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'Freedom Now': a Historical Sociology of Black Liberation in the USA, 1954-80 SOCIO4112 Course
A Public Social Science for Social Justice SOCIO5088 Course
Acive Citizenship PUBPOL4038 Course
Addiction in the Modern World ESH4073 Course
Advanced Real Estate Valuation And Appraisal URBAN5001 Course
Advanced Regression: Limited and Categorical Dependent Variable Regression SPS4004 Course
After the Golden Age: the Political Economy of Britain since the 1970s ESH4075 Course
American Business and Management in International Context ESH5001 Course
American Politics POLITIC4001 Course
An Economic and Social History of Central and Eastern Europe (1914-1948) CEES3021 Course
An Economic and Social History of Central and Eastern Europe 1 (1914-1948) CEES4002 Course
An Economic and Social History of Central and Eastern Europe 2 (1948-1989) CEES4003 Course
Analysing Your Social World SPS2001 Course
Antiquities Trafficking SOCIO5085 Course
Applied Qualitative Methods SPS5035 Course
Art Crime (Online Distance Learning) SOCIO5087 Course
Asian Cities URBAN5051 Course
Authoritarianism POLITIC4149 Course
Black Radical Social Thought SOCIO4004 Course
British Econ Policy 1940-51 ESH4013 Course
British Prime Ministers POLITIC4002 Course
Business and Politics: Lobbying, Private Authority and Contemporary Governance POLITIC4159 Course
Business Environment in China ESH5022 Course
Business in the Global Economy SPS5004 Course
CEERES International Master 3rd Mobility CEES5077 Course
CEERES Methodologies Summer School CEES5073 Course
CEES 1A CEES1015 Course
CEES 1B: Communism and its Collapse CEES1016 Course
CEES 2A CEES2010 Course
CEES 2B: Central Europe after Communism CEES2011 Course
Central and East European, Russian and Eurasian Studies Dissertation CEES5072P Course
China's International Relations POLITIC4164 Course
Chinas Internatnl Politics POLITIC5020 Course
Chinese Politics POLITIC4124 Course
Chinese Politics and Society POLITIC5021 Course
Citizenship and Democracy POLITIC4033 Course
City Planning Theory and Practice (Glasgow-Nankai Joint Graduate School) URBAN5099 Course
Civil Society and Social Capital: Comparative Perspectives POLITIC4131 Course
Class & Stratification SOCIO4091 Course
Class and Stratification SOCIO5075 Course
Class and the Making of Modern Britain SOCIO4105 Course
Communism POLITIC4118 Course
Community Empowerment and Engagement (collaboration w/ Prince's Foundation for Building Community) URBAN5112 Course
Comparative European Politics POLITIC5002 Course
Comparative European Politics (Nankai) POLITIC5077 Course
Comparative Public Opinion POLITIC4146 Course
Comparative Public Opinion: Concepts and Applications POLITIC5073 Course
Constructing Identities in Soviet Russia: Local, National and Global Perspectives CEES4063 Course
Contemporary Migration in Global Perspective SOCIO4107 Course
Contemporary Planning Systems URBAN5081 Course
Contemporary Political Issues In Scotland POLITIC4004 Course
Contemporary Radical Theory: Marxisms and Post-Marxisms' POLITIC4133 Course
Contemporary Russian Politics POLITIC4108 Course
Contested States: The South Caucasus since 1991 CEES5069 Course
Corruption POLITIC4151 Course
Cosmology, Culture And Belief SOCIO4003 Course
Crime and Corruption in the Former Soviet Union CEES4090 Module
Criminological Perspectives on Security and Globalisation SOCIO5057 Course
Criminological Theory in Context SOCIO5032 Course
Critical Perspectives On Human Rights POLITIC5004 Course
Critical Perspectives on Securities and Vulnerabilities SPS5009 Course
