam) PHYS4056 Course
P301H Mathematical Methods 1 PHYS4011 Course
P302H Waves & Diffraction PHYS4031 Course
P304H Quantum Mechanics PHYS4025 Course
P305H Thermal Physics PHYS4030 Course
P307H Modern Optics PHYS4014 Course
P309H Numerical Methods PHYS4017 Course
P402H Nuclear & Particle Phys PHYS4015 Course
P407H Magnetism & Supercond PHYS4010 Course
P416H Energy & Environment PHYS4006 Course
P426M Quantum Information PHYS5039 Course
P428M Nano and Atomic Scale Imaging 1 PHYS5041 Course
P429M Nano and Atomic Scale Imaging 2 PHYS5042 Course
Particle Physics PHYS4018 Course
Peer to Peer Teaching and Learning in Physics PHYS4045 Course
Physics 1 PHYS1001 Course
Physics 1 (Half) PHYS1002 Course
Physics 2 PHYS2001 Course
Physics 2 (Half) PHYS2002 Course
Physics 2T: Programming Under Linux PHYS2003 Course
Physics Literature Project PHYS5047P Course
Problem Solving Workshop (December Exam) PHYS5053 Course
Quantum Theory PHYS4026 Course
Quantum Theory (December Exam) PHYS4051 Course
Relativistic Quantum Mechanics PHYS5014 Course
Relativistic Quantum Mechanics (December Exam) PHYS5054 Course
Research Methods in Sensing and Measurement (Glasgow) PHYS5043 Course
Research Skills PHYS5015 Course
Science Skills PHYS1011 Course
Semiconductor Physics PHYS4027 Course
Solid State Physics PHYS4028 Course
Solid State Physics (December Exam) PHYS4052 Course
Statistical Astronomy ASTRO5003 Course
Statistical Mechanics PHYS5016 Course
Statistical Mechanics (December Exam) PHYS5055 Course
Stellar Structure and Evolution ASTRO4011 Course
The Science of Musical Instruments and Acoustics PHYS1020 Course
The Sun's Atmosphere ASTRO5010 Course
Waves & Diffraction (December Exam) PHYS4057 Course

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PHYS5016 Statistical Mechanics Semester Two 2020/21 27/01/2021 21:15:58