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Animal and Veterinary Nursing Ethics VETMED5054 Course
Animal Production And Manage VETSCI1001 Course
Animal Science, Behaviour And Nutrition -2 VETSCI2001 Course
Animal Welf,Ethics & Legisl... VETSCI4017 Course
Applied Animal Management-2 VETSCI2010 Course
Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery 1 VETMED1022 Course
Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery 2 VETMED2022 Course
Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery 3 VETMED3022 Course
Body Systems Physiology 1 VETSCI1003 Course
Body Systems Physiology 2 VETSCI2002 Course
Clinical Governance in Veterinary Nursing (Online) VETMED5055 Course
Comparative Veterinary Anatomy 1 VETSCI1005 Course
Developing Evidence Based Practice Through Independent Learning VETMED5056 Course
Global Veterinary Medicine VETMED5006 Course
Hygienic Production Of Food (I) VETMED5009 Course
Hygienic Production Of Food (II): Food Technology And The Consumer VETMED5010 Course
Introduction to Research and Evidence Based Veterinary Nursing VETMED4023 Course
Introduction to Veterinary Nursing Business Studies VETMED5058 Course
MSc Advanced Practice in Veterinary Nursing: Dissertation VETMED5060P Course
MSci Research Project 5 VETSCI5021P Course
Path Mech Disease & Onco 3 VETSCI3003 Course
Pathogens and Disease (Online) BIOL5274 Course
Pharmacology & Drug Disp 3 VETSCI3002 Course
Princ Infect & Immun 3 VETSCI3004 Course
Promoting Best Practice in Veterinary Nursing VETMED5059 Course
Proteins, Dna & Basic Gen 2 VETSCI2003 Course
Teaching and Assessment in Veterinary Nursing (Online) VETMED5057 Course
Tools to Invest Biolog Func 3 VETSCI3005 Course
Veterinary Biosciences Project 4 VETSCI4018P Course
Veterinary Business & Biosciences VETSCI4020 Course
Veterinary Epidemiology: Methods In Surveillance And Field Investigation VETMED5019 Course
Veterinary Epidemiology: Quantitative Methods VETMED5020 Course
Veterinary Pharmacology 3 VETMED3009 Course
Wildlife and Livestock Management BIOL5277 Course
Wildlife Management in Zoos and Wildlife Parks BIOL5264 Course
Zoonoses And Infectious Disease VETMED5023 Course

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