Cultural Politics and Social Diversity in Contemporary Russia and Post-Socialist Europe CEES4014 Course
Culture and Tradition in Modern China POLITIC5082 Course
Current Issues in Social Theory SOCIO5073 Course
Current Issues in Sociology 1 SOCIO5074 Course
Defamiliarising the Familiar: The Sociology of Zygmunt Bauman SOCIO4115 Course
Democratisation POLITIC4139 Course
Designing Places URBAN5010 Course
Development and Evaluation of Complex Interventions SPS5022 Course
Development Economics URBAN5082 Course
Diaspora: The Experience of Migration, Displacement and Difference SOCIO4111 Course
Direct and Deliberative Democracy POLITIC4166 Course
Disability and Society PUBPOL4028 Course
Dissertation CEES4016P Course
Dissertation PUBPOL4001P Course
Dissertation ESH4002P Course
Dissertation (Criminology) SOCIO5070P Course
Dissertation (Sociology) SOCIO5071P Course
Dissertation 3 DUMF3007P Course
Dissertation in International Relations (Nankai) SPS5031P Course
Dissertation in Soc &/or Anth SOCIO4008P Course
Dissertation in Urban & Regional Planning (Nankai) URBAN5105P Course
Dissertation/Major Project - Real Estate/Planning - With Research Methods URBAN5054P Course
Doing Cultural Sociology SOCIO4009 Course
Drugs and Culture SOCIO4068 Course
Duke Public Policy POLITIC4005 Course
Economic & Social History 1A ESH1001 Course
Economic & Social History 1B ESH1002 Course
Economic & Social History 2A ESH2001 Course
Economic & Social History 2B ESH2002 Course
Economic & Social History 3: Research Methods In Econ & Social History A ESH3001 Course
Economic & Social History 3: Research Methods in Economic and Social History B ESH3002 Course
Economic & Social History 3: Studies in Economic and Social History ESH3003 Course
Economic, Social & Cultural Human Rights: controversies, claims, contestation POLITIC4167 Course
Economy and Society in the American South, 1865-1940 ESH4018 Course
Education for Citizenship PUBPOL4037 Module
Egalitarianism and its Critics POLITIC4123 Course
Emotions, War, and Peace in International Relations POLITIC4163 Course
Environmental Policies and Problems in China POLITIC5068 Course
Equality and Human Rights SOCIO5010 Course
European and International Security Strategies SPS5026 Course
European Business Environment ESH5023 Course
European Business Environment and the Global Economy SPS5011 Course
European Political Integration 1945-1992 ESH4003 Course
Evidence, Evaluation and Policy URBAN5083 Course
Feminist Perspectives on Politics POLITIC4104 Course
Financial Crises in History ESH4021 Course
Foreign Policy of the United States POLITIC4158 Course
Foundations Of Housing Management Practice URBAN5019 Course
Gender and Social Change from 1800 ESH4025 Course
Gender Relations (Contemporary Critical Approaches) SOCIO5084 Course
Gender, Crime and Criminal Justice SOCIO5079 Course
General Paper in Soc & Anth SOCIO4056 Course
Generalised Linear Models SPS5032 Course
Geopolitics of Central Europe (Nankai) CEES5063 Course
German Big Business in the 20th Century ESH4026 Course
Global Cities URBAN5084 Course
Global Civil Society & Human R SOCIO4014 Course
Global Distributive Justice POLITIC4154 Course
Global Energy Politics POLITIC4168 Course
Global Environmental Politics POLITIC4007 Course
Global Health, Local Healing SOCIO4071 Course
Global Inequality and International Development POLITIC4122 Course
Global Migrations and Social Justice Dissertation /Project SPS5030P Course
Global Migrations: Histories, Structures, Experiences SOCIO5089 Course
Global Varieties of Capitalism SPS5038 Course
Globalisation and Labour SPS5012 Course
Globalisation of the World Economy (Nankai) SPS5020 Course
Governance and Markets URBAN5085 Course
Health & Society in Germany ESH4005 Course
Housing Contexts URBAN5086 Course
Housing Inequality and Society (10 credit) URBAN5095 Course
Housing Inequality and Society (20 Credit) URBAN5087 Course
Housing Policy (HSP) URBAN5025 Course
Housing: Policy, Welfare and Markets PUBPOL4030 Course
Human Rights And Global Politics POLITIC5007 Course
Human Rights In Global Perspective POLITIC4008 Course
Humanitarian Intervention: Civilian or Sovereignty POLITIC5074 Course
Hungarian 1 CEES1002 Course
Hungarian For Social Scientists CEES5009 Course
Hungarian for Social Scientists Beginners Semester 2 CEES5074 Course
Hungarian History And Society: Film And Culture CEES4028 Course
Hungarian Language 1 (early exit) CEES1018 Course
Hungarian Language for Academic Research in Social Sciences and Humanities 1A CEES4030 Course
Ideological Concepts and Values PUBPOL4031 Course
Independent Study Module "China's Century of Conflict, 1842-1949" POLITIC5071P Course
Independent Study Portfolio (Security) SPS5072P Course
Innovations in Western Medicine: Social Origins & Cultural Impacts ESH4029 Course
Institutions And Policies Of The European Union POLITIC5008 Course
Intergroup Conflict and Reconciliation POLITIC4162 Course
International Economic Relations since 1931 ESH4033 Course
International Masters Taught Semester Abroad CEES5036 Course
International Organizations POLITIC5081 Course
International Real Estate Markets URBAN5026 Course
International Relations Research POLITIC5001 Course
International Relations Theory POLITIC5065 Course
International Relations Theory (Nankai) POLITIC5078 Course
International Security And Global Politics POLITIC5009 Course
International Security and International Relations POLITIC5069 Course
International trafficking in cultural objects: evidence, theory and policy SOCIO5076 Course
International Urban Challenges URBAN5090 Course
Introduction To Social Theory For Researchers SPS5036 Course
IR - Strategy - Applied POLITIC5084 Course
IR - Strategy - Theory POLITIC5083 Course
Issues in British Politics POLITIC4009 Course
Issues In International Relations POLITIC4010 Course
Just War in the 21st Century POLITIC4011 Course
Latin American Development in the 20th Century ESH4078 Course
Latin American Development: from Independence to the Present ESH5059P Course
Latin American Politics POLITIC4013 Course
Managing and Controlling Crime SOCIO5078 Course
Measurement and Scaling SPS4005 Course
Media and Democracy POLITIC5011 Course
Media and Democratisation in Central and Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union CEES4081 Course
Media and Democratisation in Central and Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union CEES5060 Course
Media, Communications and International Journalism Project SOCIO5083 Course
Method of Research SOCIO5018 Course
Migration, Multiculturalism and Belonging SOCIO4108 Course
MRes Dissertation CEES5015P Course
MSc Dissertation CEES5016P Course
Narratives of Conflict in the Middle East POLITIC4155 Course
Neoliberal Capitalism: Society and Political Economy SOCIO4109 Course
Offending Lives: The Consequences of Criminal Justice SOCIO5022 Course
Olive Tree Initiative - Field Trip POLITIC4156 Course
Operations Management (Engineering) MGT5222 Course
Organisational Misbehaviour ESH5050 Course
Perspectives on Security in Cold War Central and Eastern Europe (1945-1989) CEES4041 Course
Polish for Social Scientists Beginners Semester 2 POLISH5023 Course
Polish for Social Scientists Beginners Semester 2 POLISH5024 Course
Political Ideologies POLITIC4134 Course
Political Institutions And Communication POLITIC5012 Course
Political Social Movements POLITIC4128 Course
Politics 1A: Introduction To Liberal Democracy POLITIC1001 Course
Politics 1B: Comparative Politics POLITIC1002 Course
Politics 2A: History Of Political Thought POLITIC2001 Course
Politics 2B: International Relations POLITIC2002 Course
Politics and Social Media POLITIC4119 Course
Politics Dissertation POLITIC4017P Course
Politics in Southern Europe POLITIC4152 Course
Politics Independent Research Paper POLITIC4019P Course
Politics of Foreign Policy POLITIC5016 Course
Politics of the EU POLITIC4020 Course
Politics Pre-University Summer School POLITIC6000 Course
Politics, Communication and Democracy POLITIC4102 Course
Popular Culture in Britain 1870-c1939 ESH4041 Course
Post Soviet Russia: Renegotiating Global, National and Local Identities CEES4011 Course
Post-colonial IR theory POLITIC4170 Course
Post-Com Trans & EU Integ CEE CEES4043 Course
Post-Sov Russia Reneg Identity CEES5018 Course
Postgraduate Dissertation (Politics) POLITIC5014P Course
Principles and Applications of GIS URBAN5111 Course
Professional Practice, Ethics and Management URBAN5091 Course
Protest Politics in a Post-Political Age: Reform, Resistance or Revolution? POLITIC4161 Course
Punishment and In/justice SOCIO5019 Course
Punishment and Society SOCIO4070 Course
QM1 - Measuring Your Social World SPS1001 Course
Qualitative Methods SPS5037 Course
Qualitative Methods SPS5042 Course
Qualitative Methods in the Social Sciences SOCIO3022 Course
Racism and Modernity SOCIO5021 Course
Real Estate Development URBAN5037 Course
Real Estate Finance And Investment URBAN5038 Course
Real Estate Markets URBAN5039 Course
Real Estate Valuation And Appraisal URBAN5040 Course
Reflective Practice in Housing URBAN5106 Course
Regenerating Cities URBAN5096 Course
Regn Cities: Strat & Eval URBAN5041 Course
Religion in Society SOCIO5023 Course
Remaking Cities in a Global Age: Dilemmas of Urban Policy PUBPOL4034 Course
Research And Enquiry In Crime And Criminal Justice SOCIO5024 Course
Research Design SPS5041 Course
Research Design SPS5034 Course
Research Design and Method Selection SPS4003 Course
Researching Economic And Social History 1 ESH4009 Course
Researching Economic And Social History 2 ESH4010P Course
Rethinking Central Asian Security CEES5062 Course
Revolution, Modernity and Social Change SOCIO4106 Course
Ritual, Society & Change SOCIO4002 Course
Russian For Social Scientists (Beginners) CEES5054 Course
Russian For Social Scientists (Intermediate) CEES5055 Course
Russian for Social Scientists Advanced Semester 2 RUSSIAN5030 Course
Russian for Social Scientists Beginners Semester 2 CEES5075 Course
Russian for Social Scientists Intermediate Semester 2 CEES5076 Course
Russian for Social Scientists Post- Intermediate Semester 2 RUSSIAN5029 Course
Russian Foreign Policy CEES4079 Course
Scotland Since 1914 ESH4011 Course
Scottish Government POLITIC3016 Course
Scottish Government POLITIC4022 Course
Scottish Housing Law URBAN5027 Course
Securitisation and the New Security Agenda POLITIC4153 Course
Security and International Relations in Post-Communist Central and Eastern Europe CEES4047 Course
Service in the Community PUBPOL4033 Course
Sexualities SOCIO4023 Course
Sexualities and Social Control c.1885 to c.1980 ESH4079 Course
Sexualities and Society SOCIO5025 Course
Social and Public Policy 1A PUBPOL1010 Course
Social and Public Policy 1B: Understanding Glasgow in a Globalised World PUBPOL1011 Course
Social and Public Policy 2A: Perspectives on Public Policy - Conflicting Ideas and Changing Agendas PUBPOL2010 Course
Social and Public Policy 2B: Policy, Politics and Power PUBPOL2011 Course
Social History and Cultural Politics CEES4060 Course
Social Inequality in Education SPS4006P Course
Social Science Statistics 2 URBAN5045 Course
Social Theory (Hons) SOCIO4090 Course
Sociological Alternatives: Ways to Change the World SOCIO4099 Course
Sociology 1A: Self & Society SOCIO1009 Course
Sociology 1B: Critical Research in Contemporary Societies SOCIO1010 Course
Sociology 2A SOCIO2020 Course
Sociology 2B SOCIO2021 Course
Sociology 3: Social Theory (Non-Honours) SOCIO3020 Course
Sociology Of Consumption 1: Historical And Theoretical Perspectives SOCIO4037 Course
Sociology Of Consumption 2: Substantive Areas SOCIO4057 Course
Sociology Of Gender SOCIO4040 Course
Sociology of Gender Relations SOCIO4092 Course
Sociology of Health and Illness SOCIO4069 Course
Sociology of Media 1: Issue SOCIO4046 Course
Sociology Of Media 2: Audiences, Publics and Digital Media SOCIO4047 Course
Sociology of Racism SOCIO4052 Course
Sociology of the City SOCIO4113 Course
Spatial Planning Strategies URBAN5046 Course
Statehood, National Democracy: Baltic States and Finland CEES3009 Course
Strategic Real Estate Management URBAN5048 Course
Studies In The History Of Medicine Before 1850 ESH5019 Course
Studies In The History Of Medicine From 1850 To 2000 ESH5020 Course
Sustainable Housing Development URBAN5049 Course
Sustainable Housing Development (10 Credits) URBAN5097 Course
The Disabling Society SOCIO5031 Course
The European Union In International Politics And Development POLITIC5015 Course
The Family and Family Relationships in Britain c1750-1914 ESH4048 Course
The Global Criminal Economy SOCIO5056 Course
The Globalisation of Stuff: The Making, Trading, and Meaning of Everyday and Treasured Things ESH4074 Course
The Globalised Economy SPS5016 Course
The International Politics of post-Soviet Central Asia CEES4082 Course
The Internet and Civil Society POLITIC5017 Course
The Labour Party From 1940 to New Labour POLITIC4129 Course
The Political Economy of post-Soviet Eurasia CEES4083 Course
The Politics of Gender and Development POLITIC4082 Course
The Politics Of Nationalism And Ethnicity POLITIC4026 Course
The Politics Of The Left In Europe POLITIC4028 Course
The Politics of Tolerance in Liberal States POLITIC4157 Course
The Russian Revolutions of 1917 CEES4059 Course
The Scottish Enlightenment SPS4001 Course
The State, Institutions and Policy: a Political Sociology Approach SOCIO4118 Course
Thematic Issues in Global Security SPS5007 Course
Understanding and Explaining Crime SOCIO4060 Course
Understanding Empire: Imperialism and the Modern World SOCIO4097 Course
Understanding Health Policy SPS5013 Course
Understanding Housing Markets URBAN5092 Course
Urban Design and Development (Glasgow-Nankai Joint Graduate School) URBAN5098 Course
Urban Design History (Strathclyde) URBAN5068 Course
Urban Design Policy And Practice URBAN5050 Course
Urban Landscape Design (Strathclyde) URBAN5069 Course
US Economy & Society Since 1945 ESH4049 Course
Utopias: Welfare Theory and Social Policies for a 'Good Society' PUBPOL4035 Course
War and International Security POLITIC4140 Course
War and Revolution: an International History of the Balkans 1804-2012, CEES honours CEES4091 Course
Work & Play Brit USA C20th ESH4012 Course
Work and Labour in Britain since 1940 ESH4053 Course
Work, Welfare and the Politics of Reform PUBPOL4041 Course
Youth Culture, Deviance and Society, c.1880-c.1980 ESH4077 Course
Youth, Gangs, and Globalisation SOCIO4110 Course
Youth, Policy and Welfare: Cross-Cultural Perspectives PUBPOL4042 Course

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